Shemuel Israel Pagan: All The Way Up

By Xavier Porter,

Brooklyn, N.Y.

August 16, 2016

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen a talented southpaw come from the city of Brooklyn. Some compare Shemuel Pagan to the likes of the great Zab “Super” Judah and when you watch him fight you can see why: the gifted Brooklyn southpaw brings excitement, speed, and great power in the ring.

With a decorated amateur career, having won the Daily News Golden Gloves a total of five times, this super lightweight is poised on returning to the ring soon to showcase his skills.

“I won the Golden Gloves several times,” Pagan said, “I came in second place in the 2009 Nationals in Salt Lake City, Utah and won the silver gloves.”

“My style is to slip and put my punches together. I look up to Floyd Mayweather a lot. I respect him as a fighter.”

Pagan comes from a loving and caring family. One would think that Pagan began boxing after following the lead of his father Robert, a New York City legend within the boxing community. However that is not the case. It was Pagan’s mother who influenced him greatly to begin boxing.

“I have a great relationship with my mother,” Pagan said, “I started boxing because of my mother.”

“My mother pushed me to box. People think it’s my father who made me start boxing but in fact it was my mother. My mother pushed me. I used to get bullied in school and one day my mother got a call from my school and found out that I got into a fight. My mother came to the school to pick me up and when we got home she spoke to my father and told him that he needed to teach me how to fight. My mother made sure that my father taught me how to box so that he wouldn’t come up to school and beat up the kids who were bullying me.”

Shemuel Pagan - smiling after a successful victory

Pagan, who played other sports as a kid, made the transition to boxing fulltime.

“My father knows a lot about of boxing,” Pagan said, “He understands how real the sport is.”

“I played other sports but as my father trained me he saw that I was picking it up quickly. My father put me in a tournament (Metros). I respect my father and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I won my first fight. I trained a whole year before I had that fight. I sparred with former U.S. Olympian Sadam Ali and other fighters coming up.”

Training out of Mendez Boxing Gym Pagan has tremendous support from friends and family alike. Pagan is also promoted by one of the best boxing promoters within the sport today, Lou DiBella. Pagan is electrifying when he fights and understands the business to make sure that fans come out to his fights, each and every time.

“My last fight was on March 30th at the B.B. Kings,” Pagan said.

“Financially I work but I also box. I want to have my fights on a more consistent basis. It’s hard to sell tickets. I want to have back to back to fights. I am a good fighter. I am getting the experience that I need. I’m a clutch player and when the time is right I show off more talent so that others can view me in a positive way.”

Pagan is a “spiritual person” and is looking to get back in the ring soon.

“I don’t disrespect my opponents,” Pagan said. “I come from a strict household and we followed all the rules.”

“I’m looking to get back into the ring soon. Right now I’m healing from an injury. After I heal from my injury look out for my comeback.”

Pagan possesses tremendous skill, is very talented, and focused on his return to the ring. With an undeniable knowledge of how to box “The Chosen One” is working hard and focused on showing the world how great he is.

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