Gino Adonis Garcia: Business is good


Gino Adonis Garcia: Business is good

By Xavier Porter,

December 19, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y. – For a fighter to achieve success in their career one the most important tools that must be protected is their hands. Without having the proper gloves you can damage your “money-makers” and your career will be short lived. There are many companies that produce fight gear but there’s one company that’s steadily rising to the top. Adonis Garcia Boxing, based in Phoenix, AR, manufactures custom professional boxing gloves, boxing headgear, and other forms of fighting equipment.

Having fully opened for business this past May the company is rapidly growing with continued plans on meeting the needs of the public. Owner and CEO Gino Adonis Garcia discussed the beginnings of his company, the vision of where it started, the amount of support he’s received, and his future plans for expansion.


“One day I was looking down at Phoenix and I said I don’t want the city, I want the world.  I created a business for my wife and I to run. It’s a family business she’s the Vice President and I’m the CEO. We’ve expanded the business three times in eight months. We’ve been in business since May of this year. We were supposed to open in March but our stock sold out in over a month. Everyone purchased our inventory. People from out of the country purchased our products. We’ve had our products purchased from nine different countries and we just had a manager in Australia and Macau make a big purchase. I am working on how to take the business over the top.”

“A couple of years of ago I was interning for a promoter in Los Angeles. I used to notice that a lot of fighters were rubbing their knuckles and holding their wrists after sparring. I looked at number of gloves and I noticed the difference in the molding. After some time I realized that no matter what glove you used the leather will stretch and may cause room for injury.”

“Most gloves and wraps have a comfortable fit with them. We decided to create a tighter-fit glove. It gives the fighter a more comfortable fit and then they’ll grow into it. A lot of fighters punch on certain angles and we needed to take that into consideration with our design. We hand mold our gloves. A lot of companies adjust the glove and when doing so they’re adjusting the weight of the glove at the same time. We do things differently. When we adjust weight we adjust from the bottom of the hand. We adjust the glove from underneath and not on top so we can protect the fighter’s hands.”

Garcia discussed some of the great accomplishments his company has achieved in such little time.

“Our greatest accomplishment is our Hands of Stone gloves that we made for the premier of the movie. We were contacted to develop a set of gloves that were to be showcased at different premier showings for the movie. We received the request 2 ½ months before the movie opened. We were asked to have them done in seven days and we did them in six. It’s a great feeling when your gloves are sitting next to a WBC belt. It’s an even greater feeling when the great Roberto Duran signs your gloves. We made sure to design the gloves specifically geared towards the movie.”

Several champions have used the Garcia gloves to help with their training. Fighters such as 2-division world champion and current WBC welterweight champion Danny “Swift” Garcia; current WBA welterweight champion Keith “One Time” Thurman; former 3x WBO Female Bantamweight Kaliesha West; super welterweight title contender Jarrett “Swift” Hurd; former 4-division world champion James “Lights-Out” Toney; 4-division world champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner; and 6-division world champion and current WBO welterweight champion Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.


Garcia and his company hope to be able to work with many other champions as the business continues to grow. He also hopes to have his gloves sanctioned within certain states as well as in other countries from around the world.

“The boxers that have purchased and train with our gloves do not endorse our brand but they like our product. We’re very thankful that they enjoy our product and that we’ve built a good relationship with them. We will continue to support them all the way. We are in the process of working with another pro fighter who purchased (2) sets of gloves. There’s a good possibility that he may be allowed to use them during his next fight.”

“We’re working on having our gloves sanctioned in NY. We believe in the safety of all fighters. We have to go state by state to get our gloves sanctioned. We have to go through the state’s commission and the governing bodies to get gloves approved for fights. We’re focused on getting sanctioning in NYC, Vegas, and LA. Our company is expanding into five different divisions. We’re going to do the following:

  1. Have a department strictly to oversee the sale of our boxing gear. There will be an east coast and west coast representative managing it.
  2. Have a department for our MMA division. This past Sunday we had our product used in its first fight with Iron Boy Promotions.
  3. Have an international division to address having our products delivered to different countries. We are working to figuring out the different sanctioning rules from the different countries for mixed martial arts and boxing matches.
  4. Have an apparel division which will be separate from the equipment department.
  5. Lastly, we’re going to begin working with amateurs who are coming up in the ranks. We want to help the amateur boxers. The equipment is similar to the pros. We feel it best to deal with amateur boxing first and help with their adjustment into the pros. This will be the only division that will handle all equipment (mouth guards, gloves, mitts, etc.).”

Garcia, a former amateur boxer, understands how hard it is to have access to the best boxing gear. His plan is to make all gear affordable for people of all ages. Garcia wants to be of good service to his clientele.

“We all have a story. For me I grew up poor. I understand that sometimes people may not have the means or finances to purchase the gear so we do the best we can to work with them and accommodate their needs. I understand how it felt when I was growing up and how I wanted certain equipment but I couldn’t afford it. I could easily market my brand at a certain price level but I want to help people out as much as possible so we make everything affordable.”

“I like to go to the gyms and hear the fighter’s opinion about our boxing gear and how it helps or doesn’t help. I like to get to know the fighters and hear their honest opinions because it’s important to me. I always ask fighters how many times have they’ve spoken to someone from the company that they their boxing gear. Most fighters’ say they only speak to the reps whereas our customer service is top notch. I pretty much don’t sleep. I take calls and emails all the time and I try to remain in contact with everyone. We’re building to have that type of relationship with our customers. We want to make sure that all our business is professional. We want to interact with everyone.”

As the business continues to prosper, Garcia would like to assist up and coming fighters. He plans to build relationships with amateur fighters, giving them an opportunity to better their skills in the ring. The possibility to sponsor and manage some of these fighters is an opportunity that he’d prefer to wait on making a decision.

“The amateur fighters we work with are our most important clients. They are constantly in the gym and deserve the respect just like any of the world champions. I try to help out so many amateurs. I get so many requests from people to get sponsored. The only sponsor that I have now is Jamir Robertson (Lil Future). We have a great relationship with his father. Their relationship is a beautiful thing and we plan to continue to support them all the way. We’ve also worked with a couple of boxing gyms in the New York City, namely Mendez Gym and the Gleason’s.”

“We participated and helped sponsor this year’s PVA Annual Awards Banquet. I attended and spoke to the attendees about our brand. To me a sponsorship is an agreement and partnership. I want to make sure that whoever wants to work with us we want to know that the gloves and the brand are a right fit for them. “

“The greatest thing about being in the glove business is that I get to remain neutral. I’ve thought about managing fighters but it’s a long term investment. Maybe in the future but for now I’m focused on growing and expanding my business. The money will come. Just like a knockout, it will come when it’s supposed to happen.”

With a restocked inventory of gloves, mitts, headgear, belly guards, and everything related to boxing gear expect Adonis Garcia Boxing to have a fruitful 2017 and beyond.



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