Peter Quillin was born in Chicago, Illinois, though he was raised in Grand Rapids, MI. Quillin made his name as an undefeated middleweight in New York, where he currently lives. Quillin’s name, “Kid Chocolate” was given to him due to his admiration of former world champion Eligio Montalvo (Cuban Kid Chocolate), and as a tribute to his Cuban heritage. After each fight, Quillin tosses chocolates into the crowd to remind the fans about what he stands for.

Kid Chocolate started boxiPeter Quillinng in Grand Rapids, after his father was sent to prison in 1990. At age 18, he moved to Brooklyn to pursue a professional career. After just 15 amateur fights in NY, Quillin was signed to his first fight as a pro boxer. He dominated the fight, beating Anthony Hunter by TKO in the first round. Kid Chocolate was just as unstoppable for the rest of his early career, winning 14 out of his first 17 fights by technical knockouts in the first two rounds. In 2008, after beating Sam Hill by TKO in the 10th round, Quillin left the ring to treat a hand injury and a fractured eye socket as well as to recover from an emergency appendectomy.

Reemerging in 2010, Quillin began working with Freddie Roach, a longtime Hall of Fame coach. Shortly, he proved that he’s still the same Kid Chocolate when he beat Martin Desjardins by technical knockout during the first round. Winning his next two fights by TKO allowed him to compete for the title of WBO Middleweight Championship.

In 2012, Quillin won the biggest fight of his career. In October, fighting at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center, he defeated Hassan N’Dam N’Jikam – a previously undefeated world champion. During the next two years,

Quillin defended his title three times. In his first fight as the middleweight champion, he defeated Fernando Guerrero by a TKO in the seventh round. Quillin’s second challenger was Gabriel Rosado. The 2013 fight held at Atlantic City ended with another TKO; this one happening in the 10th round. The third time Kid Chocolate defended his title was against European champion Lukas Konecny. Konecny stayed up for the whole 12 rounds, but Quillin by unanimous decision.

Quillin willingly vacated his title and took a year off from fighting, to be present for a new son and his uncle, who was dying of pancreatic cancer. He returned to the ring on April 12, 2015, facing title holder Andy Lee at Barclay’s Center, in a much anticipated PBC event televised on NBC. Quillin was unable to make weight, but the fight proceeded anyway with the title off the table. In a battle filled with power shots, both fighters touched the canvas – Lee twice, and Qullin once, for the first time in his career. The fight ended in a split decision.