Mustafa Abdullah: Changing and Saving the lives of inner-city youth

By Xavier Porter,

May 16, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. – “Boxing is the closest sport in the world that mimics real life; to win in life is just like winning in the ring.” – Mustafa Abdullah

Within the United States and abroad communities are plagued with drugs, crime, violence, murder, and death. What continues to take place within the inner-city of communities devastates so many lives and families. Mustafa Abdullah and his organization BOXER,Inc, continues to work hard in teaching the youth of New York City how to live to life in a positive and productive manner. Abdullah and his organization represent “hope” and a true understanding of what life really is about for “inner-city youth.”

“I value life and the lives of our youth. I don’t promote fighting but I promote a person learning about themselves through boxing.”

“To win in life is just like winning in the ring. In life, you have your parents. It’s the same as in boxing where you have your trainers. You’re taught by your parents and given the tools of life; but when you’re in the ring, in the ring of life, you’re by yourself.”

Abdullah, a 2005 New York State Metropolitan amateur champion and a two-time semifinalist in The New York City Golden Gloves tournament, is the Founder & President of BOXER,Inc. He is certified in sports and child nutrition and certified by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention in bullying prevention. He has also coached male and female amateur boxers to the semi-finals of The New York City Golden Gloves.

Abdullah, with an understanding of “what it takes to reach the minds of inner-city youth” believes strongly in the mindset of “paying it forward.” He founded and developed his organization to give children today the same exposure, skills, and opportunities that saved him.

“I started the program in 2013 to teach and help kids to learn about life lessons. Since then I’ve worked with over 100 kids from schools and community centers. I’ve worked with the PAL and we’re working with schools in the Red Hook and Flatbush area of Brooklyn, helping to develop and maintain an after-school program for boxing.

“We’re also in the process of setting up our program to partner with several summer camps throughout the New York City area. We want to build a gateway and relationship with the kids for them to become mentors and to help others around them within the community.”

“The program isn’t solely geared to learn how to box. We teach non-contact drills and we teach the fundamentals of the sport of boxing: learning how to slip punches to maintain your defense. We also teach coordination of the body, as well as aerobics and exercising drills.”

About BOXER, Inc.

BOXER, Inc. is nonprofit youth development program that uses the sport of boxing to build confidence, discipline, self-esteem, respect, and how to live healthy lifestyles, in a safe and productive environment.


To utilize the sport of boxing to empower youth to become champions in life by building healthy lifestyles balanced with physical fitness, self-confidence, emotional steadiness, moral quality and vision.


To cultivate the promise and potential of future leaders encouraging them to adopt healthier lifestyles with physical fitness, healthy eating habits, and smart decision-making to become champions in and out the ring.

The Need We Serve

There are limited outlets available in communities for young people to learn and practice boxing. Most of the gyms in operation cater to paying adults and profit, ignoring the youth that once benefited from local gym programs. Left without constructive recreational options, many young people can become vulnerable to ‘The Streets” turning to gangs, drugs, and other vices.


Free of charge to its members BOXER, Inc. will provide boxing Instructions and mentoring. For the many participants, Boxer, Inc. programs is an organization where young people can express themselves freely; learn fundamental lessons in sportsmanship; hard work and discipline that will help define and build character in individuals.

“My program is based to teach kids the values and discipline of fighting while using these tools for life outside of the ring.”

“Boxing is the closest sport in the world that mimics real life. Outside of the fighting aspect it takes a lot of discipline to get up, train, and to stay in shape. Boxing is a sport that can really teach a kid a lot about themselves.”

“My goal, focus, and determination is to use the sport of boxing to instill positivity within our communities. The youth in our inner-city community need positive support to address what troubles them. My organization is geared to bring awareness to what is taking place with our youth and to bring about positive change.”

Abdullah is making tremendous strides by bridging the gap between the community and inner-city youth. His program, which has received sponsorships from companies such as Under Armour, is continuing its efforts to partner with other donors and sponsorships as well. With continued support, Abdullah will be able to continue to bring awareness to what’s taking place inner-city youth and helping to bring about positive change for these young lives.

“I’m looking to start my program back up the after May. We are always looking for support from the community. I’ve had kids between the ages of 10-12 years old participate in the program but all are welcome.”

For continued support you can follow and contact Abdullah on: