Daniel Jacobs is a true fighter. Growing up in Brownsville, a tough Brooklyn neighborgood, Jacobs began boxing because he was being bullied as a kid. To avoid getting into trouble, he decided to settle the score at the gym his bully trained at. After a couple sparring sessions, Jacobs discovered his boxing talent and fell in love with the sport.

As an amDaniel-Jacobsateur, he won so often that he was given the nickname The Golden Child. During his early career, Jacobs developed an astonishing record – 137 to 7 and received the Golden Gloves title at both 147 and 160 pounds.

In 2008, when he lost the trial finals, Jacobs fell just short of being a part of the U.S. Olympics team.

His professional career started a year earlier, with a first-round TKO against Jose Jesus Hurtado in Las Vegas. Golden Child’s first defeat came a week after his grandmother, who helped raise him, passed away due to lung cancer. Still in mourning, Jacobs was defeated in the 2010 title fight against Dmitry Pirog.

In 2011, Jacobs went on a USO tour to help the troops in Iraq. During his stay there, a sharp pain in his legs made him unable to walk and he was returned to the U.S. for medical treatment. It was discovered that Daniel had a rare form of bone cancer, called osteosarcoma. When he came back into the ring, almost two years later, and defeated Josh Luteran by TKO in the first round, The Golden Child became known as the Miracle Man.

Six months later, in 2013, Jacobs was cancer-free and moving up the middleweight ladder. By 2014 he was competing for the 160-pound title of world champion. He knocked down his opponent Jarrod Fletcher during the very first round and, by round five, finished him off with a TKO. Daniel Jacobs demonstrated to the whole world what resilience and faith could accomplish.