Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson: On the cusp of greatness

By Xavier Porter, Brooklynfights.com

August 16, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y.

At sixteen years old of age Lorenzo Simpson in on the cusp of becoming the greatest amateur boxer in the history of the United States. The 9x National Champion possesses an impressive record of 161-2.

Simpson has won the National Silver gloves a total of six times and now a Junior Olympic gold medal. Simpson is on the path to becoming the most decorated amateur boxer in the history of USA boxing with the ultimate goal of fighting in the Olympics for a gold medal in 2020.

“I’m getting ready to enter the 11th grade,” Simpson said.

“In November I will be transferring schools to Colorado to further my education and training. I’m going into the Golden Gloves in Baltimore. That starts in April of 2017. In the meantime I’ll be traveling with the USA Junior Youth Olympic Team. I’ll still be able to stay active and stay busy.”

Lorenzo Truck Simpson - Future Champion

Simpson, known to his friends and family as “Truck”, understands the importance of what lies ahead on his journey to becoming a great boxer.

“My team and my family make sure I stay out of trouble,” Simpson said.

“My focus is staying in the gym and staying ready for my next opponent. Everyone helps to keep me on the straight and narrow. My focus is to become great. I can’t risk everything I’ve worked hard for something that’s not going to benefit me and my family.”

Simpson credits his family and team on ensuring that he stays focused on his goals.

“I’d like to thank my mother and my stepdad for always being there for me,” Simpson said.

“My family supports me and I want to make them proud. I’d like to thank my team and my coaches (Calvin Ford and Kenny Ellis) for helping me to stay prepared and ready for each opponent I face. I would also like to thank the city of Baltimore for their continued support. I’ll continue to fight for them all. Rest in peace to Lor Scoota.”

With a great team and strong family foundation in place Simpson will undoubtedly achieve greatness within the sport of boxing. The best has yet to come from this young man.

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Instagram: @Lorenzo_Simpson

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