Exclusive Interview: Boxing Coach, Eric Bradley


By Adam Ewingmeetcoach

Coach Eric Bradley takes boxing training online with his website, Master Boxing. Bradley’s system allows the coach to connect with fighters on a global scale. Brooklynfights sat down with the coach and got to know him a little better. We discussed his days before Master Boxing, being an author, his work with the National Football League, and a memorable moment in the sport of boxing.

Before Master Boxing:

“First and foremost, I love the sport. I always knew I had to create my place in it, and get into my realm. I had guys on a regular basis coming to me and asking to train. I was working in the sports arena already.

There was never a gym around when I was growing up to be a part of. Once the gym did come around, I was way passed the age of being able to fight. So I promised I would donate some time to build up a program that was worthy. A couple guys I grew up with were military, and they boxed. What happened was, I just went to a boxing gym and started working with guys, just helping out.

I designed programs for the athletes so they could perform. A lot of them didn’t know about nutrition, or sports performance at all. 95% of boxers over-train. They just don’t understand. They are still doing things back from the 30’s, because they don’t know any better. Guys back then were fighting 15 rounds, 25 rounds, 35 rounds, the kind of stuff those guys did, they had to do. Guys today, they still keep those training methods but only a 12 round maximum, so I broke the game down in that increment.

I ran across my uncle, who was the 2004 Olympic Boxing coach, he saw what I was doing, and honestly this was before we knew we were related, but he walked up to me and told me I run the program like we do at Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. He wanted me to be the head trainer for all the fighters.

I knew I had everything that it took, because I have a way of dealing with, and talking to fighters. I just jumped in, and got baptized by fire. My first corner was a WBE championship fight. Just thrown in the dungeon. I knew that was where I was supposed to be.

I got acknowledged for my work, and was brought right in. I showed up at camps, that we may have been in a camp with, and the coach would be like, ‘I like this style, would you like to come with us to the fight and work the corner with us?’ It was an obvious fit, it’s where I belong. That’s how I got into the game, just showing what I had. I didn’t need to be brought up or polished. I just needed the experiences. Every corner I’ve been in, we have come out victorious.”

Online Boxing Training:

“I created the online camp, because some kid won’t be able to say, they didn’t have the opportunity to learn to box like I did. I want to make sure we not only are we building fighters, that are so polished with their basics and fundamentals, the only thing they need to do from that point is develop the algorithm of a fighter.

It’s a concept that has never been done. It’s actually paying off. I got guys all over my timeline telling me it’s working, I’m winning. I have guys that have won national, and regional titles, telling me they are watching, and using my stuff in the ring. You have to understand how that feels. I’m like the peoples coach doing it this way. Guys need to know how to box, and how to do it the right way, and do it at a different level.

We will be making sure we solidify and work with guys, and keep building and educating people in the sport of boxing. Be able to host events, and clinics for MasterBoxing for fighters that want to come take part in an entire week. Whether I come up to Brooklyn, they come down to North Carolina, or I meet them half way. It’s going to be great.

We aren’t here for our own good, we are here for the good of the sport. We want to be the face of what it means to be a total professional.”

Coach Bradley the author:

“Science of Master Boxing was written in 2008-2009. I designed some programs, how to run a camp, what athletes need, giving everybody pearls of wisdom through this book, plus some life experiences in boxing that are very interesting. I wrote out programs on how to maximize a training camp. From the exercise planning, to the skill set development, day by day to what a six week training camp looks like in front of your eyes. It is an amazing piece of work.”

Work with the National Football League:

“I’ve worked with the Jacksonville Jaguars. I did a few camps with them. Coach Del Rio is wanting my book, and kind of brought me in when he was down in Jacksonville. Now the Arizona Cardinals Director of Player Personnel wants to get us out there.”

A Memorable moment in the sport of boxing:

“The memorable moment that is near and dear to my heart was when Ray Mercer, former world champion and Gold Medal Olympian came to our gym. He had come several times and my uncle wanted me to work with him on the bags. I couldn’t believe I was standing over this guy, who is a legend in my eyes. He said it was the most clinical and technical camp I’ve ever been in. He also said wherever I went he was going to follow.”