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By Xavier Porter,

January 21, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Mayweather Promotions, along with Dibella Entertainment, and Showtime put together a spectacular fight card last Saturday night that featured great back and forth action, sensational knockouts, and left fights fans anticipating the feeling of wanting. With a total of 10,128 fans in attendance hopefully we’ll get to see a Mayweather Promotions card featured at the Barclays Center as often as possible.

WBC/IBF Super Middleweight Unification Championship

Badou Jack, Stockholm, Sweden (20-1, 12 KOs) vs James DeGale, Harlesdon, England (23-1, 14 KOs)

In a battle of the No. 1 and No. 2-ranked super middleweights in the world Jack and Degale fought to a 12-round majority draw in the main event. The bout was scored 114-112 (DeGale) and 113-113 twice, and the only clear winner was the sport of boxing and its fans. DeGale scored an early flash knockdown against Jack in the first round. As fought on angles, bouncing in and out Jack closed the distance throughout the remainder of the fight, landing powerful body shots. Jack returned the favor and knocked down DeGale in the twelfth round.

Badou Jack

“I thought I won the fight. I finished stronger,” Jack said.

“His knockdown was a flash knockdown. I won the fight. He was doing a lot of running. He was throwing a lot of shit at my guard.

James DeGale

“I’ve got huge respect for this man, but I thought I won that”, DeGale said.

“I landed the cleanest shots. Let’s do it again. Let’s do it again in London. I respect him. He’s a good, all-around fighter. Let’s go again.”

Floyd Mayweather (President of Mayweather Promotions)

“All we want to be is treated fair. Just treat us fair. That’s all I ask. Are you‘ll treating my fighters like this because of me”; because of my career, because I was outspoken as a fighter? This is not right for boxing.”

“James DeGale is a hell of a fighter. Do I want to promote him? Do I want to sign? Absolutely but I’m fair.”

Showtime Boxing

IBF Junior Lightweight Championship – 12 rounds

Jose Pedraza (Caguas, Puerto Rico) 22-0, 12 KOs vs Gervonta Davis (Baltimore, MD) 16-0, 15 KOs

The twenty-two year old Davis scored a sensational knockout against Pedraza at 2:37 in the seventh round. Davis went on the attack early, landing power punches from all angles. The former champion Pedraza tried his best to out muscle Davis but his strategy failed and played right into the game plan of Davis. With the crowd screaming “Bmore, Bmore” Davis closed the show in thunderous fashion.

Gervonta Davis

“I’ve had experience, I was telling you all that and you didn’t believe it,” said Davis.

“In this camp, I studied ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd, not ‘Money. I learned to stay composed. I caught him one time in the body and he backed up. My team told me to go back to the body. My team told me to stay under control and go back to the body.”

“I did the hard work, and us coming out on top. It felt great to go in there in front of my fans and take boxing more seriously. I want to thank Floyd Mayweather, Leonard Ellerbe, Al Haymon, my hometown support and my team. It means a lot to win this world title.”

Jose Pedraza

“I am okay. My strategy was to fight him from a distance and try to fight him inside to lose some of the power and it didn’t work that way. At the end, I was trying to put on too much pressure and it didn’t work.

“There was a moment that I adjusted to the game plan and something was telling me to come out and fight him and it didn’t work. There is no excuse, I was at 135 and coming down to accept the fight wasn’t the right move.”

Floyd Mayweather (President of Mayweather Promotions)

“For this training camp, I didn’t want to be around him. I didn’t want to talk to him. I wanted him to focus so he could go out and be right. Is this the future of boxing? Abso-f***-lutely.”

Welterweights – 6 rounds

Julian Sosa, Brooklyn, N.Y. (6-0, 2 KOs) vs Gabriel Solario, Seattle, WA (2-2-1)

The young Brooklyn talent, in front of his large Mexican fan base maintained a balanced attack to defeat his opponent. Sosa, often compared to being a young Canelo Alvarez, continues to show great progression with each fight.

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

Julian Sosa

“It was a good fight. My opponent was tough and he came to win. I stuck to my plan and landed more effective shots. I controlled the pace. I feel great and I’m hoping to come back and fight in the Barclays Center very soon.”

Showtime Extreme

WBO Female Junior Featherweight Championship – 10 Rounds

Amanda Serrano, Brooklyn, N.Y. (30-1, 23 KOs) vs Yasmin Rivas, Torreon, Mexico (35-9, 10 KOs)

In a classic matchup Puerto Rico vs Mexico both fighters stood toe-to-toe trading, punches from the beginning of the fight to the very end. Serrano won the hard fought fight with a unanimous decision (97-93, 98-93, 99-91). With the win Serrano retained her WBO super-bantamweight championship while also winning the WBC super-bantamweight diamond belt.

