Screenshot_2015-12-28-10-14-46-1By Xavier Porter, Brooklyn, NY, 12/28/15–I caught up with current 140lb. fighter, and “The Money Team” member, Ashley Theophane to collect his thoughts and feelings regarding his beginnings in boxing, current status, and the possibility of fighting current WBA Junior Welterweight Champion Adrien “The Problem” Broner. Taking the time out of his busy schedule (training, visiting family in London for the holidays) Ashley shared the following:

Xavier: How long have you been boxing?

Ashley: I started boxing in the spring of 1988. I was 7 years old.

Xavier: How does it feel to be a member of TMT?

Ashley: It’s great to be part of Floyd Mayweather’s boxing team. I met him four years ago and it’s coming up to 3 years that I’ve been part of his team. As a promoter, he wants the best for his fighters.

Xavier: What are the sparring and training sessions like at the Mayweather gym?

Ashley: I’ve been a professional boxer for nearly 13 years. I’m from London, but been training in America for ten years. I’ve always had to prove myself to Americans as they didn’t think highly of UK boxers when I first came. The mood is changing now, but I’ve always wanted to spar with fighters that I feel can challenge me. If the work is too easy, get out the ring. I’m not there to baby anyone.

Xavier: How did you get signed/what separated you from other fighters to be signed to TMT?

Ashley: First day at Floyd’s gym in 2012 he asked me who I was. I was the British champion. I had fought Danny Garcia, Demarcus Corley and Delvin Rodriguez and been ranked at #4 in the world. He knew this. I’d never had a promoter and achieved this. He wanted to give me the backing I’d never had, plus he had heard of the good sparring performances I was putting in.ashley t.

Xavier: Rumor has it that you will be fighting Adrien Broner; if the fight gets made what do you plan to do differently to him than his previous opponents?

Ashley: Floyd wants the fight. Broner said he wanted the fight made with me. So I’m waiting on the date. He’s lost twice. He’s not undefeated. Emmanuel Taylor gave him a hard fight. Many people thought Paulie beat him. Shawn and Maidana walked through him. Broner isn’t Floyd. It’s a fight I can win just by being me.

Xavier: How did your name even get brought up in the mix to fight Broner?

Ashley: Floyd has been saying for two years he believes I can beat Broner. Adrien obviously heard about this and wants to prove Floyd wrong.

Xavier: If the fight with Broner doesn’t get made, is there anyone within the 140lb. weight class/division you’re looking at as a possible opponent?

Ashley: I’ll move on to the next. I was supposed to fight December 18, but didn’t because of the Broner fight. Floyd said I’m fighting for the title. If he says that, I am.

Xavier: How long do you plan on fighting at 140lbs?

Ashley: I currently have 39 victories. The aim is 50 wins. I want my world title at 140 then I’ll move to 147 as there are some big names there.

Screenshot_2015-12-28-10-16-11-1Xavier: Will you be holding training camp in London or in Vegas for your next fight? Or both?

Ashley: I’ll be having it in both. I’m currently in London now and I’m working.

Xavier: Who will be training and preparing you for your next fight?

Ashley: I train with Nate Jones, Jihad Abdul Aziz and Dave Brown. They will be getting me ready for my next fight.

With Ashley training and visiting family be on the lookout for the follow-up to our interview when he returns back to the United States.