interviewed Noemi “NoNo” Bosques (8-2-2) in the run-up to her bout against Brooklyn’s own Heather “The Heat” Hardy (12-0). The women are set to battle May 29th at Barclay’s Center on the Khan/Algieri under-card. Fans can expect fireworks in the ring as two decidedly aggressive and determined fighters go toe-to-toe. Bosques, who hails from Tampa, Florida, says she’s ready for Hardy, and not leaving anything to chance.

“I realize that I have to bring it all. I have one chance and this is it. I am training kill or nothing.”

Tell us about your training camp regimen in the runup to this fight.

The training camp is amazing. It’s the best camp I’ve had just because most of my camps have been local. I am like the Heather Hardy of New York – I am the ticket seller here, so I hustle a lot. It takes a lot of time from you, especially the down time when I am supposed to be resting.

If there’s one thing I am doing different this time, because I am going to New York, I decided to have a camp–in the country, away from the city. I am literally over here training two times a day. It is absolutely intense. I’m with Willie Monroe who’s having his fight with Triple-G in a couple weeks – he’s in my camp. I’ve got other amazing athletes I am training with at six o’clock in the morning and at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. So there’s just so much momentum and hunger between all of us. I just feel I am having the best camp ever, I really do.

Tell me your thoughts on Heather Hardy as a fighter and an opponent.

I have always actually admired Heather Hardy. I never thought that we would fight because usually I was fighting flyweight or super flyweight which is 112 pounds or 115, 118 pounds. And she’s like 123, which is the weight that this next fight will be. She’s a tough competitor. So I’ve always had a lot of respect for her. But come fight day, it’s going to be completely different.

What’s your prediction on how and when the fight is going to end?

Oh man, all I can tell you is that I am coming a whole lot different to this fight than any of the other ones, especially since I don’t have to get down so little and I am having a real camp. I am coming to New York and I realize that the odds are going to be against me, not only because she’s an undefeated fighter, but because I am in her hometown, and she’s got her city that is going to be there watching her, and she’s got Lou Dibella that is going to be putting on the show.

I realize that I have to bring it all. I have one chance and this is it. I am training kill or nothing. And she is also a very similar style fighter. She’s very aggressive. She’s coming forward. She’s always in great shape. So I really feel that this is going to be a super explosive fight for 8 rounds. And whoever is there watching it is truly going to have a women’s boxing match to remember.

Tell me about some of the highlights of your pro career thus far.

One of the last fights I had, I defeated Chantel Cordova from Colorado. She has a very good record. She is a very good athlete. I think she had a world title one time. I was able to defeat her for the WBU title a couple fights ago and that was definitely a highlight, because she was a very good and skilled fighter–much more experienced than I was at the time.

Another highlight was, I stopped a young lady from Belgium, Yolaine Lin De Lauf. I stopped her in the third round. It was for the NBA title. She had a little more experience than I did at the time, and I was able to put her down in the third round. That was also a huge highlight for my career.

What have been some of the most challenging moments?

Being a single mom throughout this whole journey has always been a very big challenge. And doing all this without a promoter, without a manager. I have literally been the one to speak one-on-one with the promoters, with the matchmakers, going down the list, picking the opponents. I’ve had control of my career the whole time, being a single mom, taking care of my grandmother, being a part of the community. So all of that has been a true challenge, but I am also thankful for it, because it’s helped me be the strong lady that I am today. All I know is how to fight and move forward. These experiences have taught me that. These experiences have challenged me to move forward. But this whole thing has been a huge challenge – this whole journey.

After this fight, where do you envision yourself next in boxing?

I would like to start focusing on continuing to fight in other places. Most of my fights have been in Tampa, and I love my city. But I would like to start growing and facing tougher athletes such as Miss Hardy, and you know, I’ve had a few offers in Mexico. I’ve had a few offers in South America and in the islands. I think now, I’m to the point where I’ve had enough experience to go and continue to grow with these women in other countries.

Anything else you’d like to get out there before we conclude?

Yeah, I would like to shout out a couple of my sponsors. Shock Mob, law offices of Anthony Gonzales. I have Tia’s Latin Restaurant. I have a great team that is behind me supporting me and believe in me. I just want to shout out my city, St. Pete and Tampa for just being behind me the whole time. If it wasn’t for everybody’s support, I probably would’ve fallen into the odds that have been placed against me. God’s been with me the whole time, and I feel great. I feel blessed, and I am ready to continue growing and moving forward.

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