Roy Jones Jr.: Skill outweighs Will

By Xavier Porter,

February 23, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. – “What’s their name? What weight do they want to fight at? My name is ROY DON’T GIVE A DAMN JONES JR.” – Roy Jones Jr.

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for

photo courtesy of William Thomas Photography for

Roy Jones Jr, the living legend, once again showed to the boxing community why he’s still one of the greatest boxers that the fight game has ever produced. Jones Jr put on a superb display of speed, precision punching, and gave fight fans exactly what they came to see: action.

Main Event – WBF Cruiserweight World Championship

12 Rounds

Roy Jones Jr., Pensacola, FL (64-9, 46 KOs) vs Bobby Gunn, Niagara Falls, CA (21-6-1, 18 KOs)

In the main event, the future Hall of Fame inductee Roy Jones Jr. dominated a game Bobby Gunn, landing punches at will. Jones Jr. pecked away at the face of Gunn with sharp jabs and quick right hands. As Gunn followed Jones Jr. around the ring he was continually hit with an onslaught of combination punches. As the fight progressed the wear and tear of Jones Jr.’s sharp punches became evident. Towards the end of the seventh round Jones Jr. hit Gunn with a sharp, fast two-punch combination that staggered and wobbled Gunn. At the end of the seventh round blood was streaming heavily from both the mouth and nose of Gunn. At 0:07 of the eighth round the fight was called after at the behest of the ring doctor, deciding that it would best to relieve Gunn from taking anymore unnecessary punishment. Jones Jr., once again showed, and proved why he is one of the greatest fighters in the history of boxing.A91H1231-1

After sealing his victory, Jones Jr. shared his thoughts on the fight.

“To God be all the glory,” Jones said, “Pensacola in the house as always.”

“Bobby Gunn is a real tough competitor. He’s the only bareknuckle champion that I know. He’s a heck of a guy. I respect who he is.”

“There were times where I wanted to turn it up and take him out early but I wanted to give the crowd a show. They came to see that fast combination. This was a great day. I thank all my fans for coming. I love God and I thank him for what he gives me.”

Humble in defeat Gunn shared his thoughts regarding the fight and the amount of respect he has for Jones Jr.

“To get in the ring with Roy Jones Jr. is a shining moment in my life. I love him. He’s great. I actually enjoyed him beating me up.

I fought some good men in my life, some great men. Roy Jones Jr. is the greatest fighter I’ve ever faced in my life. His power was shaking me to my spine. I believe he was taking it easy on me. I fought one of the greatest fighters in the world. I went out on my sword.” A91H1295-1 A91H1314-1 A91H1316-1 A91H1362-1 A91H1386-1

Co – Main Event

Junior Middleweight

10 Rounds

Robson Assis, Brazil (16-3, 9 KOs) vs Kanat Islam, Kazakhstan (22-0, 18 KOs)

Islam came out blazing and hitting his Assis all around the ring. The southpaw Assis managed to land a few punches, along with an unintentional head butt that caused a nasty gash over Islam’s right eye. With the blood pouring down over his eye, Islam began to pounce on Assis and scored a brilliant knockout victory after landing a straight right hand at 2:12 of the first round.

Nicknamed “The Kazak” Islam shared his thoughts on his fight and also took the liberty to call out other fighters in his quest to become a world champion.

“First I want to thank my coach,” Isam said, “and I want to thank the people my country.”

“I’m ready for bigger fights. Give me Canelo (Alvarez), give me a big fight; I don’t care, I’ll die in this ring.

“I am the ranked number 4 fighter in the WBA and ranked number 5 in the WBO. I am training hard every day and I am coming for my title.”


4 Rounds

Bryan Timmons, Saint Joseph, MI (5-8, 5 KOs) vs Joey Tiberi Jr., Newark, DE (13-2, 6 KOs)

The hometown favorite Tiberi began the fight with tons of fans in attendance screaming and supporting him. In the first round both men were patient, taking their time to warm up. In the second round things began to heat up as both men exchanged punches with Tiberi getting the better of his opponent. Tiberi landed hard right hands during the round as both men were equally aggressive. In the third round Tiberi began to take control of the fight, landing the cleaner, more effective punches. Timmons fought to the end of the round but was taking more punishment than he could take. In the fourth round Timmons took the fight to Tiberi but walked into several right hands and body shots. Tiberi maintained his attack and finished his opponent with a non-stop barrage of punches. To the delight of his fans the fight was stopped at 2:04 of the fourth round with Tiberi winning by TKO. 

