Greg “Lil Greg” Jackson: Humbled and inspired


Greg “Lil Greg” Jackson: Humbled and inspired

By Xavier Porter,

February 11, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. – “Being forgotten is what made me the fighter I’ve become. – Greg Jackson     

Philadelphia’s Greg Jackson is no stranger to dealing with adversity, the adversity of not being able to fight on a regular basis. To those that know him well they know the talent and skill that “Lil Greg” possesses. With a current record of (7-3-1, 2 KOs), Jackson is steadily working hard while preparing for his return back to the ring.

“I’m originally from Pleasantville, NJ, but I’ve lived in Philadelphia, PA for over ten years. Everyone knows that Philadelphia is my home.”

“I fought my first amateur fight in Atlantic City against an Atlantic City police officer. I stopped him in the first round with two right hands. I decided to move to Philadelphia to purse my boxing career. My hunger to fight has since taken me to a higher goal in life. I started my professional career in 2013. I won my first three fights; winning my second fight I won by knockout. For me to have made it this far is a great thing. I’ve only been boxing for nine years.”

“I’m the type of fighter that learns on the job. I need to remain active. My layoffs between fights do not benefit me. I can’t learn if I’m not working. I need to fight on a regular basis.”

Many fighters begin to box for various reasons. Some do it for the fame, others for the fortune. For Jackson his love for boxing came in a different form. He discussed his start into boxing and how it has changed his life. 

“I began boxing after watching my friend (Anthony “Juice” Young/15-2, 6 KOs) shadow-box. I’ve known him mostly all my life. Watching him shadowbox drew me to the ring. I used to bowl, party, and skate all the time. I was basically doing whatever I wanted to do. Once I went to the gym I realized that boxing was very different than just regular fighting.”

“I’ve worked at several jobs before. I worked for Coca Cola, UPS, etc. I used to spar all the time and then it clicked for me. I kept getting into the ring, learning as much as I could. I decided to stick with boxing because it’s in me.”

“I’ve become a student of the game. It’s fun for me. Now I understand what I need to do. I fight for my friends, for my family, for people around the world that I inspire. That’s my drive and passion. That’s what keeps me going, wanting to learn more.”

When you look at Jackson you tend to ask yourself why the nickname “Lil Gregg.” In fact, he isn’t little at all. At 5’11 and weighing anywhere between 147-160lb he presents to be a good size for any of the three divisions (welterweight, super welterweight, middleweight) he chooses to fight in. Jackson explained the reasons of how he got his nickname and why it’s important to him to represent the right way.

“The name means a lot to because it has a lot of value and meaning. My nickname came from my father and one of my childhood friends. He friend was short and was known for his basketball skills in our neighborhood. He was killed. I didn’t really know my father until a few years ago and he died shortly after.”

“If I stop boxing what good would I be to my fans, friends, and family. I have fans in other countries that I converse with who tell me how much I inspire them. The money will come but I’m more concerned with my legacy.”

“This is what I enjoy doing. I love being a showman. I want to be sharp at all times when I fight. I want to be mentally sharp and give a high-level performance. I know who I am and I know what I’m capable of doing in the ring. I know my skill level.”

Jackson, who recently celebrated a birthday this past January, hasn’t fought since winning a four-round decision back in November (2016). He expressed the reasons for not having fights scheduled on a consistent basis.

“Throughout my career I’ve been doing everything on my own. I’ve had fights offered to me previously but they weren’t the best deals for me. I’ve worked with several promoters before and I parted ways with them because I wanted things to be different for me.”

“People know that I’m a threat and have realized I can upset someone’s night. I’ve fought on television before. I fought on ESPN and in that fight I came back to stop my opponent after getting hit with a big shot that knocked me down.”

“Right now I’m comfortable working with my manager (Lou Ballard/Fly Native) and preparing for my next fight. People tend to forget that I can fight. Being forgotten is what makes me the fighter I am. It has given me my humbleness.”

With new management in place Jackson has a secured fight taking place in the months to come. He is recognizes that he must have a great performance in his next fight.

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for

“My next fight will take place April 1, at the Sun Bank Arena, in Trenton, NJ. There’s only one way to go and that’s to go up. There’s no turning back. This is it. This is my legacy.”

“People forgot about me but I’m back to remind them. I’ve taken my beatings and now I’m ready to give them out. I’ve surpassed good fighters that I’ve faced previously in sparring.”

“My life wasn’t dedicated to boxing before. Now I have a different mindset. Now I go into the ring to fight for me and the people that believe in me. God sent me this energy and I take it inside the ring every time.”

As he approaches his next fight Jackson expressed his appreciation for all that have played a part in his career.

“I‘d personally like to thank Anthony; without him I wouldn’t had been drawn to boxing.”

“I’ve changed gyms and worked with many different trainers throughout my career. I respect and appreciate every coach that has spent time and worked with me. Without them I wouldn’t have the knowledge that I have. They all play a part in my success.”

“I want to thank my family as well. All the trials and tribulations I’ve faced in life I’ve overcome them. I’m letting God control and direct my career. The energy he sends that’s what I’m using to go forward with my career.”

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