Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller: Brooklyn’s next Heavyweight Champion

By Xavier Porter, Brooklynfights.com

November 29, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y. – December 10 at the Manchester Arena will be a big day for the heavyweight division as four fights are scheduled to take place. The outcomes of these matches will surely prepare the boxing world for bigger to take place in 2017. Watching closely and preparing for his shot at a world title is the current WBO-NABO heavyweight champion Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (18-0, 16 KOs). Miller will be paying close attention to the Andy Ruiz (29-0, 19 KOs) vs Joseph Parker (21-0, 18 KOs) as they battle it out for the vacant WBO heavyweight title. Miller, ranked #1 by the WBO, is next in line for a shot at this title. Miller has his eyes set on the entire the division but he must first take care of business when he gets his opportunity.

“The closest belt I can fight for is the WBO championship belt. I’m the mandatory challenger between the winner of Ruiz and Parker. Right now I’m focused on one goal and that’s fighting for the WBO championship belt. You have to keep your blinders on and focus on one goal. I am zoning on that and sticking to my game plan.”

Also scheduled to fight on this night is the current IBF heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua (17-0, 17 KOs) who will be defending his title against Eric Molina (25-3, 19 KOs) and Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (26-0, 22 KOs) will be taking on David Allen (9-1,-6 KOs).

Miller shared his thoughts on both men as well as the promotion that is taking place behind this fight card.

“A lot of people think Ortiz is a scary fighter. I don’t think so. Eddie Hearn signed him for one reason and that’s to keep him away from Anthony Joshua. He signed him to keep him away from his heavyweights. Hearn is a good promoter, he’s decent, and he makes fights happen. Joshua says he’s going to knock Molina out. I don’t think it will be that easy. Molina is definitely coming to fight and he has a puncher’s chance.”

Miller, the Brooklyn-born heavyweight, has not fought in any venues within the New York City area in his last five fights. Miller’s dream would be to fight for, if not defend his world title, in the city where he began his boxing career. With the current NYSAC regulation that stipulates boxing promoters to meet a $1 million insurance requirement for potential brain injuries during a fight it has caused a standstill for any boxing matches to take place in big or small venues.

Like many others Miller hopes that this regulation is changed soon.

“They need to fix that. Boxing in New York City is dying and they’re killing all the local shows. I hope they change it soon. I’ve been fortunate in my career that a few of my fights haven’t taken place in the city. They’ve taken place in Verona, Seneca, and Rochester, upstate New York on tribal grounds where the laws are different. My dream is to fight at the Barclays Center or at Madison Square Garden. I think fighting at the Barclays Center is realistic.”

Now that I’m ranked I have to look at all my options. I expect to be back in the ring by late January and then a title shot in 4-5 months. I’m working on some really big things. I’m working in silence. As I work things out with Salita Promotions and we work with bigger promoters to get bigger fights we’ll get there. It’s a matter of time. I have a lot to offer as well as Salita Promotions. The main goal is to get to bigger and better things. The opportunity will present itself. I have to be the boss and sit down and take control of my career. Boxing is boxing. You just have to do your homework and stick to your guns.”

Prior to boxing Miller began his fighting career in kickboxing. With the continued growth of UFC Miller feels confident of his continued achievements in boxing and has no desire to transition into mixed-martial arts.

“I thought about fighting in MMA. Where’s I’m at in my career, right now, I don’t see need to. I feel like MMA has too many restrictions on it. They don’t allow you to be your own boss. Conor McGregor has taken over MMA because he has his whole country behind him and supporting him. I get it and I understand it but for a fighter like me with my complexion it would be much harder to do that. For instance, Jon Jones was at the top of MMA for a long time. I feel like with some of the issues he was having Dana White should have taken the time to help Jon Jones; instead, they just put him back in the ring. I feel like that sport needs to help their fighters when they go through difficulties in life.”

The heavyweight division is open and looking for that next dominant force. Miller has eyes on filling that void and becoming a household name in the sport and hopes to continue to excite the fights fans each time he’s in the ring. Big Baby is ready.

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