“It was a tough fight,” Tiberi said, “This guy as tough.”

“I went to the body. I hurt him and I jumped on him.”


4 Rounds

Ikram Kerwat Frankfurt, Germany (6-1, 5 KOs) vs Britain Hart, Bedford, Virginia (2-0, KOs)

Both women came out firing, throwing punches at will. In the second round the fight heated up as Frankfurt landed three clean straight right hands, rocking the head back of Hart. In the third round and fourth rounds both women continued to give their all, trading punches in the center of the ring. After four rounds Kerwat was awarded a unanimous decision (40-36 3x).

Hart, who showed tremendous heart during the fight, shared her thoughts on losing her first professional fight.

“I’m not going lie I am upset that I lost. My game plan was to move. With more training I will have better performances going forward.”

“This fight was very competitive and I learned a lot about myself. She’s a good fighter. I fought a fighter who works and trains with Roy Jones Jr. and I went the distance with her. That says a lot about me.”

“This may be my first lost but I am getting right back in the ring very soon. My next fight will be in Cincinnati on March 3 and again sometime in April.”

Super Bantamweight

6 Rounds

Dagbobero Aguero, Dominican Republic (10-0, 8 KOs) vs Olimjon Nazarov, Uuzbekistan (14-4, 8 KOs)

In the first bout of the night Aguero, the quick and speedy fighter was elusive while avoiding the pressure of the power punching Nazarov. In the first round we saw the decorated amateur Aguero take his time and pick his shots. Nazarov engaged his opponent, landing strong left hands, but taking two punches to land one. In the second round Nazarov’s pressure began to frustrate Aguero causing him to clinch throughout the round. In the third round Aguero picked up the pace and began to land clean effective punches. Nazarov continued to apply pressure, cutting off the ring, and landing strong punches to the body. In the fourth round both men traded shots in the center of the ring and while on the ropes. Both men landed clean punches to both the body and the head. In the fifth round Aguero maintained his composure and went back to boxing, moving and outpointing his opponent. In the sixth round Aguero cooled his heels and seemed to be content with letting Nazarov throw punches at him from all angles. In the end Aguero was awarded a majority decision win (57-57, 58-56, and 59-55).

Junior Lightweight

6 Rounds

Frank Dealba, Reading, PA (20-2-2, 9 KOs) vs German Meraz, Mexico (55-41-1, 32 KOs)

In a hard fought fight the southpaw Dealba pulled out a unanimous against the tough veteran Meraz (60-54, 3x). Dealba outfoxed and out boxed Meraz who had no answer for the speed and quick punching of Dealba. A91H0749-1 A91H0808-1 A91H0826-1 A91H0849-1 A91H0864-1 A91H0956-1

Delaware State Cruiserweight Championship

4 Rounds

Dan Biddle, Wilmington, DE (9-5, 5 KOs) vs Lamont Singletary, Dover, DE (7-1, 4 KOs)

In the middle of the first round Singletary landed a powerful right hand to the chin of the local union man Biddle. Biddle, with plenty of fans on hand for support, was knocked to the canvas and unable to recover. Singletary won the Delaware State Cruiserweight Championship in devastating fashion, scoring the knockout at 1:49.

Ring Announcer Mark Fratto/Linacre Media

Ring Announcer Mark Fratto/Linacre Media


Henry Stewart, Toronto, Ontario, CA (2-0, 1 KO) vs Martez Williamson, Akron, OH (2-15)

In the final bout of the night Stewart and Williamson battled for four rounds with Stewart winning by a majority decision of (37-37, 39-37 2x). Stewart used long reach and continuous jab to keep the shorter Williamson at the end of his punches. In the final round Williamson appeared to have caught a second wind and began to take the fight to the Canadian. Stewart maintained his composure and gained some good experience against a fighter who has fought many opponents. A91H1801-1 A91H1809-1 A91H1826-1 A91H1829-1 A91H1865-1 A91H1866-1A91H1994-1

David Feldman Promotions and King’s Promotions put together a fight card that brought many fight fans in attendance, possibly well over 2,000 people inside a packed Chase Center on the Riverfront. With the success of this fight card we can expect more exciting boxing matches to take place at this great venue. We can also anticipate bare-knuckle matches taking place at this venue during the upcoming months.

Photo Credit - Paul Paparazzi - 2/17/17

Photo Credit – Paul Paparazzi – 2/17/17

photos courtesy of William Thomas Photography for