By Xavier Porter –

October 14, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. (Connecticut Convention Center, CT)

THE 2ND ANNUAL WILLIE PEP INVITATIONAL, which took place on October 7, at the Connecticut Convention Center, was truly an amazing event that showcased hard-fought matches, featuring some of the best young boxers in the Northeast region of the United States. The night was filled with great food, fantastic action, and crowd-pleasing performances by future champions of the sport.

Without further ado, here are the results from each bout:

1st BOUT: RED CORNER: #5 Joseph Chisholm (MWC Academy) vs BLUE CORNER: Ben Lincoln (Uppercuts, MA)

From the onset, Chisholm, last year’s champion and currently ranked number five in age group in the United States, had a sense of calm walking into the building with his family. Sharply dressed in a shirt and tie to match both his WBC and IBF Amateur belts, Chisholm immediately went to work when the bell sounded.

Chisholm put on a display of using his lead left-jab to set up his straight right-hand, while also following behind the one-two combination with his left-hook. Chisholm often darted in and to set up his punches against Lincoln, who himself was not backing down from the previous year’s tournament champion. Chisholm scored at will and out boxed his opponent to win a unanimous decision, becoming a two-time amateur champion of the invitational.

2nd BOUT: RED CORNER: #14 Diego Bengochea (Coba Boxing) vs BLUE CORNER: Victor Ordones (New Jersey)

In a tough matchup between the number fourteen ranked boxer in his age group in the United States, Bengochea fought well against the slick and balanced boxing style of Ordones. Both men fought an even matched bout and which riled up the crowd.

Ordonez, the taller opponent, utilized his reach and established his jab early in the first round. Bengochea remained patient and began to sit-down on his punches in the second round, showing his power as he landed a beautiful one-two combination. Ordones never wavered and maintained his offensive approach, steady using his jab to upset the hometown favorite in winning a split decision.

3rd BOUT: RED CORNER: Jose Rodriguez (Old School) vs BLUE CORNER: Isiah Deas (Cobra Boxing)

A battle between fourteen-year old’s, both making weight at 119lb, was pure non-stop action from beginning to end. A fight like this is where you needed to “thank God” that both young men had their head gear on because these two young traded bombs and refused to back down from another. Both young men traded hard hooks and stood toe-to-toe throughout this bout.

As both young men were relentless in their offensive attack, it was Deas who gained the “upper hand” as he scored several uppercuts on the inside and outside of the exchanges.

In the end it was Deas who came away with the split decision victory (3-2), awarding his both championship belts. Hats off to both young men who put on a spectacular showcase of hard fighting.


RED CORNER: Jamillah Chisholm (MWC Academy) vs BLUE CORNER: Bryanna Montalvo (Montalvo Boxing)

As young Jamillah walked into the arena with her brother Joseph (2016 WILLIE PEP INVITATIONAL WBC and IBF Amateur Champion), along with her father, and trainer you got a sense that Jamillah was ready to give her all in her upcoming bout.

As she discussed with her father, trainer, and brother on what needed to be done during both their respective fights, Jamilliah maintained a certain calm and readiness to let her hands go.When Jamillah’s fight began she did exactly what she came to do which was to win.

Montalvo herself was not an easy opponent. In fact, Montalvo positioned herself well and utilized her height and reach advantage against the shorter Chisholm.

Montalvo landed a lead jab to keep Chisholm at bay.

Chisholm began to take the fight on inside and would attack Montalvo with non-stop punches during the exchanges. In the middle of the ring, Montalvo controlled the distance but it was Chisholm who continued to fight aggressively on the inside, which won her tough victory.

5TH BOUT: RED CORNER: #10 Nathan Laura (Coba Boxing) vs BLUE CORNER: Anthony “Enforcer” Nieves (Ortiz Boxing)

A battle between two sixteen-year-old combatants within the 150lb weight class, where both young men laid it all on the line. Laura, resembling a teenage Rocky Marciano continuously landed hard left-hooks to the body of Nieves.

In the first round, Nieves appeared hurt from the ontinued left-hook attack of Laura but he quickly recovered in the second round as he came back with counter hooks to the inside of the body of his opponent.

Laura displayed good power and began to get good leverage on his hooks but Nieves quickly picked up on his opponent’s predictable offensive strategy and began to land punches from all angles. In doing so, Nieves come away with the victory.

6TH BOUT: RED CORNER: Day’Shon Smith (Ring One) vs BLUE CORNER: Josh Orta (Old School)

In a surprising upset, the much smaller and shorter Orta defeated last year’s invitational winner by applying pressure and landing “over-the-top” haymakers against the much taller southpaw Smith.

Smith had a difficult time keeping the much shorter Orta from constantly pressuring him as Orta found openings to land during the inside exchanges against the long-armed southpaw.

In the third round, Orta continued to apply pressure his opponent and landed a massive right hand that appeared to hurt Smith, who quickly recovered and tried to fight on the outside with his great reach advantage.

