RisingStar Promotions: Coming of Age

By Xavier Porter, Brooklynfights.com

November 16, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y.: Last Saturday night at the Claridge Hotel Celebrity Theater Rising Promotions put together a solid fight card that gave fans all-out action in each fight. The venue was packed with many who traveled from Philadelphia, Brooklyn, and as far as from Arkansas to see the great line up of fights that were put together. With Rising Promotions head promoter Thomas LaManna in attendance celebrating his 25th birthday the night ended in a shocking and frightening fashion as the final blow in the last fight put a stamp on what was good night of boxing.

Cruiserweight – 6 Rounds – Main Event

Imamu Mayfield/Freehold, N.J. (25-10-2, 18 KOs) vs. Anthony Caputo Smith/Philadelphia, PA

(15-7, 10 KOs)

The fight began with the 44 year old Mayfield using his jab effectively, landing it to the nose and face of Caputo. With a height and reach disadvantage Caputo found it difficult to land a solid punch against the taller and longer Mayfield. Mayfield paced himself, landing jab after jab in each round, following up with right hands that were getting closer to the target. By the 3rd round Caputo’s face was bloody with a slight abrasion across the bridge of his nose. During rounds four to five the 20-year pro Mayfield continued to land his jab and in round six he struck gold, landing a monstrous right hand that put away his opponent for the night. The punch was devastating and it gave everyone in attendance cause for concern as Caputo laid still, flat on his back. The ring doctor immediately checked on Caputo who was unconscious for over five minutes.

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for BrooklynFights.com

photos courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

Featherweight – 4 rounds

Darrell Wheeler Jr./Opelousas, LA (Pro Debut) vs Donald Smith/Philadelphia, PA (2-0, 1 KO)

Making his professional debut Wheeler was outmatched against the more aggressive Smith as he overwhelmed his opponent with punches from all angles. Smith dominated his opponent, scoring a standing eight count in the bout and then scoring the knockout in the 3rd round (1:38).

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photos courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

Welterweight – 4 Rounds

Dan “Danny Boy” Murray, Manahawkin, N.J. (Pro Debut) vs Antonio Allen/Philadelphia, PA (0-3)

A fight that had lots of back and forth action with both men standing toe-to-toe trading shots. Murray, with many friends and fans supporting him from ringside, controlled the action throughout the fight and came forward. While Murray was able to push his attack and land straight right hands against the tall southpaw Allen. Murray was relaxed, walked his opponent down, and had the better of the exchanges. Murray won a unanimous decision 40-36 (2x), 39-37), securing his first professional win.


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photos courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

Light Heavyweight – 4 Rounds

Chauncey Foxworth/Conway, AK (0-1) vs David “Flat” Sparks/Brooklyn, N.Y. (2-0)

With tons of crowd support from his family and friends that came from Brooklyn, N.Y. Sparks fought a tough competitor in Foxworth. Foxworth controlled the first round; landing punches to both the head and body of Sparks. As the second round began Sparks seemed more comfortable and began to use great head movement to slip out the way of the punches of Foxworth. Sparks used his jab and countered with straight right hands. Both men exchanged heavy punches, leaving everything they had in the ring. In the end the Brooklynite Sparks won a unanimous decision 39-37 (2x), 40-36.

“He was a tough guy,” Sparks said, “He came to fight. I had to dig down deep and really work hard.

“I was a little sick going into the fight (stomach) but that’s not an excuse. He came to fight and he fought well. I learned a lot from this fight and I will continue to get better each time out.”

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photos courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

Welterweight – 4 Rounds

Yurik Mamedov/New York, N.Y. (2-0) vs Oscar Valdez/Batesville, AK (1-1, 1 KO)

The pride of Yezidi came out the gate and put on an attack to head and body of Valdez, trapping his opponent in the corner and landing shots until the bell sounded. As the second round began Mamedov continued to control the fight, steadily landing punches with a relentless attack. By the third round Valdez had taken enough punishment and the fight was stopped at 2:35 giving Mamedov his first career knockout. Mamedov improved his record to 3-0.

“I had my plan in place and I knew if I continued to attack his body he wouldn’t be able to take it,” Mamedov said.

“I could tell I was hurting him because I could hear him making sounds after I hit him.”

“I’m happy that I won. I fight for my Yezidi people and I want to continue to win and be their voice.”

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photos courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

Heavyweight – 6 Rounds

Quian Davis/Mays Landing, N.J. (3-0-2, 2 KOs) vs Solomon Maye/New Haven, CT (3-6-2, 3 KOs)

In the rematch battle of heavyweights it was Davis who made sure that the judges would not call this fight a draw as they did previously. Davis, with many supporters in attendance, used his jab to set up left hooks to the jaw of Maye. In the second round Davis went on the attack landing clean left hooks, followed by strong right uppercuts. Maye landed great and powerful right hand but Davis took it flush on the chin and continued to come forward. By the fourth round Davis had full control of the fight and continued to pressure Maye, as Maye began to lose his mouthpiece. Maye lost a point in the fifth round for continuously dropping his mouthpiece. Davis was too strong and was able to take any shot that Maye landed. Davis went on to win a unanimous decision 60-53 (3x).





photos courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

Welterweight – 4 Rounds

Dawond Pickney/Hot Springs, AK (1-1-1) vs “Lil Greg Jackson/Philadelphia, PA (6-3-1, 2 KOs)

The crowd favorite and Philadelphia fighter was in a tough fight with the Arkansas resident Pickney. As Jackson began the fight, setting the tone with his jab, Pickney began to show aggression pressed Jackson on the ropes with body shots and combination punching. In the second round both men landed a series of blows, exchanging punches on the ropes and in the middle of the ring. In the third round Pickney landed a thudding right hand that appeared to hurt Jackson. Jackson maintained his composure and returned a powerful left hook and right uppercut to the body. Jackson then proceeded to take over the round, landing a straight right hand to the jaw of Pickney. In the fourth and final round Jackson began the round in the southpaw stance, then switched stance and landed a straight right hand that stunned Pickney. Both men traded power shots throughout the round. Jackson was awarded the split decision win, with the judges scoring the bout 38-38, 39-37 (2x).




photos courtesy of William Thomas Photography for Brooklynfights.com

Rising Promotions continues to put together great fight cards which feature local talent from within the tristate area. Tickets are currently on sale for their next fight card which is featuring Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna fighting for the USBA welterweight championship title. Be sure to visit the website for tickets and you can follow Rising Promotions on: