Shawn Cameron: Kill or Be Killed


Shawn Cameron: Kill or Be Killed

By Xavier Porter,

December 9, 2016

Brooklyn, N.Y. – In boxing you’re expected to get hit. Inside the ring it’s just you against your opponent. How you handle yourself will determine the amount of damage you take. One must train their body and mind to be focused and ready for anything that’s thrown their way. As a veteran of the U.S. Army Shawn Cameron understands first-hand what it takes to be prepared for war in the ring.Cameron is now fighting a different battle. Just like many other fighters from New York City he would like to return to the ring; however, there’s a roadblock standing in his way. The roadblock is the NYSAC, better known as the New York State Athletic Commission.

With the commission’s decision to have high insurance policies put in place to cover possible injuries that a fighter may sustain it has made it very difficult for certain promoters to have fight cards take place on a regular basis. This issue is not only affecting Cameron it is also affecting several of his counterparts at Gleason’s Gym who are taking their skills to different states to fight. Most notably, Heather “The Heat” Hardy (18-0, 4 KOs/WBC International featherweight champion), who fights out of Gleason’s Gym has decided to make her debut in MMA by signing with Invicta FC. Her first fight is scheduled for January 14, 2017.

Cameron expressed his displeasure with the current state of boxing in New York City.

“Boxing and the activity in New York has been so messed up. A lot of fighters are transitioning into becoming trainers and MMA. A lot of people are not fighting here anymore due to the insurance situation. With the new insurance law put in place by the NYSAC it is hurting the business. Hopefully something will be done to rectify the situation because a lot of people are hurting behind this.”

Cameron has his team in place working diligently to find him fights but he’s having difficulty finding opponents. He is willing to fight people in their hometown as well as move up in weight if need be.

“My managers are working hard for me. I’m willing to fight someone in their hometown but people are turning down fights. At the end of the day you have to stay focused, keep the faith, and things will work out.”

“I’m willing to go up in weight fight these guys. I’ll take any fight but it has to be worth it. The reward has to be worth it. I have a job but I love to fight. When I fight it’s because I love to fight. At the end of the day we’re going to get hit. I’m trying to beat you up before you try to beat me up. It’s boxing. Sometimes you’ll have to be the B-side; I don’t mind that.”

Cameron (10-2, 5 KOs) has not fought since July where he lost a 10-round unanimous decision against former USBA welterweight champion Delvin Rodriguez (29-8, 16 KOs). Cameron fought hard and scored a knock down against the hometown favorite. Although he was displeased with the decision Cameron acknowledges that there are areas where he needs to make improvements.Shawn Cameron vs Delvin Rodriguez

“My last fight I feel like I got robbed. I’ve watched his fights on ESPN Friday Night Fights. I knew what type of fighter he was. He had more knockouts than I had fights. I thought about it and decided to take the fight. I mean what’s the worst that can happen. This is boxing and you’re going to get hit. I fought him in his hometown. We were the main event. I felt like the odds were stacked against me but I still took the fight. He weighed in overweight and had to drop some pounds before our fight.”

A lot of times during the fight I could see that I was hurting him because he would make sounds like he was in pain after I hit him. I feel like I knocked him down twice but they only scored one knockdown. We were supposed to have a rematch but he said he’s retired.”

“My inexperience showed up in the fight because I didn’t knock him out. Looking back at the fight I should have stepped up the pace of my attack. It’s a lesson learned. A lot of times people say a loss is a loss but that’s not so. You can learn from a loss so I look at it as a lesson learned.”

Known to his many fans as “Killer”, the southpaw Cameron continues to train hard, each day, waiting for that call for his next fight. Cameron trains daily at Gleason’s Gym, preparing himself to fight any opponent. Cameron fears no man and is a workaholic. Some may even call him a gym rat. A man who has whose served two tours in Iraq, defending the liberties and freedom of our country, you can expect not only a tough fight from that man, but will give you everything that he has. Cameron needs and deserves a fight, a fight hopefully that should be shown on a national network as he is an all-action fighter.

“I’m back in the gym and getting ready for my next opponent. I was hoping to get back in the ring by the middle of December. I don’t care who I fight, at this point it doesn’t really matter. I’m willing to go to a fighter’s hometown. As long as I’m in the gym, and get ample time, it’s doesn’t matter who my opponent is. I’ll be ready, I’ll show up, and I’ll beat them up.

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