Hammerin Hank Lundy – Coming for everyone


Hammerin Hank Lundy – Coming for everyone

By Xavier Porter,

October 26, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y.

The lightweight division in boxing is on the cusp of having a breakout year in 2017. With both Robert Easter (IBF champion – 18-0, 14 KOs) and Jorge Linares (WBA champion – 41-3, 27 KOs) recently winning their respective titles, Terry Flanagan (31-0, 11 KOs) scheduled to defend his WBO title this November against an opponent not yet determined, and the return of Mickey Garcia (35-0, 26 KOs) taking on the current WBC lightweight champion Dejan Zlaticanin (22-0, 11 KOs) on January 28 we can expect unification bouts taking place in the near future.

Before the possibility of those matches taken place there’s a skilled veteran within the division who is determined to get a shot at one of the champions in hopes of becoming world champion. Hank Lundy has been fighting at 135 pounds predominantly his entire career. The former NABO and NBAF lightweight champion is ready and eager for his return to ring.

“I want to face all the champions at 135pounds,” Lundy said, “I want them all.”

“If they have a belt I want to face them; even the ones with the interim belts I want them too. I’ll even fight any guy that’s one step closer to a shot at a world title. I’m one of the big players at 135 pounds. I’m ranked at #3 in the United States and I’m in the top ten within the WBC.”

“I started my career at 135 pounds; I feel strong at 135 pounds. I’m like that old dog in the yard that’s sitting at his doghouse. I see the new dogs playing in the yard and everyone is playing with them (throwing bones, toys, and gifts). The people won’t play with me; they won’t throw things at me because I bite and they know I’m not to be played with.”

After challenging Terence Crawford for the WBO super lightweight title back in February of this year, Lundy is returning back down to his natural fighting weight of 135 pounds. The South Philadelphia veteran is open to taking on any challengers between 135 pounds and 140 pounds.

“A lot of people won’t fight me down at my weight,” Lundy said, “They know I’m a problem.”

“Just like how I step up and fight people at their weight these guys need to step up and fight me at 135 pounds. I showed what I have at 140 pounds. If they called me for a fight at 140 pounds, if the fight is right for me, I’ll take the fight.

“Everyone is running scared from a guy like me. They won’t fight a guy like me. Other than that people will need to fight me at 135 pounds.”

Lundy (26-6-1, 13 KOs) has faced strong opposition in his career had some tough losses but he’s always given a spirited performance in each of those fights. In July of 2015 Lundy faced Mauricio Herrera. After several clashes of head, caused cuts around the eyes of Herrera, the fight was stopped in the fifth round and Herrera was awarded the majority decision. This past February Lundy was defeated by the undefeated and Lineal super lightweight champion Crawford.

Lundy would like to have the opportunity one day avenge those losses.

“I am one of the realest fighters in the boxing,” Lundy said, “

“I want to fight Mauricio Herrera again. Everyone seen I was hurting him in our fight. He needs to get back in the ring with me and stop ducking me. Golden Boy Promotions needs to put him back in the ring with me.”

“That Terence Crawford fight, I fought my ass off. I’m a warrior; I laid it all on the line. I’d like to fight Crawford again. If the fight would’ve made it to the later rounds I would’ve stopped him. No one has fought him the way I fought him. I was giving him trouble. But like I said he was the better man and I congratulate him on his win.”

As Lundy maintains and balances his weight between 135 pounds and 140 pounds there’s a chance that a fight can take place soon. Lundy knows the true meaning of being fit and ready.

“I’m a real Philadelphia fighter, Lundy said, “I’m a throwback fighter, I stay ready.”

“Most people have to get in shape for a fight. I stay in shape. There are days that I stay away from the gym because I’m already in condition and prepared to fight. We’re always working and we’re always ready.”

“We have a living legend here in Philadelphia in Bernard Hopkins. Hopkins teaches us to stay in shape and to never lose control of your weight. Hopkins also teaches us that we must take care of our mind as well. Everything that Hopkins teaches us I take it and try my best to apply it to my lifestyle.”

Lundy is currently in training and waiting for his next opportunity to fight for a championship belt. Lundy is appreciative for all the love and support that he receives from all.

“To all my fans thank you all for supporting me,” Lundy said, “I fight for you all.”

“I’m running and sparring all the time. I still have my team in place. I’m still working with Charles Rainey. Rainey has groomed me since I was an amateur. He’s the mastermind in my camp. I still work with Coach Anthony and Gee George in my camp (he’s like my big brother), Rodney Rice, my strength and conditioning coach Philadelphia Fat, and Mike Plebani.”

“I’m still signed with CES promotions. We’re looking to have a fight lined-up soon. Anyone that wants to glove up and wants some of the Hammer we’re ready for them all. I’m that bull and they know I’m always ready. Mark my words: I am going to get a title shot and become world champion next year.”

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