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

Amanda Serrano

“Most people question as to why the change in my style. I’m a fighter who can box if I need too. I showed both my power and my skills. I was glad to get 10-rounds in and I hope the fans enjoyed the fight.

“Somewhere in the first few rounds I hurt my hand. It’s broken but I needed to switch to make sure it wasn’t. I did my job. I took advantage of the opportunity that was given to me. We wanted the knockout but she’s definitely a really good fighter”

“This was a five star fight with two top fighters. For the ones who wanted to know what I was really made off I hope I answered your question.”

Yasmin Rivas

“It was an excellent fight. I followed all of the instructions from my corner and I believe that I won. I think the last round was very close, but I think I did well in all the rounds.

“My face is clean the only mark is from a head butt. It happened early in the fight.”

“I knew everything was against me and to win I had to knock her out. Unfortunately it didn’t happen today. I believe that after this fight, women will have more opportunities to show their skills on television.”

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

Vacant WBC Silver Middleweight Championship – 10 Rounds

Ivegen Kuytrov, Brooklyn, NY (14-0, 12 KOs) vs Immanuel Aleem, Richmond, VA (16-0, 9 KOs)

In a battle of young hungry lions that showcased great back and forth power-punching it was Aleem who remained undefeated, capturing the vacant WBC silver middleweight championship, while stopping Kuytrov with a thrilling sixth round TKO. As the fans in attendance cheered both men during the heavy exchanges it was Aleem who remained focused, poised, and stuck to his guns while knocking down Kutrov with a thunderous left hook. Aleem, while on the ropes in round six, appeared to have been hurt by the power punches of Kuytrov. He immediately turned the tide and returned power shots of his own, knocking down Kuytrov. The fight was called after Kuytrov continued to take several right hands and appeared defenseless.

Immanuel Aleem – WBC Silver Middleweight Champion

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo credit Marilyn Paulino

photo credit Marilyn Paulino

“I stayed focused in there. They told us that he would throw a lot of punches. My power was strong early, but I let him gain some confidence after the first round. It took a little while to get into a rhythm. We wanted to touch him and move before we started to sneak something in. He started relaxing a little bit so I wanted to take advantage.

“He caught me a little bit, but only because I allowed him. Once I saw the opportunity, I caught him and knew he was going down. With a fighter who has a resume like that, I knew I couldn’t give him a second chance. I had to finish him off for sure.”

“I’m not scared of any fighter. We want the best out there. Facing the best will only bring the best out of me.”

Welterweights – 8 Rounds

Thomas Dulorme, Carolina, Puerto Rico (23-2, 15 KOs) vs Brian Jones, Los Aangeles, CA (13-6, 7 KOs)  

The recent signee to Mayweather Promotions took care of business and scored a sixth round TKO over his opponent. Dulorme has his sights on challenging for world title before the end of this year. A91H0481-1 A91H0522-1

Heavyweights – 8/10 Rounds

Adam Kownacki, Brooklyn, N.Y. (14-0, 11 KOs) vs Joshua Tufte, Kernersville, NC (19-1, 10 KOs)

“Baby Face” Kownacki, in front of many of the Polish fans dispatched his opponent, quickly scoring a TKO in the second round.

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

Welterweights: 6 Rounds

Noel Murphy, Woodlawn, N.Y. (7-0, 2 KOs) vs Maxito Sainvil, Nyack, N.Y. (4-0, 2 KOs)

A battle of young prospects Irish Murphy defeated the strong Sainvil by unanimous decision 59-55, 60-54 (2x).

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

photo courtesy William Thomas for

Welterweights: 4 Rounds

Kenny Robles, Staten Island, NY (Pro Debut) vs Latorie Woodberry, Roanoke, VA (1-2-1)

Young Ken Robles scored a unanimous decision victory in his first professional fight. Managed by Elvis Grant Phillips and promoted my Mayweather Promotions the 2016 Daily News Golden Gloves winner defeated his opponent by the judges’ score of 40-36, 39-37 (2x).

“I was a little anxious, I had butterflies, but I settled into the fight and remained focused. Elvis Grant (Manager) advised me to just have fun and be me. He believes in me and told me not worry too much about my opponent and to remain focus. I knew I could beat him.”

Ken Robles (1-0)

Ken Robles (1-0)

“Winning my first professional fight at home, at the Barclays Center, under Mayweather Promotions was a great feeling. I am capturing it all in and taking in the victory. It’s a magical feeling and I don’t want the day to end. I can’t wait to do it again.”

“It felt great to get my first victory under my belt at home, at the Barclays Center. Having all my family and friends in attendance I’m going to take some days off, spend time with my family and my son. Next week I’ll be back in the gym.”

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