Rising Promotions: Action in Atlantic City


Rising Promotions: Action in Atlantic City

By Xavier Porter,

Feb 2, 2017

Brooklyn, NY – This past Saturday, at the Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City, Rising Promotions showcased another fantastic fight card that thrilled the many fight fans in attendance. Inside a sold-out venue fans were privy to see good ring generalship, die-hard boxing, and an appreciation of the sport. Each bout featured fighters giving their all. Rising Promotions put on a great fight card and continues to leave fans in amazement.

8 Round – Junior Middleweight – Main Event

Thomas LaManna, Millville, NJ (21-2, 9 KOs) vs Eduardo Flores, Quito, Ecuador (25-24-3, 15 KOs)

LaManna, fighting at 154lb, boxed well against the veteran Flores. The taller LaManna, fighting in front of a packed venue with toms of fans cheering him on made it an easy night by using his superb boxing skills, landing clean punches all throughout the fight. LaManna made the one-sided affair very interesting as he occasionally ripped off 4-punch combinations to Flores. Flores was tough and durable but LaManna continued to pound away at him. At one point it looked like he was going to stop his opponent but Flores held on, taking heavy punishment throughout the fight. LaManna won a unanimous decision (80-72, 3x). With the win we can expect to LaManna back in the ring soon as he has big plans for 2017.

6 Round – Light Heavyweight RSP Championship

Chuck Mussachio, Wildwood, NJ (19-3-2, 5 KOs) vs Michael Mitchell, Paterson, NJ (3-7-2, 1 KO)

Nicknamed “The Professor” Mussachio did all he could to defeat his opponent but it was Mitchell who gave the lesson and won a split decision victory (57-57, 60-53, 58-56) while winning the RSP light heavyweight championship belt. Mussachio tried to use his jab, pot-shot, and rope-a-dope Mitchell all through the fight. Mitchell stayed firm and focused on his attack, landing several hard left hooks that almost knocked down Mussachio. Mitchell pounced on his opponent, landing power punches to both the head and body of Mussachio. The crowd favorite Mussachio had his moments where he landed clean left uppercuts but Mitchell continued to pressure Mussachio to the ropes where kept up his attack.

6 Round – Super Middleweight

Jose Valderrama, Manati, Puerto Rico (5-17, 3 KOs) vs Gabriel Pham, Pleasantville, NJ (6-1, 2 KOs)

In stunning show of power the tall southpaw Pham scored a sensational second round TKO against Valderrama. Pham completely dominated his opponent, landing punches from all angles. He landed a thudding left hand that dropped Valderrama hard to the canvas. Valderrama rose to his feet to beat the count of ten but it was clear that he was unable to continue as his legs were wobbly and he could not see clearly. The fight was stopped at 2:59 of the 2nd round.

4 Round –Welterweight

Yurik Mamedov, Brooklyn, NY (3-0, 1 KO) vs Jose Jimenez, Ocala, FL (Pro Debut)

Mr. “Don’t be sorry, be careful” made sure to leave no doubt by successfully defeated his opponent in TKO fashion. Mamedov came out the gate stalking the taller Jimenez, moving in and out, sliding side to side, while trying to stay out of range of the long jab of Jimenez. Jimenez came out firing his jab, straight right hand, followed by his left hook but Mamedov wasn’t fazed. He remained calm, poised, and struck with powerful punches to both the head and body of Jiménez. Like a lion, focused on his prey, Mamedov struck hard and went in for the kill at every opportunity he saw.  After knocking his opponent down in the 2nd round, Mamedov ended the fight with a series of power punches to score a second knockdown and ending the fight in dramatic fashion. The fight was called at 2:59 of the 2nd round.

Mamedov shared his thoughts on the fight.

“I’m feeling great. It was a good fight. It was a good finish. I’m happy.”

“My opponent came to fight. He was awkward but I was ready for whatever. This is boxing and I don’t play around. I stayed calm; I wasn’t looking for the knockout. I focused on my timing and counter-punching.”

“I can’t for my next fight. It will be back here, at the Claridge Hotel. It will be my first 6-round fight. I want to thank Rising Promotions, my Yezidi people, my family, and my coaches.”

4 Round – Junior Welterweight

Dan “Danny Boy” Murray, Lanoka Harbor, NJ (1-0) vs Nahir Albright, Philadelphia, PA (0-1)

The previously unbeaten Murray had a hard fight against Albright. Murray, with many fans on hand for support, tried to use his slickness against Albright. Albright stood tall, used his jab, and landed sharp right hands throughout tough contested fight. In the fourth round both men gave it their all, traded punches until the bell sounded. In the end Albright was awarded a unanimous decision, winning 40-36 (3x).

4 Round – Bantamweight

Weusi Johnson, Wilmington, DE (1-2) vs Dallas Holden, Atlantic City, NJ (1-0)

The hometown favorite Holden had a tough going against previously beaten Johnson who used his jab and applied pressure all throughout the fight. The taller Johnson used his height to his advantage and landed hard right hands that stunned Holden throughout the fight. Johnson scored a unanimous, winning 39-37, 40-36 (2x).

photo courtesy of Matt Heasely

photo courtesy of Matt Heasely

4 Round – Lightweight

Romain Tomas, Brooklyn, NY (0-1 vs Jamil Simmons, Pleasantville, NJ (Pro Debut)

Tomas, the young French boxer by way of Brooklyn, defeated Simmons who was making his professional debut. Tomas took the fight to the crowd-favorite Simmons, landing several counter left hooks through each of the four rounds. Simmons appeared to get into his groove during the last round as the two fighters exchanged punches to the end. Tomas went on to win a unanimous decision (39-37 3x).

Rising Promotions is scheduled to stage its next event on Saturday, March 11th at The Claridge Hotel in Atlantic City.  Former Cruiserweight world champion Imamu Mayfield is scheduled to take part in the main event and will be fighting for the vacant USBA title.

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