ShoBox: The Next Generation by the Harbor


ShoBox: The Next Generation by the Harbor

By Xavier Porter,

April 15, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. (MGM National Harbor, MD) – In a packed house Banner Promotions and Greg Cohen Promotions put together a spectacular fight card which featured great toe-to-toe action, competitive fights, and a potential star in the making. With the attendance reaching 2,159 tonight’s fight card was an extreme success. Crowd cheering, crowd pleasing, with blood, sweat, and determination to is what fans in attendance and viewers at home were privileged to see.

photo courtesy of Matt Heasley Photography

photo courtesy of Matt Heasley Photography

Main event: 12 rounds – WBA Interim light heavyweight title

Light heavyweights – 12 Rounds

Dimitry Bivol, Vesvolzhsk, Russia (WBA Interim Light Heavyweight Champion), 9-0, 7 KOs vs Samuel Clarkson, Cedar Hills, TX (19-3, 12 KOs)

In the first round Bivol came out blasting away at the southpaw Clarkson, landing and a strong left hook to the body in the early seconds of the round. The force of the punch immediately sent Clarkson to the canvass where he grimaced from the blow but made it back to his feet before the count of eight. Bivol followed-up the knockdown by landing a straight right hand, knocking Clarkson once more in the first round. Clarkson rose to his and managed to fight off the remainder of the attack of Bivol as he pounded away at his opponent. In the second-round Clarkson came out firing shots, trying to out thwart the powerful Russian from coming forward. Bivol remained patient, utilized his jab to assess the distance, and proceeded with a jab-right hand attack to the face of Clarkson. In the fourth round Bivol ended the fight with an overhand right that landed on the top of Clarkson’s head. Clarkson tried to beat the count but couldn’t remain on his feet. The fight was stopped at 1:40 of the fourth round with Bivol winning by TKO stoppage.

photo courtesy of Matt Heasley Photography

photo courtesy of Matt Heasley Photography

Both Clarkson and Bivol shared their thoughts on the fight:

Samuel Clarkson

“He caught me with a good body shot for the first knockdown. I thought I was back in the fight in rounds two and three. In round four I got caught, I stumbled and my balance was off.”

Dmitry Bivol

photo by Xavier Porter for

photo by Xavier Porter for

“I’m very happy that I won by knockout. I think the fans are happy and satisfied that they got what they wanted to see.

When asked his thoughts on facing the top fighters his division (Joe Smith Jr, Seanie Monaghan, Nathan Cleverly, Andre Ward, Sergey Kovalev, Adonis Stevenson), Bivol stated:

photo courtesy of Xavier Porter for

photo courtesy of Xavier Porter for

“I have business with the WBA which I need to deal with and that is winning the WBA regular light heavyweight title, which Nathan Cleverly currently has. My goal is to get the regular belt first. I haven’t thought specifically about fighting those guys but I do want to fight the best in my division.”


Welterweights – 8 Rounds

Malik Hawkins, Baltimore, MD (10-0, 7 KOs) vs Carlos Soto, Torreon, Mexico (13-0-2, 7 KOs)

Hawkins came out the gate landing thudding right hands which quickly swelled the left of eye of Soto. With the amount of punishment that he was receiving Soto was forced to take a knee late in the later part of the first round. As the second round began Hawkins continued his attack, landing continuous right hands to the left eye of Soto. At the end of the second round the doctors evaluated Soto’s left eye, which was swollen, causing him to be unable to fight. Hawkins was via TKO at 3:00 of the second round.

Afterwards Hawkins shared his thoughts on the fight:

Photo by Amanda Westcott (Showtime)

Photo by Amanda Westcott (Showtime)

“I’m grateful that my opponent gave me the opportunity to fight him. He was undefeated also. For me to go out there and perform well and the get the stoppage in front of my home crowd was a blessing.”

“When I fight I’m not just fighting for me, I’m fighting for my city. For the people we’ve lost, for the people who are coming up after me. I want to be a beacon for my city.”

“I’ll be back in the gym by Monday, getting right back into my training, preparing for my next fight.”

