Keith Thurman vs Danny Garcia: Please Do It Again

By Xavier Porter,

March 8, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. –

12 Rounds – WBC & WBA Unification Welterweight Championship

Danny Garcia, Philadelphia, PA (33-0, 19 KOs) vs Keith Thurman, Clearwater, FL (27-0, 22 KOs)

The welterweight unification championship fight between Keith “One Time” Thurman and Danny “Swift” Garcia was well received by the fans in attendance and the many people at home who were able to watch this live broadcast on CBS Sports. The result of the fight differed from many people’s opinion as Thurman was awarded the victory, winning in split-decision fashion 116-112 (Thurman), 115-113 (Thurman) and 115-113 (Garcia). With the win Thurman remains undefeated (28-0, 22 KOs) and is now the unified WBA, WBC welterweight champion.

The main event saw both men using their boxing ability to land their punches and set up counter shots. Thurman began the fight landing a powerful right hand. Thurman continued to use his athleticism, bouncing in and out of range, while continually to land well placed right hands and left hooks. Thurman made the fight very difficult for Garcia (33-1, 19 KOs) who seemed frustrated at the constant movement of Thurman. Garcia fought well, landed good shots of his own and to the many fans in attendance appeared to have won the fight.

photo courtesy of William Thomas for

photo courtesy of William Thomas for

Both men shared their thoughts and feelings on the well-contested fight:

Keith Thurman – WBA, WBC unified welterweight champion

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for

“Danny was well-grounded and he had some awkward head movements. Danny came to fight. He’s a world class fighter. We just had to make adjustments. There might have been one left hook to the body that he landed that I felt. But we know how to endure these punches. This isn’t just about out-boxing an opponent; you have to take a punch too.”

“You’re not just fighting your opponent sometimes, you’re fighting the judges. They have their own perspective. I know I was backing up and being defensive, I feel like a lot of Danny’s power punches were ineffective. My defense was effective – he wasn’t landing. I was controlling the fight from the outside. There were some rounds that I was dominating. I thought out-boxed him. I thought it was a clear victory. I knew that I had pulled ahead. We felt like we definitely earned the victory tonight.”

“I knew that today would be the day I accomplish my dreams. People know I fought my way up the amateurs. This was the first time I fought a real undefeated fighter and I demonstrated my skills tonight. I made my team proud. This is my dream coming true. Ben Getty believed in me before I knew that I had the ability to become a champion. He said that I was destined for greatness. He made me dedicate myself to the sport of boxing.”

Danny Garcia – former WBC welterweight champion

“It was a tough fight. I thought I came back strong. I thought I won the fight. It was close, but I thought I did enough to win. It is what it is. I can’t cry over anything, I’ll come back strong like a true champion. I would love to have a rematch to get my titles back.”

“I knew running would be his game plan. Everyone knew that was his game plan. I thought I won and that’s it. I came up short tonight. I thought I was the aggressor. I thought I pushed the pace.  But it didn’t go my way. I thought I won and I was pushing the fight. But it is what it is. He was trying to counter. I had to wait to find my spots.”

With the loss came anger as Angel Garcia said (father and trainer of Danny Garcia) expressed that he wanted his son to retire, stating “I’m not up here to be a sore loser but Keith ran half the fight. Boxing is about hitting, not running. Danny tried to be the aggressor, but Keith was moving around too much.”

12 Rounds – WBC Eliminator Super Welterweights

Co-Main Event

Erickson Lubin, Orlando, FL (17-0, 12 KOs) vs Jorge Cota, Sinaloa, Mexico (23-1, 20 KOs)

Lubin, facing the toughest opposition within is young career, seemed to have minor difficulty adjusting to the size difference as his opponent Cota was much taller and had a longer reach. During the first and second rounds Lubin remained calm and continued to pick his spots by landing his quick right jab. During the third round Lubin began to put together quick combinations as he pressed Cota to the ropes. Lubin found the range for his powerful left hand and took his time to deliver knockout punch in the fourth. Lubin fainted, dropped to his knees, and when he rose up he threw a powerful left hand that connected to the chin of Cota who immediately went down from the force of the punch. Cota got up to beat the count of ten but he his legs were unsteady and the referee called the fight off at 1:25 of round four, with Lubin winning by TKO.

