Vivian HarrisIvan Vivian Harris is a Guyanese boxer, who now lives in Brooklyn, New York. He started to box at the early age of 12, and since then has gained authority in the boxing world for his vicious fighting style, which also earned him his nickname. He holds the winning titles of both IBA and WBA Light Welterweight world championships.

After he moved to the U.S., Harris started his amateur boxing venture and soon boasted a record of 45 wins to 5 losses, with 32 of the 45 wins earned by TKO’s. In 1995, Harris became the winner of the Metros championship. He gained a New York Golden Gloves title two years later, ending his amateur career.

Harris had his first professional fight on November 4, 1997, when he KO’d Levi Long in the very first minute of the fight. In December of 1997, Harris went on to defeat Adam Salas, also by a KO.

His aggressive style of fighting continued to bring him up the ranks of the welterweight division for many years. Harris beat several competitors in the late ’90s, but then lost to Ray Oliveirain in early 2000. He wasn’t able to match his opponent’s punch count, and lost a unanimous decision. Later that same year, Harris tied with Ivan Robinson, even though he convincingly won according to the unofficial count.

Harris won against Diobelys Hurtado in October of 2002, capturing the WBA junior welterweight title. He defended his title two times – versus Souleyman Mbaye and again against Oktay Urkal. In June 2005 Harris fought Colombian boxer Carlos Maussa Harris. He started strong, but in the last round stayed down for a 10-count; the fight was lost by technical knockout. Vivian’s latest professional fight was against Lanardo Tyner. He lost a very controversial unanimous decision. Many ringside reporters felt that he really won the fight, and the unofficial scorekeepers confirmed this. Harris still argues the unfairness of that decision in almost every interview he gave since then.