At forty-four years old and with a record of (51-31-1, 28 KOs) DeMarcus Corley has faced the best of the best in his career. The former WBO Super Lightweight World Champion continues to fight, both inside and outside and of the ring.

On Saturday, August 18, live at the Maryland Live Casino in Hanover, Maryland, he steps back inside the ring to face an up and coming fighter, who himself is ready to take his next step forward in his career.

On fight night, Corley is facing none other than “The Professor” Mykal Fox (17-0, 4 KOs). In facing the undefeated Super Lightweight, Corley will be giving up three main factors: height, reach, and age.

Fox stands at (6’3 ½). He’s twenty-two years old. Corley, the elder of the two, stands at 5’7. Both men fight in the southpaw stance. With an age difference being twenty-two years (to be exact), the wise and skillful veteran plans to show both his opponent and promoter, to never face a veteran fighter of championship caliber, especially at the prospect level.

“He’s a young prospect. He’s undefeated, very tall, and a southpaw as well. We have similarities but Fox is nothing like I was as an amateur or as a professional. In fighting Fox, I’m just facing another prospect.”

“I’m the guy that’s standing in front of him to derail his career. That’s my game plan: to mess up his career. After I beat this young prospect, other promoters will finally understand to stop putting their prospects in front of me.”

In speaking with the former WBO Super Lightweight World Champion, you must and need to understand who he’s faced throughout his career:

  • Floyd Mayweather
  • Zab Judah
  • Miguel Cotto
  • Randall Bailey
  • Junior Witter
  • Devon Alexander
  • Lucas Martin Matthysse
  • Vivian Harris
  • Viktor Postol
  • Ruslan Provodnikov

When asked as to why he continues to fight, Corley responded by saying:

“I love to fight. I have a passion for the sport of boxing. God has blessed me the longevity to do it for twenty-four years as a professional. I’m blessed.”

Nicknamed “Chop-Chop” for his fighting style and defeating all the odds, Corley follows a strict and nutritious diet. He trains regularly and has a superb work ethic. Corley credits Floyd Mayweather for the reasons as to why he continues to remain in physical shape and to be able to box at such a high level.

“Being around him (Mayweather) for three years, seeing how he trains and how he works, that inspired me. I learned more from training with him than fighting him. I trained with him during his fight against Manny Pacquiao. I watched and learned how he takes care of himself, both inside and outside of the ring. It was amazing.”

In speaking with Corley, he also shared his desire to fight a former opponent, one of which is the former Undisputed World Welterweight Champion Zab “Super” Judah. Corley and Judah have history, documented both inside and outside of the ring.

“A rematch fight between Judah and I would be great. The business of making the fight happen is another story. He won the first fight; I plan to win the second fight. If we could make third fight happen, that’s when it can all come together.”

“I want the fight. Both Judah and I have spoken about a rematch fight but unfortunately, there isn’t a promoter willing to help make the fight happen. Mayweather himself was willing to promote the rematch fight. Unfortunately, Judah and I had a physical altercation outside of the Mayweather Boxing Gym. After that, Mayweather changed his mind.”

Corley has his plans in place. He’s not only focused on defeating the young, up and coming prospect Fox, but focused on becoming an ambassador of boxing for years to come.

“I’m working on producing a television show in Nigeria and in Jamaica. I want to help and find the next world champion from these countries as well as others. I want to expand the sport of boxing and give fighters the chance that others are not giving them. I want to help fighters both inside and outside the ring.”

Corley and Fox are set to square off live on Saturday 18, August 2018, at the Maryland Live Casino in Hanover, Maryland. To watch the fight, make sure to tune into USA CBS Sports Network.

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