By Xavier Porter,

October 31, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Baltimore has a rising boxing star that possesses the ring skills necessary to be one of the city’s all-time greats. Gervonta Davis has unbelievable boxing abilities, and he continues to impress fight fans each and every time he steps into the ring. Davis is a 21 year-old southpaw who possesses a pro record of 16-0 and 15 knockouts. He’s currently ranked #7 in the U.S. pro boxing super featherweight division and he dominates his opponents with speed, power shots, and precise combination punching. Davis is electrifying in the ring. He displays an all-out attack of his opponents when he senses that he has them hurt.

Nicknamed “The One,” Davis possesses all the attributes of a future superstar in boxing. He’s a crowd pleaser, charismatic, and has knockout power. He has a killer instinct that hides behind a smile that can light up a room. Davis is poised for greatness and has the best mentor to help prepare him for stardom, none of other than Mr. TBE himself, Floyd Mayweather.

photo courtesy of Team Davis

photo courtesy of Team Davis

Davis discussed his upbringing within the sport and his relationship with trainer Calvin Ford.

“I’ve been boxing for 12-13 years. I train back home at the gym where I started boxing (Upton Boxing Gym). I like to train at home with people from my neighborhood and people from within my community. My trainers are Calvin Ford and Kenny Ellis. Coach Calvin has always been by my side and he’s a big part of my career and my success. I don’t fight the same without having him in my corner. Coach Calvin has been with me since the beginning, when I first began to box. He brings out the inner-beast in me.”

Gervonta Davis with Coach Calvin Ford

Gervonta Davis with Coach Calvin Ford

Davis shared his thoughts on working with Floyd Mayweather and Mayweather Promotions.

“It feels good to be signed to TMT. Floyd is a great person. Growing up, I looked up to him. He has been teaching me the business of boxing, from what takes place in and outside of the ring. He encourages me to take care of my responsibilities. I am studying, paying my dues, and learning as much as I can.”

“I’ve trained at the Mayweather gym. People there support me so much and there’s great work there. I’ve sparred with Yuriorkis Gamboa (former 3x division world champion) and several other fighters that are signed with TMT. A lot of fighters who wanted to get signed to TMT were coming out to the gym and they had to get through me before they got signed. The doghouse training is real.”

Gervonta Davis with Floyd Mayweather - The Future

Gervonta Davis with Floyd Mayweather – The Future

Davis then shared his plans of winning multiple championships, following in the footsteps of his mentor Mayweather.

“I plan to become a world champion, unify the belts, and then move up in weight to do the same thing again. I don’t want to win one belt and just hold on it. I plan to show everyone that I’m the real deal. Where I come from you have to show people that you’re built for this.”

“I was supposed to fight Jason Sosa for his WBA super featherweight title but the fight never panned out. We had a proposed date scheduled for October 22. Since it didn’t happen, I’ve moved on from it and continued with my training. If and when we fight, I’m coming out with the win.”

photo courtesy of Team Davis

photo courtesy of Team Davis

Davis last fought this past June, where he scored a knockout of his opponent in 0:41 seconds of the first round. He is eager to return back to the ring.

“I want to fight more. I only fought twice this year and my second fight lasted less than a minute. It’s important for young fighters to get ring experience. As a young fighter I need to stay active.”

Davis then shared his thoughts on the 130 pound division.

“My division is stacked and there are some good fighters in it. They say there are some guys in my division that can beat me, but to be honest I don’t see it. I’m not talking just to be talking I just don’t see it. These guys may have more professional experience than me, but I’ve been fighting all my life. I’m a “Young Pretty Boy,” and time will tell. I will show everyone that I’m the best.”

“I’d like to fight everyone in my division, at the right time, and when it makes sense. I’m not ducking anyone. I have a point to prove as well as they do. Mentally and physically, I’m ready to get back in the ring.”

Davis hopes to inspire people from within his community to work towards achieving and accomplishing their personal goals in life.

Gervonta Davis receiving a Certificate of Recognition for his leadership and community accomplishments from the Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

Gervonta Davis receiving the Certificate of Recognition for his leadership and community accomplishments from the Mayor of Baltimore Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

“It’s tough growing up in Baltimore. I want to be an inspiration to my city. I want to motivate people who are younger and older than me. My hope is that we all separate ourselves from the negativity that takes place within our city and push for positivity.”

“I’ve traveled outside of the country before and visiting other places is a great experience. Baltimore is my home, but the world is a bigger place. I want to inspire people from my city to live out their dreams. As I continue to stay away from the negativity, I want my people to do the same. I want everyone from my city to be successful. That’s my focus and that’s what drives me to fight.”

Davis’ popularity within boxing is fast growing and he attracts new fans daily. With the support and guidance he receives from his coaching and management team, along with the love that he has for his community, Davis has a chance to become more than a face of Baltimore boxing.

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