Opening TV Bout

Super Bantamweights – 8 Rounds

Glenn Dezurn, Baltimore, MD (8-0, 6 KOs) vs Leroy Davila, New Brunswick, NJ (5-0, 3 KOs)

An evenly fought first round with both Dezern and Davila showcasing their speed and agility to slip and dodge punches. In the third round the fight heated up with both fighters trading punches in the middle of the ring. In the fourth round the same back and forth action continued, with Dezern getting the betting of Davila on the inside. In the fifth round of the fight, we saw both fighters dig deep and trade power punches to the sound of the bell. As Dezern continued his body attack Davila landed upstairs to the head. In the final round, both men gave it their, non-stop action, with both men throwing punches to the very end. When the bell sounded both men landed hooks to the jaw and gave each other respect for producing what may have been the fight of the night. In the end Dezern was awarded the unanimous decision, with all three judges scoring the fight 78-74 (3x).


photo courtesy of Matt Heasely Photography

photo courtesy of Matt Heasely Photography

Heavyweights – 8 Rounds

Joey Dawejko, Philadelphia, PA (17-4-3, 10 KOs) vs Rodney Hernandez, Modesto, CA (10-5-1, 2 KOs)

A bloodied Hernandez and a slugging Dawejko fought to a draw with judges scoring the bout 77-75 for Dawejko, 78-74 for Hernandez, and 76-76 even. Both men fought hard and gave it their all in a crowd-pleasing war of attrition.

Heavyweights – 4 Rounds

Hasim Rahman Jr, Baltimore, MD (Pro Debut) vs Ralph Alexander, Lanham, MD (Pro Debut)

Rahman Jr came out guns blazing and showed his speed, accuracy, and power as he quickly dispatched his opponent in 0:40 seconds of the first round. With tons of fan support on hand Rahman Jr delivered in a major way to win his first professional fight. With his father walking him into the ring it was a proud father/son moment.

After the fight, Rahman Jr shared his thoughts on his quick victory:

“I feel great. I did exactly what I needed to do. I came out, I landed my power, and got him out of there. I was in a zone.”

“I made my fans happy, my team, and most importantly my father. My brother, my father, and I all scored first round knockouts in our professional debuts. I feel good that I scored the quickest one.”

“I can’t wait to get back into the ring. I am scheduled to fight next week (April 21, 2017) in Detroit. The more I fight the more I’ll win.”

Super Featherweights – 6 Rounds

Ruben Villa, Salinas, CA (4-0, 2 KOs) vs Luis Diaz, San Juan, PR (2-0, 1 KO)

The two-time national gold glove winner and southpaw Villa came out sharp, landing punches from all angles. As the first round progressed the 19-year-old began to sit down on his punches, using a sharp right jab and power right hook. Poised and showing experience Villa began to really sit down on his punches as he found a home for the power left hand during the second round. Diaz fought hard and did his best to not whither under the constant pressure Villa. In the six and final round Villa stepped up his punch output, cornered Diaz, and persisted to land clean, accurate, precise punches to the head. The referee, to save Diaz, called a halt to the bout at 0:34 seconds, awarding the TKO stoppage.

Junior Lightweights – 6 Rounds

Michael Dutchover, Midland, TX (3-0, 3 KOs) vs Eder Amaro, Matamoros, Mexico (2-2, 1 KO)

Dutchover took the fight to Matamoros from the opening bell. Each round Dutchover pressured his opponent, landing punches at will. Subsequently Matamoros did not answer the bell for the fourth round. Dutchover was awarded a TKO victory at 3:00 of the end of the third round.

Heavyweights – 8 Rounds

Sergey Kuzmin, Saint Petersburg, Russia (10-1, 6 KOs) vs Keenan Hickman, Baton Rouge, LA (5-1-1, 2 KOs)

In the first bout of the night Kuzmin dominated his causing the fight to be stopped at 2:30 of round three. Kuzmin knocked down Hickman with a powerful right hand in the second round. The effect of the punch appeared carry over to the third round where the he continued his onslaught on a tough, game Hickman.

Light Heavyweights – 8 Rounds

Travis Reeves, Baltimore, MD (13-2-2, 7 KOs) vs Taneal Goyco, Philadelphia, PA (9-9-1, 4 KOs)

In the last bout of the night Reeves was just too much to handle for Goyco as he outslicked his opponent throughout eight rounds. In the eighth and final round Reeves landed two thudding right hands that wobbled Goyco. In the end, Reeves won the fight via a unanimous decision 80-72 (3x).

With such a successful night, we can only expect more exciting fights cards brought to us by Greg Cohen Promotions and Banner Promotions. For more information visit or follow on:

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