Peltz Boxing, Bam Boxing, Joe Hand Promotions – Three’s a Charm

By Xavier Porter,

October 14, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y.

The great trio of Peltz Boxing, Bam Boxing, and Joe Hand Promotions are continually putting together great fight cards that are filled with lots of action, crowd pleasing support, and fighters who come to fight. In a jam packed 2300 Arena each bout on this fight tonight showcased back and forth action, skill, strategy, and with a spectacular knockout to end the night it is fair to say that this trio knows how to put together fights for the fans. The knockout in itself was the icing on the cake. The team of Peltz Boxing, Bam Boxing, and Joe Hand Promotions are packing the house with each fight card, giving fans in attendance entertaining fights. This fantastic team is currently in the works of putting together match-ups for their next fight card, which taking place the 2300 Arena on December 2.

Bout #1

4 Rounds – Middleweights

Ibrihim Shabazz/Newark, N.J. (2-3-1) vs Fred Jenkins Jr./North Philadelphia (9-3, 3 KOs)

In the first round of this bout we saw Shabazz use his elusiveness and land several clean body shots from the southpaw stance. Jenkins found himself chasing after Shabazz who managed to keep his distance for the most part. In the second round Jenkins began to take control of the fight as he pressured and pounded to the body of Shabazz. Rounds two and three Jenkins continued with his attack, landing combination punches and finishing with left uppercuts. In the fourth round we saw both men give it their all, exchanging power punches as they both landed hooks to the head and body. After four rounds Jenkins was awarded the victory, winning the fight (40-36, 39-37 2x).

photo credit to williamthomasphotography for

photo credit to williamthomasphotography for

Bout #2

4 Rounds – Junior Middleweights

James Robinson/York, PA (4-4-4, 1 KO) vs Isaiah Wise/North Philadelphia (2-0, 2 KOs)

Both men came out swinging and trading power shots throughout the first round, often countering each other effectively. The second round continued in the same fashion with both men increasing their punch output and exchanging power punches on the ropes as well as in the middle of the ring. In the third round Robinson landed clean-effective punches, including a straight right hand that appeared to have broken the nose of Wise. Robinson moved very well, often landing punches from different angles. At the beginning of the fourth round, Wise right after Robinson, quickly down his opponent with a hard right hand followed behind a left hook. Robinson took the standing eight-count and continued to fight on, refusing to go down again from the steady onslaught of Wise. In the end Wise won the slug-fest by a unanimous decision (40-35, 38-37, and 39-36).

Bout #3

6 Rounds – Lightweights

Steven Ortiz/North Philadelphia (4-0) vs Daniel Tran/Oklahoma City, OK (4-5-1, 1 KO)

Ortiz, possessing a height and reach advantage over the shorter Tran did exactly what he was supposed to do: he boxed. Ortiz began the first round meticulously landing and placing his punches, precisely landing sharp jabs and quick check left hooks to the body of Tran. Ortiz began to open up with combination punching, stopping Tran in his tracks as he made attempts to fire back some offense. Ortiz maintained his strategy, picked his shots, landing to the head cleanly. In the second round Ortiz continued to let his hands go and was able to defeat his opponent after landing a series of hard blows to the head of Tran. The fight was called at 2:20 of the second round with Ortiz winning by technical knockout. With many friends and family in attendance Ortiz gave his supporters a knockout to see.

Bout #4

4 Rounds – Welterweights

Kevin Womack/Baltimore, MD (7-12-3, 5 KOs) vs Hasan Young/Germantown, PA. (5-1, 1, 2 KOs)

The awkward Womack gave Young all he could handle but in the end it was Young who remained focused, stuck behind his game plan, and came away with the hard fought decision. In the first round Young landed several right hands over the low left hand of the taller and lanky Womack. Young’s pressure attack with landing body shots in both rounds two and three kept Womack busy trying to tie his opponent’s arms up. In round four Young maintained his relentless attack and landed two thunderous left hooks that appeared to wake up Womack who in turn began to pick up punch output. Young won the bout via unanimous decision (39-37, 40-36 2x).

Bout #5

6 Rounds – Lightweights

Anthony Burgin/North Philadelphia (9-2, 2 KOs) vs Gerald Smith/North Philadelphia (3-2)

In the first round of the Burgin seemed to have full control and was his game plan was set on how he was ready to defeat his opponent. Burgin began the fight by landing a powerful overhand right. The taller Burgin utilized his reach, landing shots from the outside, keeping his distance from the shorter Smith. In the second round Burgin landed punches from all different angles, from both the orthodox and southpaw stance. Burgin opened a nasty cut over the left eye of Smith. In the third round Burgin maintained a steady pace, landing cleanly as both men exchanged punches on the inside. Rounds four and five we seen the pace slow a bit but both fighters continued to fight on the inside. In the sixth and final round Burgin had just enough left in the tank to control the fight and the scrappy Smith, winning the fight by unanimous decision (58-56, 60-54 2x).

