Jamir “Lil Future” Robertson: The Future Looks Bright


Jamir “Lil Future” Robertson: The Future Looks Bright

By Xavier Porter,

Brooklyn, N.Y.

August 16, 2016

To his friends, family, and parents he’s simply Jamir or Mir-Mir: “a good son, a good kid, who loves to box, play football, and video games.” To the boxing world, to current/future sponsors, and to his many fans he’s known as “Lil Future.”

At eleven years old the young Roberson, who hails from Northeast, Pennsylvania, is enjoying life like a child should. From speaking with his father and head trainer Mark, there’s a great understanding of what lies ahead for young Jamir. The focus is to ensure that Jamir enjoys life, the way a child should.

“He’s a kid that just loves to play football and video games,” Robertson’s father said.

“My friends and my wife’s friends have been very supportive. Our son is not a celebrity, he does have the following, but he’s an average 11 year old.”

With an impressive amateur record of 17-5, the elder Robertson continues to ensure that his son works hard to hone and better his boxing ability, as well as to enjoy life, and not lose sight on what he can achieve in the future.

“Training has been going well,” Robertson said, “My son has a love for football also.”

“He loves football and the world is waiting on what he wants to do. As far as the training other kids are watching him and want to follow him. Whether positive and negative, people are focused on beating him.”

Jamir trains daily, works hard in the gym, and is poised for greatness. This is not an understatement. He has trained with great fighters and champions, along with future “Hall of Fame” boxers, namely the great Bernard Hopkins, Andre Ward, and Danny Garcia. Jamir is a student of the game, head of the class, and is learning how to perfect his skills daily.

Lil Future - Focused

“I watch videotapes of fighters with my father,” Jamir said, “I love Roy Jones.”

“I love the excitement that Roy Jones brought to the ring. I also love Bernard Hopkins, Andre Ward, and Danny Garcia for the excitement that they each bring to ring every time.”

“The feeling of being around these great fighters is unreal. Ward showed us things behind the scenes; everything a world champion does leading up to the fight; that’s just as important of the actual fight. Bhop sat down with me and discussed the tricks that he utilizes in the ring: the shoulder roll, where to place your right hand at, and his shotgun jab.

Watching Danny spar has helped me tremendously. He takes the time to sit down and show me certain things; he does a lot of things in sparring that people don’t see. He has a great foundation, a strong base, and he’s fundamentally sound.”

While speaking with young Jamir you quickly understand why others are clamoring at how great this young man can possibly be. Jamir is a student of the game of boxing, he’s learning from the greats of the sport, and just like a sponge he soaks up all the knowledge that’s being given to him.

Young Jamir recently returned from a trip to Las Vegas where he worked out with Floyd Mayweather Sr., sparred with the talented Devin Haney, and also had a match with the son of former super welterweight champion Fernando Vargas.

“Devin Haney is a great role model to follow,” Jamir said, “he’s six years ahead of me and I believe he’ll become a champion.”

“Meeting with Floyd Sr. was a blessing. To work with the mitts with him was even better.

Although Robertson lost his fight with Vargas’ son the vision has not changed. There are goals in place and Roberson is on pace of achieving all he can.

“We went to Vegas for the competition, to get better,” Jamir said.

“I lost my fight. It was a good fight and a learning experience for me. The vision remains the same. We want to become world champions in 8-10 years.”

With the goal of becoming a world champion in mind, the elder Roberson wants to ensure that his son enjoys what he loves the most: boxing and football.

“Since its football season Jamir is working on getting better in this sport,” Roberson said.

“For the summer he’ll continue to train but he will not fight in any tournaments. I don’t want to disappoint him with football. I want everything to be balanced for him.”

Jamir is an inspiration to so many kids around his city and within the country. Jamir’s biggest inspiration comes from his parents and God.

“Next to God my parents inspire me,” Jamir said, “without them I wouldn’t exist.”

“They taught me how to respect everyone, how to be humble, and how to treat others. To anyone that may look up to me I would tell them to believe in their self. Love what you do and stay focused and committed to your goals.”

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