Daniel Jacobs vs. Sergio Mora – Unfinished Business

By Xavier Porter, Brooklynfights.com

Brooklyn, N.Y.

September 2, 2016

Last August at the Barclays Center fight fans witnessed a quick ending to a fight that appeared to be leading great finish as the WBA middleweight champion Daniel Jacobs “The Miracle Man” took on “The Latin Snake” Sergio Mora.Both men went toe to toe exchanging knockdowns in the first round. Jacobs landed a counter right to the chin of Mora.

With Jacobs hungry, eager to finish off his opponent Mora landed a quick left hook to the jaw of Jacobs, knocking down the champion. Jacobs quickly rose to feet, gathered himself, and again went on attack mode.

Jacobs went on to score a technical knockout win as Mora injured his ankle in the second round and was unable to continue the contest. This left many fans clamoring to see more as the fight was heating up with guaranteed action from both fighters.

On September 9,live on Spike TV, Premier Boxing Champions will be showcasing the rematch between both men. This fight has a lot in stake for both men. For Jacobs, the “King of Brooklyn”, it’s a “backwards step” in his career. Jacobs and his team had hoped to land a fight with the previous WBO middleweight champion Andy Lee, the current WBO middleweight champion B.J. Saunders, and with Chris Eubanks Jr. For whatever reason or another,the fights could not be made. With the help of Al Haymon we have the rematch in place. Both men shared their thoughts on how their rematch fight will play out during a media conference call on September 1st.

“I understand that it left a bitter taste in certain people’s mouths because of the way Sergio Mora lost,” Jacobs said.

“In my opinion, he was on the verge anyway. I was definitely on the verge of stopping him. Sergio Mora is extremely awkward. That’s what allowed him to get where he is now. Take nothing away from him being a world champion.”

“This is probably the first personal fight that I’m entering in with mean intention. I want to hurt this man. There’s no way around it. I want him to feel and eat his words. I’m going to come in there and I’m going to try and punch you in your face. It’s plain and simple.”


Mora is a former super welterweight championand a solid fighter. Mora has plans on upsetting the champion and claiming a second world championship title.

“I’m the most accomplished name on Daniel Jacob’s record,” Mora said.

“I know that I got dropped, I’ve been dropped before.I can get up and I’m pretty resilient that way.”

“Jacobs took a little longer to get the cobwebs off. I don’t think he’s going to come in as aggressive as he was the first time. If I see him fighting behind a jab then I’m going to have to go and put the pressure on a little bit.”

Jacobs possesses an impressive record of 31-1 with twenty-eight of his wins coming by stunning knockout fashion. Jacobs is currently ranked as the #1 middleweight in the U.S. and #2 in the world. Jacobs, the WBA regular middleweight champion, is the mandatory challenger for Gennady Golovkin, the current WBA super world, IBF, IBO, and WBCmiddleweight champion. Golovkin himself will be defending his titles September 10 against current IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook. If Golovkin is successful in retaining his belts then we may see a blockbuster of a matchup with Jacobs and Golovkin sometime next year.

The Miracle Man, WBA Middleweight Champion, and King of Brooklyn Daniel Jacobs

“That’s the fight that I want,” Jacobs said, “we want to fight the best, point blank period.”

“Triple G is the best and that’s the guy that we want. I definitely believe I would be the toughest test because I believe I would be the victor in that fight. I definitely believe in my skills and my ability.”

Both men have a lot on the line in this fight. For Mora, with a record of 28-4 and 9 KOs, at the age of 35, this may be his last chance to capture that championship glory he once had along with the respect of others.

“I’ve been in the game a long time,” Mora said, “even though I am well preserved I’m still the age I am.”

“If you look back at my career every time I get a big opportunity I conquer it.And the hunger’s still there. If the hunger’s still there everything will fall into place. I expect to become a world champion, a two-time world division champion by the end of this fight.”

The fight card, promoted by Kings Boxing, is taking a place in Reading, Pa.

The stage is set and to the victor goes the spoils.