Bout #6

6 Rounds – Lightweights

Victor Vasquez/North Philadelphia (19-11, 9 KOs) vs Osnel Charles/Atlantic City, N.J. (10-15-1, 1 KO)

With a well-documented history between the two evenly matched fighters the fight picked up from where they left off at in their last fight: trying to knock each other out. Both Vasquez and Charles came forward and began to land shots with bad intentions. In the second round the action picked up and both men exchanged power shots with Vasquez appearing to get the better of the exchanges. Cut above the left eye Charles began the third using his double left jab and then coming under the guard of Vaquez with left uppercuts. Vasquez maintained his composure from the early attack of Charles, forced his opponent to the ropes, and then let off a series of combination punches to the head of Charles. As they stood in the middle of the ring both fighters taunted one another and pressed on with their on strategic attack. In the beginning of the fourth round Vasquez again continued with combination punching while Charles returned fire of his own. By the fifth round it was apparent that neither man was going to let up and give the other an inch over them. The fifth round continued with the same pace as the four rounds before it. In the beginning of the sixth round both fighters exchanged left hooks in the middle of the ring. After the exchange Charles took a different approach as he was patient, picked his shots, and landed cleanly. Vasquez did his best in trying to create a last exchange with his opponent. Vasquez pulled off the tough win, scoring a unanimous win by (59-55 2x, 58-56).

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Bout #7

8 Rounds – Junior Lightweights

Tevin “The American Idol” Farmer/Vineland, N.J. (22-4, 5 KOs) vs Orlando Rizo/Managua, Nicaragua (19-7, 11 KOs)

With tons of crowd support it was clear early who the fans came to see. The hometown favorite boxed superbly and showed brilliance in the ring, landing at will and using his great defense to outsmart and out thwart his fellow southpaw opponent. The first round began with both men feeling each other out and checking for distance, looking to see where they could land their shots. In the second round the pace of the fight picked up as Farmer began to pinpoint exactly where he wanted to land. With phenomenal head movement and tremendous footwork Farmer was untouchable in this round. At the start of the third round Farmer again pressed his attack, landing at will. Rizo fought off his back foot for most of the round, trying his best trade shots with the quick Farmer. Rizo’s punches often missed his opponent throughout the entire fight and by the beginning of the fourth you can see the frustration building up in his face. In the fourth round Farmer was deducted a point for a low blow which was to the dismay of the many fans in attendance. In the fifth and sixth rounds Farmer continued to land punches at will. During exchanges Rizo pressed Farmer to the ropes and landed couple of glancing left hands. Farmer maintained his distance and defense while he pot-shot Rizo from the outside with jabs to the face and body. Rounds seven and eight were no different with the exception of Farmer being deducted another point for a low blow that again had the crowd yell in dismay. Farmer did what he needed to do and that was box well without putting himself in harm’s way, pulling off a fantastic unanimous decision win (77-73, 78-72 2x). The gifted Farmer will be right back in the ring on December 2 at the 2300 Arena to again showcase his talents to his fans and boxing fans of the city of Philadelphia.

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Bout #8 – Main Event

8 Rounds – Junior Middleweights

Ismael Garcia/Vineland, N.J. (10-0-1, 4 KOs) vs Tyrone Brunson/North Philadelphia (23-6-1, 22 KOs)

The first round of this chess match was a feel out round as both men made adjustments to counter each other’s style. The fight continued to be a chess match until the beginning of the eighth round where Brunson landed a strong left hand that stunned Garcia. Brunson pressed the action throughout the last and final round. The bout was ruled a draw with the judges scoring the fight 78-74 Garcia, 78-74 Brunson, 76-76 even).

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Bout #9

8 Rounds – Junior Welterweights

Jose Aaron Herrera/Vallodolid, Mexico (21-5-1, 12 KOs) vs Mike “Yes Indeed” Reed/Baltimore, MD (19-0, 11 KOs)

In what may be the fight of the night Top Rank Boxing’s Reed gave the fans in attendance what they came to see and that was a display of pure skill, power, effective punching, ring generalship, and a knockout to end the fight. The Washington D.C. native began the last fight of the night with many fans chanting and cheering him on as he walked to the ring. With the many fans that made their way from Washington D.C., Reed made sure to look impressive in front in completely dominating his opponent Herrera. The southpaw Reed landed his right jab straight left hand to the head, face, and body of the tough Herrera in each round. The young D.C. southpaw was precise when landing power shots. Reed picked a part Herrera in each round and then changed the pace of the fight, beginning in the fourth round, where he began to break down the hard-fighting Mexican. Reed was relentless, landing thunderous left uppercuts to the stomach and lower torso of Herrera. Herrera refused to go down simply off of head shots and paid the price. Towards the end of the sixth round Reed landed a three punch combination, starting with a right jab to the face of Herrera, followed by a straight left hand to the Herrera, and then a beautifully placed left uppercut to the stomach of Herrera. Herrera quickly keeled over, began to take the count from the referee, and then regurgitated what appeared to be blood on the ring apron. The fight was called at 3:00 of the end of the sixth as Herrera could not continue. With his many hometown fans screaming and chanting “MIKE REED! MIKE MIKE REED!” the knockout came at the best time for Reed.

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“He was tough,” Reed said, “I did what I had to do to get him out of there.”

“My Dad said take your time, the knockout will come. I’m ready to fight again this year. I want to have another fight before the year is over. I will talk it over with my team and see what’s next.”

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