Adrien Broner: Turning a Loss into a Win

By Xavier Porter –

August 10, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y.: “At the end of the day, I come to fight, I come to win; I put my heart on the line. At the end of the day I’m still AB.” – Adrien Broner

In life, you take the good with the bad. For the most part, you can recover from losses and bounce back to become better than you once were. The key is understanding and learning.

When describing the boxing career of Adrien Broner, one cannot deny the talent that he possesses. Broner’s rise to the top came with a “flare” for excitement and a desire to see more. His rapid combinations against opponents, while standing in the pocket nullifying their attack, showcased his speed, quickness, and mental fortitude. He’s flashy, has supreme confidence in his boxing abilities, and his sharp tongue gives fight fans what we desire most: entertainment.

Whether you agree or disagree of with his persona or his lifestyle, you cannot deny the fact that Broner aka “The Problem” is one of the best fighters in our generation. He’s a public figure and with being that, issues that he’s experienced in his personal life are often played out on television and social media for the world to see and criticize. But how can anyone for that matter criticize a four-division world champion who continues to put his “heart on the line”, every time he fights.

At only twenty-eight years of age, he has garnered more accolades than many past and upcoming fighters wish to achieve:

  • WBA Welterweight Champion
  • WBA Super Lightweight Champion
  • WBC Lightweight Champion
  • WBO Super-Featherweight Champion

Broner, the former world champion, has only three losses on his record of (33-3, 24 KOs), all to former and current world champions:

  • Marcos Maidana (35-5, 31 KOs – former WBA Welterweight, WBA Super-Lightweight Champion – retired)
  • “Showtime” Shawn Porter (27-2-1, 17 KOs – former IBF Welterweight Champion)
  • Mikey Garcia (37-0, 30 KOs – WBC Diamond Belt Super-Lightweight Champion; current WBC Lightweight Champion; three-division world champion)

With his recent loss against three-division world champion Mikey Garcia, the book on Broner’s career has only turned to another page. He is undoubtedly destined to be an inductee to the International Boxing Hall of Fame but the next chapter in his boxing career is far from written. The Cincinnati, Ohio native continues to train hard with some of the best boxers in our generation. Before his fight against Mikey Garcia on July 29, while being interviewed by the media, there was something that Broner said that continues to stick with me:

“We have to bring each other up, instead of knocking each other down, so that we can shine more. Some people support you, but a lot of people fake like they do and when you turn your back they talk about you. You have a few people in this boxing who are genuine, when they say they love you, or say they like you, or feel a certain way about you.” – Adrien Broner

I am not one to judge a man/boxer/fighter on their lifestyle. I am one to pay homage and respect for what they give the sport of boxing. Now is the time where we should support our fighters and not turn our backs on them. Now is the time to show respect and appreciation for what a fighter of Broner’s caliber brings to the ring each time he fights.

photo courtesy of @MvpBoxPics

photo courtesy of @MvpBoxPics

True champions bounce back from a loss. History has shown and proven this as other world champions have achieved greatness during the prime ages of their career. At twenty-eight years of age, currently ranked at number three in the United States, and number five in the world as the best Super-Lightweight (140 lb.), Broner is in the prime of his career. The “CAN-MAN” has a great opportunity to become a world champion again. Time will tell if he’ll world champion status again at 135lb, 140lb, or at 147lb.

Whether inside or outside of the ring, suffering a loss in life will always be a lesson for a better future.

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