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Boxer Showcase: Ray Narh

Raymond Akwete Narh was born in the town of Akotolante, Ghana, though he now boxes from New York. Narh is proud of his roots. He fought as part of the Ghanaian 2000 Olympic team, in the welterweight division. He is also the former North American Boxing Council Lightweight Champion and holds the title of former WBC Light Welterweight champion. In 1998, Narh earned a gold medal the Commonwealth Games. His only loss as a pro boxer was to the (then) undefeated Kid Diamond. During the 2011 NABC Lightweight Championship, he became the world champion after defeating Jadish Green in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. In March he defended his title...

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Boxer Showcase: Peter Quillin

Peter Quillin was born in Chicago, Illinois, though he was raised in Grand Rapids, MI. Quillin made his name as an undefeated middleweight in New York, where he currently lives. Quillin’s name, “Kid Chocolate” was given to him due to his admiration of former world champion Eligio Montalvo (Cuban Kid Chocolate), and as a tribute to his Cuban heritage. After each fight, Quillin tosses chocolates into the crowd to remind the fans about what he stands for. Kid Chocolate started boxing in Grand Rapids, after his father was sent to prison in 1990. At age 18, he moved to Brooklyn to pursue a professional...

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Boxer Showcase: Paulie Malignaggi

Paulie Malignaggi, currently a PBC commentator, is a proud Italian-American from Brooklyn, NY. He held the titles of IBF Light Welterweight championship winner and WBA Welterweight champion. Paul had a troubled childhood, which made him angry and disobedient as a child and violent as a teenager. Soon after starting high school, he was expelled for getting into too many fights. At age 16, Paul was employed full-time as a construction worker. That year, his uncle and grandfather took him to the famous Gleason’s Gym in New York City, where he soon discovered his true calling. As an amateur, Malignaggi boasted a record of 40-9...

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Boxer Showcase: Daniel Jacobs

Daniel Jacobs is a true fighter. Growing up in Brownsville, a tough Brooklyn neighborgood, Jacobs began boxing because he was being bullied as a kid. To avoid getting into trouble, he decided to settle the score at the gym his bully trained at. After a couple sparring sessions, Jacobs discovered his boxing talent and fell in love with the sport. As an amateur, he won so often that he was given the nickname The Golden Child. During his early career, Jacobs developed an astonishing record – 137 to 7 and received the Golden Gloves title at both 147 and 160 pounds. In 2008, when he...

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Boxer Showcase: Ievgen Khytrov

Name: Ievgen Khytrov AKA: The Ukrainian Lion Birthdate: August 18, 1988 Division: Men’s middleweight Hometown: Brooklyn, New York Twitter: @Khytrov Ievgen Khytrov is a Ukrainian boxer – born and raised, who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. As a kid, Khytrov was somewhat of a bully, so his dad took him to a boxing gym to teach him a lesson. To his father’s surprise, Khytrov not only did OK in the ring but really enjoyed the experience. He joined the gym, which became the new outlet for his anger. As an amateur, Khytrov took part in more than 500 amateur...

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