Don Moore – The Return of the Dangerous One

By Xavier Porter,

Brooklyn, N.Y.

September 15, 2016

The 140 pound division is stacked with great champions, skilled fighters, and up and coming contenders. The fights that can be made in this division are endless and have the potential to be some of the best matchups ever in boxing. There’s a fighter in this division whose ready for every opportunity, every challenge that’s put in front of him. That fighter is Don Moore.

With a current record of 17-0, 11 wins coming by knockout, “Dangerous” Don Moore is again ready to show the boxing world the ability that he possesses.

“Everyone isn’t blessed with the skill to box,” Moore said.

“God blessed me with this skill and talent. This is the lane that God chose for me and I’m staying in it.”

“One day your life will flash before your eyes and you need to make sure it’s worth watching.”

Born in the city of Gary, Indiana, which is also the home of some of the greatest musicians and basketball players ever (Michael Jackson, The Jackson Five, Larry bird, Indiana Hoosiers, etc.), Moore has been working hard and training in the gym continuously.

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“Looking back I’ve made mistakes,” Moore said.

“You can’t rush success, you have to have God and when it comes it comes. I know my time is coming. I plan to have an outstanding performance in my next fight.”

Moore has trained with and sparred some of the best boxers in the sport, most notably Floyd Mayweather.

“I was the main sparring partner for Mayweather when he was preparing for his last fight against Andre Berto,” Moore said.

“In sparring Mayweather I felt good. I was patient; I learned a lot from him. I really appreciated working with him. When you’re in the ring sparring the best boxer on the planet it brings out the best in you. To be in the ring sparring with Mayweather is like playing basketball with Michael Jordan because he’s the greatest. I have so much respect for him and his whole team. They are very loyal and that’s the same type of love and loyalty I want around me.”

“I sparred Jessie Vargas (current WBO welterweight champion) to help him prepare for his title fight against Sadam Ali. I’ve worked with Zab Judah, Marcos Maidana, and Ashley Theophane for his fight against Adrien Broner. Both Mayweather and Judah are great guys and I’ve learned a lot from them.”

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Moore has sparred and trained at the Mayweather Gym throughout the years. Moore has not only worked with some of the best fighters in boxing, he’s also learned a great amount of boxing knowledge from some of the best trainers within the sport.

“I trained out in Las Vegas at the TMT gym with Nate Jones and Roger Mayweather,” Moore said.

“Nate Jones and Roger Mayweather were my main trainers. I trained with Floyd Mayweather Sr. also. I have a great relationship with TMT. TMT is a great gym. You get great sparring and it’s open to everyone.”

Moore has since left Las Vegas and is now training in Atlanta, Ga. at the Dungeon Boxing gym. Moore is excited and ready to take the next step in his career towards becoming a world champion.

“I’m ready to show the world my skills and become a world champion,” Moore said.

“I am now training at the Dungeon Boxing gym in Atlanta. Going forward I plan to have my fight camps at the Dungeon Boxing gym. It’s a great facility. Training here it’s more to you, it’s more private. As far as holding camp you can focus more here. You may get visitors that come by but they’re focused on the fighters and not so much with taking pictures. Out here in camp I’m working with Ken Johnson. Roger used to train Ken and now Ken trains me.”

Moore is training hard for his next fight which is scheduled to take place on Saturday September 24 at the Falcons Fury Harley-Davidson in Conyers, Georgia on

“This fight card is being promoted by Dungeon Promotions,” Moore said, “I’m excited for this opportunity.”

“Dungeon Promotions gave me the opportunity and it’s a blessing. They’ve opened up the doors for me and I’m happy for it. I’m taking full advantage of it. I give much respect to Dungeon Promotions for giving me this opportunity for this fight.”

“I don’t know who my opponent is and I really don’t care. It’s a blessing to get someone to sign that contract to fight. I don’t study tape. I just train hard for my fight. It doesn’t matter who your opponent is because your opponent will not come in the ring fighting the same way.”

Currently unsigned to a promotional company this skilled, talented, undefeated super lightweight fully understands the opportunities that await him upon becoming victorious in his next fight.

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“I’m a free agent,” Moore said, “I’m open to working with whomever.”

“I want to push my career further. I want the right situation for me and my family. I have great leadership around me and I have a career of my own. Success doesn’t come overnight. I have to keep getting these wins under my belt and keep God first.”

Moore is very appreciative of all the support that he receives.

“I thank all my family and friends for supporting me,” Moore said.

“I want to thank Lou of Fly Native for supporting and for the sponsorship, it’s about to go down. I want to thank Dungeon Promotions for this opportunity also. It’s a blessing to be where I am. I have my team in place (DDM) and we understand that there’s great competition out there.

“I don’t duck or overlook anyone. I love to win and I fear losing. When it’s all said and done you can do all the training in the world but you can’t exercise your chin. It’s just you against your opponent.”

To continue to support Moore you can follow him at:

Instagram: @Donthechamp

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