Boss lady Promotions: Bridging the community through boxing

By Xavier Porter,

January 26, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. –

Boss Lady Promotions is committed to bringing the elite boxing matches to the community of Trenton. Boss Lady Promotions continues to be a leading entity with bridging the gap between the community and boxing. By helping to build careers for the local talent in Trenton, NJ they are also helping to support what’s needed: a positive community.

Trenton’s own – Featured Bout 6 Round – Cruiserweight

Mike Hilton, Trenton, New Jersey (4-0, 4 KOs) vs Eric George, Niagara Falls, New York (4-13)

Hilton dominated the fight from the opening round, landing power punches to body. Hilton began to land well placed left uppercuts and then went back to attacking the body of George. Hilton scored a TKO at 2:33 of round five. Hilton (5-0, 5 KOs) is steadily progressing with each fight. The Trenton native is fan favorite and crowd pleasing fighter. A main-stayer on Boss Lady Promotion’s cards he is sure to bring excitement each time he fights.

Main Event – 10 Rounds – Welterweight (147lb)

Zab Judah, Las Vegas (42-9, 29 KOs) vs Jorge Luis Munguia, Tegucigalpa Honduras (12-7, 4 KOs)

The 6x world champion Judah quickly dispatched his opponent via a TKO at 1:27 of the second round. From the opening bell the Brooklyn southpaw went on the attack, pinpointing his sharp right jab and landing powerful straight left hands to the head of Munguia who was unable to match the speed of the skilled veteran. Judah began to land hard right hooks to the body of his opponent and scored a quick knockdown during the latter stages of the first round. As the second round begun, while circling Munguia, Judah landed a series of combination punches that made Munguia bounce off the ropes. Unable to clinch to stop the onslaught of great combination punching of Judah, Munguia was again knocked to the canvas. Judah looked impressive in his return fight after a three year layoff. He landed hard, accurate, power punches and showed that he so much more in him. At thirty-nine years old Judah is path towards a shot at another world title. There are many fights that can be made and many opponents that Judah can face as he works towards fighting for another world title. He is undeniably talented and skilled with superb boxing ability.

Co-Feature – 10 Round – Super middleweights

IBO/USBO Super middleweight Title

Derrick Webster, Paulsboro, NJ (21-1-0) vs Thomas Awimbono, Accra, Ghana (25-5-1)

The 6’5 southpaw Webster used his supreme reach advantage while constantly landing his lead right jab throughout the fight. Awimbono tried hard to land strong right hands on the southpaw but Webster was too slick and used great footwork to stay out of the range of the power-punching Awimbono. Webster boxed extremely well against won a unanimous decision (100-90, 98-92x) against a hard-hitting opponent. The newly crowned IBO/USBO super middleweight champion had tons of crowd support and made sure not to disappoint his fans. He shared his thoughts on the fight as well as his future plans for his career.

“I feel real good,” Webster stated, “I love fighting for my people.”

“It felt great to see the people that I grew up with, people I used to run the streets with. To see them all here supporting me means so much to me.”

“I plan to be fighting here again, on another Boss Lady Promotions card in April, for the USBA super middleweight championship.

4 Round – Cruiserweight

Bryan Daniels, Worcester, Mass (2-0) vs Damien Lewis, Niagara Falls NY 0-2-0

In a hard fought four round fight Daniels ensured his victory by landing clean punches to the head and body of Lewis, scoring a unanimous decision (40-36 2x, 39-37). Daniels maintained his punch output and landed combinations through the bout. As the tough Lewis made efforts to land his own power punches Daniels used a stiff jab to keep the shorter Lewis at a distance, unable to land cleanly.

4 Rounds Middleweight

Jimmy Kellerher, (2-0) Scranton PA vs Courtney McCleave, Kannapolis N.C (2-5)

The brave McCleave fought valiantly against the strong Irish Kellerher the Kellerher was too much for him to match. Scoring a knock in the first round Kellerher continued to apply pressure, eventually leading to a TKO stoppage at 2:26 of the second round. Kellerher battered McCleave all around ring until the referee called a halt to stop the damage that he was receiving.

4 Round – Middleweight

Andy Gonzalez, Worcester, Mass (3-1) vs Jason Wahr, Virginia Beach VA (4-13-3)

Both men came out throwing bombs but it was Gonzalez who was more accurate as he landed a hard left uppercut and followed with a hard left hook to the solar-plexus of Wahr. Wahr took a second to absorb the punch but then in the blink of an eye he went down and was counted out at 0:32 second of the first round.

4 Round – Light Heavyweights

Brandon Robinson, Bristol, PA (0-1-0) vs Jermain Corley, New York N.Y (0-4-0)

It didn’t take long for both men to begin exchanging punches as both Robinson and Corley came forward trying to land their best knockout punch. Robinson was able to locate and land several monstrous right hands to the jaw and head of Corley within the 1:30 of the first round. Corley did his best, trading with a more accurate puncher in Robinson, firing and throwing every punch that he had in his arsenal. Robinson took is time, countered, and landed a thudding left hook that ended the fight at 2:59 of the first round.A91H0332-1

Robinson shared his thoughts on his fight.

“We were in a fight,” Robinson said, “I had to do what I needed to do.”

“It was either him taking me out or me taking him out. It’s my time to eat. I’m still hungry and I want more.”

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