Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev: Winner Kept All

By Xavier Porter –

June 18, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. (Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV) – “I believe this win adds to my legacy.” – Andre Ward

Did the rematch exceed the first fight? Yes. Did both men touch gloves to begin the fight: not. Andre Ward and Sergey Kovalev, two of the best light heavyweight fighters in boxing, had a spectacular rematch, with the current champion seemingly winning most of the rounds before the fight was stopped in the eighth round (2:29), with Ward winning by TKO.

Ward vs. Kovalev 2: “The Rematch,” a 12-round mega-fight for the WBO/IBF/WBA Light Heavyweight World Championship

Billed as “No Excuses – The Rematch”, the fight began with Ward throwing a powerful left hook to Kovalev’s body, quickly setting the pace for the remainder of the fight. As Kovalev continuously used his jab throughout the bout, it was Ward who maintained remained patient and followed the game plan by taking the fight on the inside while also landing solid shots in the middle of the ring. Ward’s foot and head movement often confused Kovalev, causing him to tire early in the fight.

As the second and third rounds commenced, fans saw Kovalev continually landing his jab while trying to counter inside punches to his body from Ward. Throughout the fight Ward was sharp, landing clean right hands to Kovalev’s jaw. Kovalev appeared to land more punches than Ward but they were less effective.

In the eighth round, Ward landed a series of power punches to the body of Kovalev. Ward then landed a left hook and right hand that stunned Kovalev, who showed his champions’ heart, while trying to remain on his feet. Ward was relentlessness with his attack to the body throughout the fight, causing Kovalev to keel over in the corner and unable to continue.”

Both men shared their thoughts on the fight:

Andre Ward (32-0, 16 KOs; WBO/IBF/WBA Light Heavyweight Champion)

“I’m ecstatic, I’m happy. I didn’t predict a knockout, but I said it could happen. I don’t say anything unless I mean it. I have a lot of respect for Kovalev. He is a world champion. He’s been on top for a long time. He’s a great fighter; there’s not a lot of people that elite. I’m not going to throw him under the bus but he’s a man like I’m a man.”

“I don’t want to call him a frontrunner, but if he’s not having his way, he’s got to dig deep. I don’t know if he had the right answers tonight. Obviously, he didn’t because the fight got stopped. I’m comfortable being uncomfortable; that’s how we work, that’s how we train. When I saw him put his arms on the ropes in between the rounds – I watch all that stuff – that’s trouble for him. I just needed to keep being smart.”

“I think it was plain to see that I broke him mentally and physically. I’m not a person that demands respect or none of that. You don’t have to respect me and I don’t demand anything, but at a certain point and time, you got to give a person their just do. I’m 13 years in and I’ve been doing it against the best. My brain acts like a computer. When I fought him the first time I knew what to expect the second time around. I’m a seasoned veteran so when he said I wasn’t hurting him in the first fight he was lying. I was going to his body; I could hear him grunt and make sounds. It was going downhill for him early in the fight.”

“What’s next? Cruiserweight? Heavyweight? I dream big. Anything is possible when you have God. If there are questions marks after this, that has nothing to do with me. I’m going to enjoy my family, kiss my wife and we out. I have a tremendous team. I truly appreciate my team. I believe this win adds to my legacy. I want to be in the Hall of Fame one day.”

Sergey Kovalev (30-2-1, 26 KOs)

“Both of us were better fighters in this fight tonight. I feel like the punches that he landed were low. He hit me with four low blows. The ref didn’t call them.”

“I feel that I could’ve continued and fought on. I feel like it was a bad decision to stop the fight. This is boxing. If a fighter gets hurt they should be allowed to continue if they can.”

“I want to fight him again. I want another rematch.”

The ANDRE WARD VS. SERGEY KOVALEV 2: “THE REMATCH” AT MANDALAY BAY EVENTS CENTER, LAS VEGAS and PRESENTED LIVE BY HBO PAY-PER-VIEW had a total attendance of 10,592. Roc Nation Sports, Main Events, Andre Ward Promotions, Krusher Promotions gave fight fans a match to remember.

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