Richardson Hitchins – My talent speaks for itself


Richardson Hitchins – My talent speaks for itself

By Xavier Porter,

December 12, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y. – Fresh off fighting in the Rio Olympics this past summer Brooklyn’s Richardson Hitchins is now ready to begin his professional boxing career. Hitchins, who began began boxing at age twelve, has won multiple titles, including two New York Daily News Golden Gloves Championships.

Now 19 years-old Hitchins has fought top notch competition different countries, while also with sparring fighters within the professional ranks. Hitchins has great talent and is tailor-made for stardom. He possesses speed, power, and has a charismatic attitude. He’s well spoken, confident and hungry; three attributes that will serve him well while fighting within the professional ranks.

Hitchins shared his experience with boxing in the Olympics, how it will forever be one if his most memorable moments in life, and his readiness to begin his professional career.

“I just finished with the Olympics and now I’m ready to begin my professional career. I’m taking my time, looking at options with different promoters, learning the business side of boxing.”

“The feeling of boxing in the Olympics, being around all the athletes was amazing. To see fans screaming, cheering you on, and waving your country’s flag was out of this world. To see all the Brazilians get cheered on by all the people from their country was great. When I was younger looked up to a lot of good Cuban boxers. While being in the Olympic village I felt within myself that I can fight some of the fighters that I look up to.”

“Just fighting my way to get there was a journey. When I found out who I was fighting for my first fight I had to take my ability to a different level. There were many people interested and intrigued in my first fight in the tournament. All the recognition that I received from fighting in the Olympics felt so real. Just getting into that ring and fighting was a different feeling. Fighting in that ring, fighting in the Olympics is a one-time experience. I don’t think fighting in the professionals that you’ll get an experience like that.”

Hitchins is preparing to begin his professional career and is eager to have his first fight. He is fully aware of what will be expected of him to become successful in the professional ranks. His desire to accomplish another goal of becoming a world champion begins with taking the right path and having the right team in place.

“I’m hoping to have my first pro fight in April or May. I’ve been speaking with different promoters, looking for the best deal, seeing who wants to work with me. Believe me I know my worth and I want to make sure that I get the right situation.”

The Haitian-born sensation is a hard worker Hitchins acknowledges his skill and that he’s highly talented. However he does not want people to confuse his confidence with being cocky.

“I plan to begin my career at 140lbs. I sparred and trained with several world champions. I’ve worked with Terence Crawford (current WBO, WBC, and Ring super lightweight champion), Sadam Ali (title contender and 2008 United States Olympian), and Luis Collazo (former WBA welterweight champion). I helped Collazo get ready for his title fight against Amir Khan. There are so many people I’ve sparred and trained with. I box every day.”

“I’ve learned a lot from boxing with great people, especially Erickson Lubin (17-0, 12 KOs). We sparred in the gym for two weeks straight. I talked a lot of trash to him and he showed me that there are levels to boxing. He definitely showed me a lot. He’s like my big brother and it’s definitely a great feeling to be in the ring with him.”

“On the boxing side I’m very confident, I’m hungry, and I’m very talented. I work real hard. My talent speaks for itself. I am gifted with my boxing abilities. Fighters like me, you don’t see every day in boxing. I feel like when my time comes I’m going to take over boxing. Just like Terence Crawford is doing. I just need to take my time, be smart, and stay focused.”

Hitchins has fought out of the Atlas Cops and Kids Boxing Club in Flatbush, Brooklyn. This program is part of the Police Athletic League boxing program. With professional fighters such as featherweight Christopher Colbert (5-0, 2 KOs), welterweight Julian Sosa (6-0, 2 KOs), and cruiserweight Earl Newman Jr. (10-0, 7 KOs) all fighting out of the same gym we can expect Hitchins to begin his career in similar fashion.

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