By Xavier Porter

DADA 5000 is ready to take his creation of Back Yard Brawl Extreme Fighting to another level.

DADA 5000, a fighter and YouTube sensation himself, has over 51,000 subscribers. The mixed martial artist and internet celebrity, with his no holds barred street fight videos, holds a professional MMA record of (2-0, 1 NC).


That no-contest decision took place at Bellator 149, where he faced childhood friend, turned bitter rival Kimbo Slice, in a highly publicized match. In the first round both fighters would become fatigued, leading to a very uneventful fight. Harris was defeated by way of technical knockout during the waning moments of the third round.

Having collapsed at the end of the bout, Harris was removed from the ring on a stretcher and immediately rushed to the hospital. He was later determined to have suffered the results of cardiac arrest, severe dehydration and kidney failure during the contest with Slice.

Following two weeks of hospitalization, Harris was released on March 2, 2016. In March 2016, it was revealed that Slice had tested positive for nandrolone and an elevated testosterone to epitestosterone ratio (T/E ratio) in a pre-fight drug test. The result of the fight was overturned to a no contest.

DADA 5000’s accolades include

  • starring in Dawg Fight, a film about street fighting in parts of America, which he also took part in.
  • In 2019, Harris started his own bare-knuckle fight promotion. Serving as the promoter and face of the organization, BYB Extreme Fighting Series hosted its first event in April of 2019, the event was notable for having the self-proclaimed smallest cage in combat sports. Known as the “trigon,” the triangular cage debuted at the first event.
  • BYB Extreme Fighting Series’s next event “Brawl III: Brawl at the Rock,” took place on March 7th, 2020.
  • The card was headlined by Chris Barnett taking on Matt Kovacs, with the co-main event being Mike Trujillo taking on Matt Delanoit.

Despite DADA 5000’s growing success as a professional fighter, he felt something was missing.

He quickly realized that the core of his talent didn’t rest in the strength of his fists, but it resided in the strength of his mind.

His desire to help people in his community “fight their fight” out of poverty would soon become his driving force for every successful venture that he would eventually acquire.

DADA 5000 quickly emerged as much more than a promoter and referee, but as an all-around entertainer for the local masses. His events caught the eye of the local media, and he soon found himself as a frequent feature story in the local newspapers and magazines.

DADA 5000 early accomplishments landed him on the pages of the Miami New Times. South Florida Sun Sentinel, Miami Herald, Washington Post, Maxim and ESPN the Magazine.

DADA 5000 local notoriety also caught the attention of nationally known documentary director, Billy Corben. Him and Billy forged a professional friendship that would change both of their lives forever. His role as the star of Billy Corben’s world renowned Netflix documentary Dawg Fight is his most notable role to date. Dawg Fight earned the number one spot on Netflix within a month of its release. His most recent appearance on the big screen is in Tom Sizemore’s major motion film Blood Circus, where he plays the role of bad guy fighter, Okoro.

DADA 5000 success as an entertainer, fighter and promoter of a new era in the fight movement has opened the door for numerous radio guest appearances. He has been a guest on Power96, ESPN Radio, iHeart Radio, 99 Jamz, Opie Radio, and the Breakfast Club just to name a few. He recently cohosted a segment on CBS Sports 610 Radio in Houston with wrestling legend, Booker T.

DADA 5000 also has several signature features in hip hop music videos. He appears in Akon’s music video “Hurt Somebody”, John Paul’s “Toe2Toe – Southpaw” and most recently Denzel Curry’s “RICKY”. Dhafir directed all of the fight choreography in “RICKY” and also served as the video’s assistant director.

DADA 5000 also wrote, produced and released two hip hop singles, “Put Them Thangs on ‘Em” and “Clownin in the VIP”; appeared in EA Sports Commercial promo for “Tiger Woods the Rumble”, National Geographic’s Taboo and ESPN’s E:60; a seven-page spread in Rolling Stone documenting his personal success journey and the launching of his own licensed fight league, BYB Extreme. BYB Extreme debuted on FITE TV PayPerView live from Cheyenne, Wyoming on April 5, 2019.


Dawg Fight is a documentary film directed by Billy Corben about the mixed martial arts career and personal life of Bellator MMA fighter Dhaffir Harris. The documentary is critically acclaimed for its sobering account of the brutal sport no holds barred fighting and bareknuckle fighting.

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