Mayweather Promotions: We’re Taking Over (Abso*******lutely)


Mayweather Promotions: We’re Taking Over (Abso*******lutely)

By Xavier Porter,

January 18, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. – This past Saturday night, at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Mayweather Promotions matched two of their best fighters within their stable as WBC super-middleweight champion Badou Jack faced IBF super-middleweight champion James DeGale in a unification title fight and twenty-two year old Gervonta Davis challenged Jose Pedraza for his IBF 130lb title.

While Jack and DeGale battled to a 12-round draw Davis knocked out his opponent to claim his first world championship. Both Davis and Jack looked impressive in their respective fights. Jack, who suffered an early flash knockdown in first round, quickly rose to his feet and began to breakdown the elusive DeGale with a constant attack to the body. Jack landed a total of 745 to DeGale’s 617 and eventually returned the favor by knocking down DeGale in the twelfth round. DeGale beat the count but was extremely exhausted and managed to clinch to last the remainder of the fight. The bout was scored 114-112 (DeGale) and 113-113 twice.

Upset and angered by the decision Floyd Mayweather (President of Mayweather Promotions) shared his thoughts about the fight.

photo courtesy of Xavier Porter for

photo courtesy of Xavier Porter for

“Of course we feel that Badou Jack won his fight. Everyone saw the fight. Badou, I’m proud of you and we plan to build you up to 175.”

“The judges scored this fight wrong. DeGale was fighting in spurts while Badou was landing so many body shots. I’m proud of James DeGale. He’s a hell of a fighter. Do I want to promote him? Do I want to sign and make him a mega star in the UK under the Mayweather Promotions banner? Absolutely! But I’m fair and I have to be honest in saying that he lost this fight.”

“All we want is to be treated fair. Just treat us fair. That’s all I ask. Are you‘ll treating my fighters like this because of me”; because of my career, because I was outspoken as a fighter? This is not right for boxing.”

Mayweather also expressed how pleased he was with the sensational seventh round knockout that Davis scored against Pedraza.

photo courtesy of Xavier Porter for

photo courtesy of Xavier Porter for

“For this fight I wanted him to go back to the drawing board and work with who he started with in the beginning, his trainer. Then when he got in there for the big dance it was a test for him. He asked for this fight. He’s hungry. We took him to the doghouse. He has seen so many different styles. He was a showman tonight.”

“This is a business and its entertainment. We knew tonight was going to be good night but it was a great night. Both he and Jack are going to get a bonus because we love our fighters and that’s what we do at Mayweather Promotions. To see what Tank did in 16 fights, imagine what he’ll do in 10 more fights. There’s no rush to have him fight all these fighters. Tank has people on his team who generally love him. He’s the champion; he’ll take his time and fight the right fights.”

Overall, for their first promoted fight card in the New York City Mayweather Promotions did very well. With a total attendance of 10,128 on fight and millions watching from around the world Mayweather Promotions is pleased with the results of their first promoted fight in New York City.

Floyd Mayweather (President of Mayweather Promotions)

“We’re very pleased with the results of first promoted fight in New York City. I did my job as a fighter. Now it’s time to take these next fighters to another level. That’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to give back to the sport. There are stages. You have to master one stage and move to the next. You fight on television, then a cable network, then PPV. It’s about putting asses in seats.”

“At Mayweather Promotions we generally care about our fighters. Whatever is going to help these fighters get to the next level we’re here to do it. We need more people in boxing that truly cares about the fighter. We are here to stay. We’re building our fighters. We’re trying to build a boxing gym in NYC and all around the world. It’s a process, nothing happens overnight.”

Leonard Ellerbe (CEO of Mayweather Promotions)

“We’re taking over boxing. We’re open to working with all promoters to make the best fights.”

Along with DiBella Entertainment, Mayweather Promotions has established a great working relationship with both Showtime Boxing and the Barclays Center. Mayweather Promotions has positioned itself to be a main stay within the New York City area. We can only expect more great fight cards promoted by both boxing promotional companies.


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