Regis Prograis – A wolf on the hunt

By Xavier Porter,

October 18, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y.

The 140 pound division continues to be one of most exciting divisions in boxing today. The division is deep and rich with talent. There are many fights expected to be made that will transcend a fighter’s career and state their claim within the history books.

Training and working hard towards his opportunity for championship glory lays a fighter who is no longer a prospect, but a threatening contender that possesses extreme punching power, can land fluid combinations, and has a passion in becoming one of the best boxers in the sport. His name is Regis Prograis.

“I’m coming for everybody,” Prograis said, “Anyone at 140 pounds can get it, anyone!”

“I’m calling out all the top guys at 140 pounds. I’m not scared of anyone!”

“We’re going to fight anyway so I might as well get it out the way now and let them know that I’m coming for them all.”

Prograis, who is promoted by one of the best boxing promoters within the sport in Lou DiBella (DiBella Entertainment), continues to display dominating performances in each and every one of his fights. Prograis possesses a record of 18-0 (15 KOs), with an 83% knockout percentage rating. After scoring a sensational 4 round stoppage of his last opponent on the undercard of the great Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter championship fight, the current NABF super lightweight champion is ready to take his career to the next level.

“I’m ranked at #9 in the WBC,” Prograis said, “In about 2-3 more fights I will be a mandatory opponent for any of the champions in my division.”

“I want to become a world champion. I’m not looking to fight people that are behind me in the rankings, I’m looking to fight the people ranked ahead of me.”

“A lot of people didn’t want to fight me before. Now that I’m ranked in the top 10 people will have no other choice but to face me in the ring.”

photo courtesy of MvpBoxPics

photo courtesy of MvpBoxPics

Known to his friends, family, and fans as “Rougarou – Half Man/Half Beast” Prograis is focused and eager to return back to the ring.

“The momentum with my career has been good,” Prograis said, “I’m looking to get back in the ring soon.”

“I want to come back to Brooklyn and fight at the Barclays Center. I like that arena. I haven’t fought since June. I was training for a proposed fight scheduled for October 21 in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Hard Rock Café. No one stepped up to fight me so now I have to wait.”

“Everything happens for a reason. I’m always training so nobody should sleep on me I’m hoping to have my next fight by either January or February in 2017.”

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana (now living and fighting out of Houston, Texas) Prograis has a firm understanding of his position within his division and what he wants to accomplish in his career.

“I plan on staying at 140 pounds for a long time,” Prograis said, “I feel fast and strong at 140 pounds.”

“I also see myself going up to 147 pounds and I’m pretty sure I can go up as far as to 154 pounds. All the money fights are at between 140 pounds and 154 pounds.”

Prograis has great foundation and the support from many. Prograis trains daily at the Main Boxing Gym in Houston, Texas. With the amount of support he receives it helps him to sharpen his skills and be ready for any style of opponent.

“The support out here is great,” Prograis said, “Our gym stays packed.”

“I’m a southpaw and I’m always working on something different. I like to switch up the game and keep people guessing on what I’m going to while I’m in the ring. I have to see things for myself and then I decide what I want to do.”

“Training with professionals and prospects, all with different styles helps me tremendously.”

Prograis is climbing the ladder in the rankings and with each dominating performance he’s getting closer to his goal of having a shot at a world title. Soon the door of opportunity will present itself. Once it does we can expect Prograis to charge right through it just like he’s done against his opponents.

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