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New Training Tool: POWERHANDZ demo with Coach Eric Bradley

By Coach Eric Bradley, 1/9/16–Brooklynfights partner, Coach Bradley of Master Boxing teams up with the product development team at POWERHANDZ to help the company create a weighted glove training product optimized for boxing training. Watch now:    


New Sparring Partners, Courtesy of SparGym

By Nat Wilkins, Brooklyn, NY, 11/13/15–If you box, you know it can be tough to keep a fresh flow of sparring partners in the mix. Spend too much time sparring the same few people, and you may become too adapted to a narrow range of styles. Back in the summer, we introduced our readers to […]

Rios vs. Bradley TONIGHT: Coach Eric Bradley Breaks it Down

By Coach Eric Bradley of Master Boxing, 11/7/15: Coach Bradley takes a deep dive on the art of training and tonight’s Timothy Bradley vs. Brandon Rios boxing match. Watch now:


Pro Tips: Punch Numbers with Coach Eric Bradley of Master Boxing

By Coach Eric Bradley, 10/9/15–Watch as coach Eric Bradley of Master Boxing explores the concept of punch numbers. Made famous by the late and great Cus D’Amato in his work with Mike Tyson, punch numbers can be an important tool in a boxer’s training regimen, facilitating a fighter’s ability to drill and execute diverse combos on-demand. Check out […]

Check out this Video from Our Partner, SwypeTowel

We’ve been taking the SwypeTowel for a spin during some recent training at the gym, and it comes in pretty handy for wiping sweat away during sparring sessions and bag work. Enrique Ramos, the company founder tells us he’s running a promo for the next 5 days where you can buy one pair and get […]


Master Boxing Online Training Camp Preview with Coach Eric Bradley

Video by Master Boxing–Check out this teaser video for Master Boxing’s innovative online training camp. The program brings high quality boxing training to anyone, anywhere and anytime. And don’t forget to read our full interview with Coach Eric Bradley here.

Pro Tips: How to Attack the Body with Coach Eric Bradley

By Coach Eric Bradley with Foreword by Nat Wilkins, 8/23/15–Brooklynfights kicks off Body Shot Week with a tutorial from Master Boxing principal and veteran boxing coach, Eric Bradley.  Watch the video for tips on how to slowly break down an opponent down with relentless pressure to the body. And be sure to keep an eye […]


Pro Tips: How to Throw a Jab Part II with Coach Eric Bradley

By Coach Eric Bradley with Foreword by Nat Wilkins–In this segment, Coach Eric Bradley of Master Boxing breaks down the technique behind boxing’s most fundamental punch, the jab. In a live fighter demonstration going through a series of drills, Bradley covers foot placement, the shoulder roll, technique refinements and more. Coach Eric Bradley is a principal […]

Pro Tips: How to Throw a Jab with Coach Eric Bradley

By Coach Eric Bradley with Forward by Nat Wilkins, 8/7/15–As part of our series on the workhorse punch of boxing, the understated, but not to be underestimated jab, Coach Eric Bradley of Master Boxing provides a technical demonstration with one of his students. Tune in and watch now. And don’t forget to VOTE on the […]


Pro Tips: How to Train and Condition for Boxing with Danielle Burrell

By Nat Wilkins, Brooklyn, NY, 8/6/2015–This week, Brooklynfights caught up with certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, Danielle Burell. She has worked with a wide range of clients and professional boxers. Burrell specializes in preparing athletes for competition, and shared with us some inside tips. “Boxing is the number one conditioning sport hands down. […]