Lubin shared his thoughts on his performance:

photo courtesy of Tom Casino/Showtime

photo courtesy of Tom Casino/Showtime

“I baited him with the jab. I put my hands down to bait him in, I did a squat and then it was night-night. I landed that overhand left and it was night-night. I was ready to follow-up with a right but he was already out.”

photo courtesy of Tom Casino/Showtime

photo courtesy of Tom Casino/Showtime

“This is my second time knocking someone out in front of Ray Leonard. He’s one of my favorite fighters of all time.  It’s an honor to do this on CBS. I knew he was going to come with the big shots early. I put a few tricks on him.”

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for

“I’m ready for my shot at a world title. I am the mandatory challenger for the winner between the WBC super welterweight title fight between Jermell Charlo vs Charles Hatley. It was would mean a lot to me to become the youngest world champion in boxing. It would mean lot to Orlando, Florida.”

4 Rounds – Welterweights

Richardson Hitchins, Brooklyn, NY (Pro Debut) vs Mario Perez, Baja Calafornia, Mexico (1-0)

Hitchins, making his first appearance back in the Barclays Center since winning his NY Daily News Golden Gloves win and fighting in the 2016 Rio Olympics dispatched of his opponent, quickly scoring a first round TKO. The newly signed fighter to Mayweather Promotions was escorted to the ring by none other than 50 Cent, a friend and confidant to Floyd Mayweather. Hitchins shined when the lights were on him and he’s 50 Cent, a friend and confidant to Floyd Mayweather eager to get back into the ring as soon as possible.

8 Rounds – Welterweights

Sergey Lipinets, Beverly Hills, CA (11-0, 9 KOs) vs Clarence Booth, St. Petersburg, FL (14-2, 7 KOs)

Booth, who trained within Keith Thurman’s sparring camp before his championship fight against Danny Garcia, was overmatched against the strong Kazakh Lipinets. From the opening bell Lipinets came forward and was aggressive with his pressuring attack to both the head and body of Booth. As Booth tried to box and outslick Lipinets he found himself steady on his back foot throughout the entire fight. In the seventh round Lipinets knocked down Booth with a strong right hand. Booth seemed to have recovered from the blow but once he beat the count he was pressured to the ropes. Lipinets, with a nonstop barrage of punches, made sure to not give his opponent a chance to fully recover. The fight was stopped at 1:33 with Lipinets winning by TKO. Although the fight was fought above the super lightweight limit of 140lb the former kickboxer is now ranked as the number one challenger within the IBF at super lightweight.

Both men shared their thoughts on the fight:

Sergey Lipinets

“It’s an honor to be on a show like this. I’m not a fluke. Ever since I’ve fought professionally I’ve only fought tough opponents.”

“We had a short camp for this fight so it took me a little while to relax. Once I got loose I did what I wanted to do. I had him hurt. He could have kept going but he would have just gotten hurt more. He’s better off this way and can fight again.”

“I’m the mandatory for the IBF title. I’m going to wait for my shot and from then on we’ll just see who is willing to fight us. I’m still developing my style. I want to please the crowd.”

Clarence Booth

“I thought it was an early decision. I was alright. He got me with a decent shot. But I was fine when he came rushing at me.”

“I thought I was in the fight. He’s a strong guy, but he didn’t really hurt me. I thought I was right there with him.”

