Tyrone “Pretty Boy” James: A Star in the making

By Xavier Porter, Brooklynfights.com

February 4, 2017

Brooklyn, N.Y. – “I think differently from other fighters; in my mind I cannot be beat.” – Tyrone James

On March 24, live at the Paramount Theater in Huntington, Long Island, Tyrone James will be making his long-awaited return to the ring.

Since scoring a first round knockout against his opponent back on 6/17/16 James has spent a lot of time outside of the ring, mainly due to the change in the NYSAC (New York State Athletic Commission) regulations. With a record of 3-0 (2 KOs) he is ready to jumpstart his career and return back to the ring.

“It’s not my promoter (Joe DeGaurdia/Star Boxing) or my manager’s fault that I haven’t fought since last June. It’s the nature of the business.”

“My team believes in me. Everyone wants me to be successful. I wish I could’ve fought more but as you know there were things preventing that to happen. You take the god with the bad. You live and you learn.”

“I’ve been in the gym, working hard. My last fight was a scheduled four-rounder. After this fight I want to begin fighting six-round fights.”

James discussed his early childhood and how he came into the sport of boxing.

“I was originally born in the Bronx. I lived in Elmont until the second grade and then I moved back to the Bronx. I was fighting a lot in school and when I moved to the Bronx I found boxing.”

“Growing up I thought fighting was everything. I just always wanted to fight. It wasn’t that I was mad at people I just wanted to fight; hit and not get hit. It feels like a gift.”

“I used to slap box and beat people up. People used to get mad and want to fight me for real. My father said I was fighting so much that I needed to begin winning trophies for it. I used to do karate also. I won my first karate tournament. After that I went straight into boxing.”

James shared his amateur background and what has helped him with his progression as a professional.

“My first time sparring I beat the hell out of this kid. I felt like I was the best fighter in the world. My father decided to bring me around to gyms and spar with other fighters.”

“I remember I sparred with this fighter in Brooklyn and getting beat up. I remember losing so bad to him. I went home, worked hard, and came back to fight him again. I beat him as bad as he beat me.”

“When I started my amateur career I lost my first fight. After that, for the next three years, I won every fight. I won the silver gloves in New York and I won the Golden Gloves in Nebraska. I wouldn’t change anything that took place with my amateur career. It has helped me become the fighter that I am today.”

At 6’0, with an arm reach that stretches well over 75 inches, James has all the physical attributes to have succession in his career. He possesses power, speed, a good jab, and he knows how to adapt to his opponents style. He’s continually trained and sparred with the undefeated WBC/ WBO/Ring super-lightweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (30-0, 21 KOs).

Tyrone James with WBC, WBO, Ring Super-Lightweight Champion Terence "Bud" Crawford

Tyrone James with WBC, WBO, Ring Super-Lightweight Champion Terence “Bud” Crawford

He shared his eagerness to return to the ring along with his future career goals.

“For the time being I plan on staying at 147lb. I want all the titles at my weight. I want to win the New York State title. I don’t care what the belt is I want them all. It’s about my legacy. My legacy means a lot to me. I want kids behind me to say that “The Jackpot” was their favorite fighter.”

“All the greats have won multiple belts in each division. Before I move up in weight I want to win as many world titles as possible. Then I’ll fight at 154lb and eventually up to 168lb. I think differently from other fighters. I hate to lose. I have it in my mind that I cannot be beat. I can’t be stopped.”

James has the potential to become a star in boxing. He possesses great attributes as he’s charismatic and has a favorable personality to match his skill and talent. He’s also become a businessman, after developing his own clothing line (Jackpot Clothing). As a young entrepreneur he recognizes his own marketability as well as the success that his clothing line can bring.

“Right now I’m looking to have endorsements and sponsorships in place. I had sponsorships during my time in the amateurs. Once I begin to fight more often I expect to have a lot of them in place. Now that I’m a professional I’m a different fighter. It’s not about what you did yesterday; it’s about what you do today to set up your future.”

“I decided to create my clothing line because I didn’t want to wear what other people wore into the ring. I deigned my first shirt after my nickname. I used to have t-shirts made for me when I fought in the nationals. I felt that I needed a logo, a brand, to stand out from other people. My brand separates me from everyone else.”

“My clothing line is doing well. It’s doing so well that I have to restock items all the time. My “Jackpot jackets” are selling the most. I get contacted everyday about them. We also have clothing for children. I’m still working on other creations. I don’t see it going away anytime soon.”

James truly appreciates all the love and support that he receives from all. If given the opportunity to fight on a consistent basis he could take his career to great heights.

“I want to thank my friends, family, and fans so much for their support. It’s a great feeling to have support from so many people. I love my fans. My fans have been with me from the beginning and will be with me to the end.”

“A lot of people have been contacting, asking me when my next fight will be. Everyone loves watching me fight. Now that I’m scheduled to fight everyone is beginning to purchase their tickets.”

“Now that I’m back I’m ready to give the fans what they pay to see. I’m going to put on a show. It’s been a long nine months and I’m ready to take my career to the top. We’re going for a fourth knockout. My birthday is coming soon and I want to celebrate it with a knockout win.”

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