King’s Boxing and Promotions: The House Always Wins

By Frank Bartolini (featured contributor)

August 22, 2017

Philadelphia, PA (The Sugar House Casino) –

Just a few weeks past his high school graduation in July of last year Christian Carto blasted into the pro ranks by finishing off his adversary inside the distance. Not much past a year since then Carto, now a Rowan College student, headlined a ten-bout fight card promoted by King’s Promotions. Taking out all ten of his previous rivals before the gong of the final bell rang, Carto entertained a packed house at Philly’s hottest boxing hall, whooping Philip Adyaka, St Paul. Minn., into submission just two minutes and forty-three seconds into the second. Having his way from the onset Carto (118.75lb) had Adyaka (118.75) merely surviving seconds into the battle. Quick combos to the head mixed in with blows to his adversary’s body.

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Carto outclassed Adyaka. Staggered by yet absorbing another salvo to his head, Adyako saw Referee Gary Rosato jump in to halt the action as Carto moved in for the kill with seventeen seconds to go in round two of a scheduled six. Prior to the start, the audience jumped out of their chairs like bottle rockets when hearing Carto’s introduction. Adored by the “City of Brotherly Love” the charismatic Carto, had the faithful release a roar of approval, before he threw a punch. Starching each opponent he’s faced Carto stays perfect at (11-0, 11 KOs). Having ice placed on his swollen right eye Adyako is now (7-10, 4 KOs).

photo courtesy of Daryl J. Cobb Photography

photo courtesy of Daryl J. Cobb Photography

King’s Promotions CEO Marshall Kaufman, is the hardest working and most prolific promoter in the nation, known for putting nothing but top-quality talent on his shows and headliners. The fact that merely nineteen years old Carto was showcased on the top, only goes to show his potential star power. Plus, a rumor that proved to be true circulated that nationally renowned New York based promoter DiBella Entertainment sent a representative to woo Carto. With the proper handling and maneuvering, the matinee idol Carto, nowadays sporting blonde locks can achieve great success. Right now, Carto looks like he does financially well from tee shirts sales and the numerous sponsors on his sparkled trunks.

Flying under the radar native Philadelphian, Brandon Robinson (166.5lb) won his fifth straight since losing his pro debut. Robinson turned pro last October and was stopped in three but that altercation was contested at cruiserweight. Since then the twenty-nine-year-old Robinson has scaled down to super middleweight and looks fierce. No doubt Shane Pearson, Statesville NC, came to fight. Early in round two Pearson (166.75lb) was rocked by a left hook to his chin. Wasting no time Robinson cornered Pearson and pounded away. Crumbling to the canvas from a bombardment of Robinson missile fists, Pearson was saved by from any further punishment when the referee Blair Talmadge stop it twenty seconds into the stanza. Robinson is now (5-1, 4 KOs). Pearson dips to (2-2, 2 KOs).

One a year ago, the Sugar House Casino held its first inaugural boxing event, with a full capacity crowd in all seven boxing mixers since. King’s Promotions has been a part of that success, having sold out all three fight nights at this locale venue, which can hold close to twelve hundred fans. King’s Boxing and Promotions and the Sugar House Casino appear to be a winning combination with more events scheduled to take place in the future.

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