Interview: Noemi Bosques – Fights for WBC Title in Juarez 2/10


By Nat Wilkins, Brooklyn, NY, 1/24/18—BrooklynFights recently caught up with St Petersburg, Florida based boxer, Noemi Bosques, to find out about her upcoming bout in Juarez, Mexico. It’s going down on February 10th, when Bosques is set to face off against Diana Fernandez (16-2) for a WBC Regional title at 115 pounds, scheduled for 10 rounds. A well known personality in women’s boxing, Bosques (11-10-3) isn’t a stranger to the New York scene either, having twice challenged Heather Hardy at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center.

About the upcoming fight south of the border, Bosques told us, “We agreed it would be for one of the WBC Regional titles, so we’re really excited.” She continued, “This girl is pretty good—a good amateur background, and some fights against really good fighters.”  

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As for the tone and pace of the bout, Bosques (l) said of Fernandez (r), “She could be a threat but I don’t think she’ll be able to have a lot of power. She likes to box around. She’s got her feet.” Comparing her own style, Bosques told us:

“When it’s better for me to box, I box. When it’s better to get in their grill, then I get in their grill. That’s what we train for.”

More Concerned with “Facing the Best” Than a Perfectly Groomed Record

One thing is clear about Bosques. She’ll take challenging fights on short notice, and is willing to “face the best.” It’s an approach that affords Bosques the opportunity to travel the world boxing, and make better money than she could sticking to the United States’ weaker women’s boxing scene and obsessing about a perfectly groomed record. She noted, “I give a great show and a great war. That’s why they keep calling me back. So that’s what they want to see.”

The Juarez bout was announced about a month before the scheduled fight date. Bosques, who also trains clients, and is self-represented, makes it her business to stay in shape, allowing her to take fights as they become available. “We’re always training. It’s just a matter of maintaining good conditioning, and we can take it to the next level in a matter of three to four weeks.”

A Tough Crowd

Bosques, who is of Puerto Rican heritage, is expecting a “tough crowd” down in Juarez—the “murder capital of the world”—as she fondly reminded us with a fighter’s sense of pride. It’ll be a big crowd of boxing devotees compared to what a lot of shows in the United States pull.

“It’s insane. It’s insane,” she quipped. “I would say maybe 20,000 people” will be there.

In closing, Bosques expressed gratitude for her fans and sponsors. “I’m glad I have my fans that buy my tickets and my sponsors who support me during training camp—very, very thankful. My family is disappointed because they don’t like their baby girl being punched, but you know I enjoy this regardless, and I train to win.”

“I’m having a great time and I’m doing what I love to do.”