Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev: Why so serious

By Xavier Porter,

November 22, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y. – This past weekend we had the best of the best within the light heavyweight division square off in a much hyped and talked about fight. When it was all said and done there was a new champion holding the WBA super, WBO, and IBF championship belts and his name is Andre “S.O.G.” Ward. All three judges scored the fight unanimously for Ward (114-113×3).


The fight was too close to call. This fight was fought with supreme skill by both men. They matched up evenly before the fight and they fought at an even pace. It was champion vs champion with the winner cleaning house and walking away with all the belts.

Kovalev knocked Ward down with a beautifully placed right hand in the second round.


Ward made sure to not get hit caught from a power punch like that again during the fight. Ward showed extreme grit, heart, and determination to win this fight. He boxed from all angles and did exactly what he needed to do to win. He fought his fight. He boxed on the outside, using his lead jab, landing it to the chest and solar plexus of Kovalev. He fought on the inside, landing punches to the body and tying up Kovalev every chance he got. Ward used his reflexes and quickness to where Kovalev’s punches were missing by mere inches. Ward increased his punch output as the fight progressed.

Kovalev pressed the attack from the beginning of the fight. He was landing his jab superbly during the early stages of the fight. After scoring the only knockdown of the fight he continued to try and land his right hand over the lead left of Ward. Kovalev was slightly less accurate with his punches although he was effective with keeping Ward on his toes.

The fight was tough to call for either combatant. What fight fans have failed to see and take in account was that boxing put on another great fight that featured two great champions. The lead-up and marketing job to promote the fight was done exceptionally well by Main Events, Roc Nation Sports, and Berk Communications. Instead of arguing about the outcome of the fight, fans should be thankful for what they witnessed and be even happier for what’s expected to come after. The rematch clause is in place and will be exercised by Kathy Duva and Main Events. Hold you horses, stay in your seats, be patient. Depending on the outcome of their rematch fight Ward/Kovalev has the makings of becoming one of boxing’s best a trilogies. This is only the beginning. Once the negations begin it will only be a matter of time before their next fight is scheduled. It’s highly doubtful that either man will face someone else before the rematch is made. Kovalev and his team would like to have the rematch immediately. We’re in the month of November. The hope of this writer is that the fight gets made soon.!