10 Rounds – Cruiserweights

Andrzej Fonfara, Chicago, IL (28-4, 16 KOs) vs Chad Dawson, New Haven, CT (34-4, 19 KOs)

In a hard fought battle with both fighters’ careers on the line it was Fonfara who came away with victory, scoring a 10th round TKO stoppage of the former WBC, Ring, Lineal light heavyweight champion Dawson. Dawson showed signs of boxing skill and ability which won him the world championship as he out-boxed and counter-punched Fonfara all throughout fight. Dawson was steady on his feet, often landing punches from different angles. Fonfara showed signs of frustration as he followed Dawson all around the ring. In the eighth round Fonfara’s pressure became apparent as he pressed Dawson to the ropes, landing combinations at will. In round 9 Fonfara landed a left hook, which appeared to land on the top of Dawson’s head. Dawson complained of the blow but was given a 10-count to recover. It was clear on after that Dawson was having difficulty handling Fonfara’s pressure. As the tenth round began Fonfara ran across the ring, landed a hard jab followed behind a crushing right hand that pushed Dawson back into the corner. Fonfara continued and never let up his punch output as the referee stepped in to stop the onslaught of punches that Dawson was taking. The fight was stopped at 30 seconds of Round 10.

Both men share their thoughts on the fight:

Andrezej Fonfara

“I hit him with a left hook to the side of the head. Once I hit him with that, I knew that I had him hurt. Chad Dawson has had a great career and gotten some huge wins. That definitely helped him tonight, but he didn’t do anything to surprise me and he never hurt me.”

“I hope that this will put me in a position to either fight Adonis Stevenson or Joe Smith again. I think that both of those fights would be really good rematches for me. I knew after my loss to Smith that a lot of people had come out to see me. Some people were disheartened with that loss but I know a lot of people made the trip to see me again tonight.”

“I just want to thank all of my fans back from Chicago and here in New York, and I can’t wait to come back even stronger.”

Chad Dawson

“I knew I was winning the fight. I didn’t agree with the stoppage. The knockdown was a push also but he caught me on my way down. I have nothing to hang my head about.”

“I was comfortable the whole fight. I think I did a lot to confuse him. He didn’t expect me to box the way I did. I put on a good performance until the stoppage. I knew I was ahead.”

“I think I’m leaning towards retirement. I’ve had a good career. I have nothing to be ashamed of.”

8 Rounds – WBC International Featherweight Championship

Heather Hardy, Brooklyn, NY (18-0, 4 KOs) vs Edina Kiss, Budapest, Hungary (13-2, 8 KOs)

In the first bout of the night Hardy and Kiss fought a hard eight rounds but it was Hardy who came away with the unanimous victory. Hardy maintained her composure, used her jab throughout the fight, keeping Kiss from trying to advance and land an attack of her own. After the first two rounds the fight began to heat up as both women landed great counterpunches with Hardy appearing to get the better of her opponent. The fight continued in this pace with Hardy using phenomenal footwork and boxing around her opponent, keeping her in the middle of the ring mostly throughout the fight. Hardy continued to pepper Kiss with hand jab followed behind with straight right hands. Hardy won on all three judges’ score cards while capturing the WBC International featherweight championship.

The welterweight unification championship fight between Keith “One Time” Thurman and Danny “Swift” Garcia was only the third time in history that undefeated fighters unified the 147-pound division. The total amount of people in attendance was 16,533. Now the question asked is how will Showtime Boxing, Barclays Center, Premier Boxing Champions, and Dibella Entertainment top this magnificent feat? For starters, on April 22, 2017, there will be a featured welterweight showdown between former world champions. Former 3x-welterweight world champion Andre Berto (31-4, 24 KOs) will be going against former welterweight world champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter (26-2, 16 KOs) in a 12-round bout. Both men know each very well as well as both trainers (Virgil Hunter, trainer for Andre Berto), (Kenny Porter, father and trainer for Shawn Porter).

"Showtime" Shawn Porter vs Andre Berto

“Showtime” Shawn Porter vs Andre Berto

Showtime Boxing, Barclays Center, Premier Boxing Champions, and Dibella Entertainment has also expanded and will be showcasing action-packed fights at the newly designed Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The coliseum is set to open on April 5, 2017. In association with Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment venues, Barclays Center and Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum will be the sites for select Premier Boxing Champions Series (PBC) events in 2017.

2017 has started off being a successful year for Showtime Boxing, Barclays Center, Premier Boxing Champions, and Dibella Entertainment. With more great fights cards scheduled to take place in New York City the hope is that this pace can continue without any interference or outside distractions (NYSAC).

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