This was a tough fight for both men who possessed very different styles. In fact, it was a tough for the judges to score as well but in the end Orta won the split-decision victory (3-2).

7th BOUT: RED CORNER: #10 Felix Parilla (Boxing In Faith) vs BLUE CORNER: Ian Garcia (Old School)

From the onset of the bout, both men came out firing and landing bombs, making it hard to score or favor the first round for either fighter. They traded punches from the beginning to end of the first round. In the second round, Parilla came out firing shots, landing a quick one-two combination.

The combination was fast and accurate, causing Garcia to take his time, measure his opponent, and fire a counter hard-thudding righthand. When the punch landed, Parilla forced Garcia to the ropes and began to take control of the round.

Both men continued to trade punches as the bell sounded at the end of the round. When the third round began both men picked up from where they left off at but it was Parilla who continued to press the action, landing a combination of a one-two shot and landing hard body shots to score the hard-fought victory.

8th BOUT: RED CORNER: Josh Orosco (Trinity College Boxing Club) vs BLUE CORNER: Carlos Castillo (Whitley Boxing, MA)

After a brief intermission between bouts, Orosco and Castillo reignited the fire of the crowd with a blood and guts war. Both men, bloodied from the mouth and nose, showed nothing but aggression as they traded power punches throughout this this bout.

The heavy-handed Orosco showed good power as he landed flush right hands, often snapping the head back of Castillo. Castillo never wavered and continued to fight his heart out. In the end it was Orosco who came away with the unanimous victory.

9th BOUT: RED CORNER: Nephateria Miller (Ring One) vs BLUE CORNER: #4 Ashleigh Moore (MA)

In a surprising upset, Miller, the southpaw, who was quick and sharp, and landed sharp left-hands when her opponent came forward, was out bested by the durable Moore. Miller appeared to be too quick and skilled for her opponent but it was the hard-nose tenacity of Moore that won this fight.


RED CORNER: Alejandro Paulino (Whaling City) vs BLUE CORNER: Denzel Whitley (Whitley Boxing, MA)

The “CO – FEATURE” and “FIGHT OF THE NIGHT” showcased two fighters who refused to let each other take control of the fight. Paulino moved like the wind, as he switched stances and fired relentless punches against the tough, gritty Whitley. Paulino was sharp, slipping and dodges punches, often springing into action to fight like a mongoose trying to defeat the an even-skilled cobra.

Paulino continued to keep Whitley off balance during the first round and early part of the second. Whitley, sensing that he needed to offset the offensive minded Paulino, began to sit down on his punches and land hard left-hooks.

For the better part of the second round, Whitley took control and landed the cleaner, harder punches. When the third round began, both men came forward, throwing nonstop punches to close out the bout. Paulino showcased supreme ring generalship and won the bout by unanimous decision.


RED CORNER: Hampton Miller (Toe 2 Toe Boxing) vs BLUE CORNER: Demek Edmonds (Worcester B&G Club)

In the first round of the bout, Edmonds lead with his jab, but quickly switched to the southpaw stance, giving him more of an angle to land his power shots. Edmonds controlled the first round and continued to land hard shots in the second round as he switched to the orthodox stance and dropped a hard right-hand that stunned Miller, causing him to be given a standing eight-count. Edmonds followed-up with landing continuous clean punches to the head of Miller, causing a second eight-count to his opponent. Miller, who fought valiantly, was tagged with another series of hard shots, which caused the referee to call a pause to the bout and give him another standing eight-count.

Winning the bout by unanimous decision, Edmonds, after being knocked out in the first round at last year’s tournament, came back this year a completely changed fighter. The young man maintained his poise, focus, and utilized his superior boxing skill to gain a heartfelt victory.

“It was an unbelievable night at the 2nd Annual Willie Pep Invitational,” said Jason D. Concepción (Treasurer | Official II of USA Boxing/CT).

Jason D. Concepción (Treasurer | Official II of USA Boxing/CT)

Jason D. Concepción (Treasurer | Official II of USA Boxing/CT)

“I want to thank CT USA Boxing for an amazing job well done. Thank you to all that came out and attended this event. Thanks to all the volunteers and congratulations to all the boxers and coaches. The event was a great showcase for our amateurs.”

Thanks to the Pep Family for allowing us to do this. Thank you to our sponsors (IBF, WBC, EVERLAST). We cannot wait to do this again next year.”

Although it’s always a team effort, Jason Concepcion has been the point man for this event for the past two years. Not only has he started a new tradition, but he always ensures that it’s done first class.


The MISSION of USA Boxing shall be to enable United States’ athletes and coaches to achieve sustained competitive excellence, develop character, support the sport of boxing, and promote and grow Olympic style boxing in the United States. The responsibility of USA Boxing is not only to produce Olympic gold, but also oversee and govern every aspect of amateur boxing in the United States. The safety of the boxer is the number one priority.

A boxer is taught more than how to box, but also how to conduct oneself in the larger ring of life. Boxing requires discipline, courage, and responsibility.

Jason D. Concepción (Treasurer | Official II of USA Boxing/CT)

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