By Xavier Porter | June 9, 2019

Respect given, respect earned.

Former four-time middleweight champion Gennady “GGG” Golovkin steam passed formerly undefeated middleweight Steve Rolls via a fourth round knockout.

Golovkin took his time to breakdown his opponent to deliver the final blows, while ending the fight in dramatic and exciting fashion.

Middleweight – 12 Rounds

Gennadiy “GGG” Golovkin, Karaganda, KAZ (38-1-1, 34 KOs) vs Steve Rolls, Toronto, CA (19-0, 10 KOs)

With the electricity in the audience as charged as a lightning bolt from the sky, “THE BIG DRAMA SHOW” Gennady Golovkin did not disappoint as he took care of business and sent formerly undefeated middleweight Steve Rolls back home to Toronto, Canada, courtesy of right hook – left hook combination, finishing with a thudding left hook to the temple which sent Rolls crashing down to the canvas.

To his credit, Rolls made an effort to rise from the vicious knockdown but the power and effect of the blow made Rolls fall back between the ropes. In fact, if the ropes were not present, Rolls may have landed on the cameramen and photographers who were seated ringside.

The fight began with Rolls exchanging punches with the four-time middleweight champion. Rolls found early success in the second round when he landed a straight right hand that snapped the head back of Golovkin.

This appeared to not only piss off the powerful middleweight, but it also allowed for Golovkin to continue to apply pressure and land his patented left hooks to the body.

As he softened and weakened his opponent, Golovkin went in for the kill in the fourth and final round. By this point there wear tear that Rolls was experiencing took its toll and opened him to a series of heavy blows, which was ultimately his downfall.

The knockout came at 2:09 of the fourth round. Afterwards, Golovkin spoke to the crowd of the reported 12,357 fans in attendance:

“I feel great,” Golovkin said.

“First of all, thank you so much to everyone. I want to thank my opponent, Steve Rolls. He was looking good for a couple of rounds. Of course I was looking for the knockout. After speaking to my trainer at the end of the second round, I saw the knockout coming.

“I’m back guys and everybody knows who I want to fight next (Canelo Alvarez). Just ask him because I want a long big drama show. I want to fight Canelo, here at Madison Square Garden.”

Will Golovkin get a third crack at the unified middleweight champion? That remains to be seen as Golovkin hopes to and a fight with the three-division world champion Golovkin in September of this year.

Super Middleweight – 10 Rounds

WBC International Super Middleweight Title Bout

Ali Akhmedov, Almaty, KAZ (14-0, 10 KOs) vs Marcus McDaniel, New Orleans, LA (15-0, 2 KOs)

Akhmedov, fighting for the first time in Madison Square Garden did not fret the defensive minded McDaniel as he scored a TKO at 1:43 of the third round.

McDaniel tried his best to offset the strong, charging Akhmedov with head movement and constant clinching. By doing, he became tired, fatigued, and an easy target for Akhmedov to land his straight, accurate shots.

Ali Akhmedov shared after the fight:

“This was dream; to fight here, at Madison Square Garden. I was completely controlling the fight. I just listened to my trainer. I feel excellent fighting at 168lb. Before coming into this fight, into this ring, all I felt was happiness.”

Welterweight – 8-Rounds

Brian Ceballo, Brooklyn, NY (8-0, 4 KOs) vs Bahktiyar Eyubov, Brooklyn, NY (14-0-1, 12 KOs)

Ceballo, the 2x New York Daily News Golden Gloves winner, was able to withstand the constant pressure Eyubov with clear-cut punching and landing accurate shots to the face to his opponent.

At time, Eyubov showed signs of a welterweight version of “Smokin” Joe Frazier but it was Ceballo who showed glimpse of Muhammad Ali as he repeatedly landed phenomenal jab, followed by a straight right hand.

Eyubov made many attempts to slip, move his head, and get on the inside of Ceballo’s long reach. Unfortunately for him, he was met with more sharp, accurate shots that stopped his momentum.

By round seven, it was apparent that Eyubov had little left as Ceballo peppered him with constant jabs and lead right hands to both the face and body of his opponent.

Brian Ceballo:

“We did what we had to do to win tonight. Yes he was a tough opponent, we knew that coming in. We took this step up. We actually had another opponent lined up. Tom [Loeffler] came and said if you want to be on this card, you have to take this bout. We didn’t even hesitate. It’s time to showcase our skills and I think we did that tonight.”

“We have a big amateur pedigree. I have over 200 fights, 219 amateur fights. We’ve been all over the world, traveling, and we actually went to Kazakhstan back in 2015, and I loved it man. Everyone in Kazakhstan was so nice but we jumped on this opportunity because it was right on our angles. We needed a bigger step up from our last opponent, where we got a third round stoppage, and we thought this was the platform to do it – here in the Mecca of Boxing and on DAZN.”

“We worked so hard at the gym, on how to take shots. I don’t want to say that we should take shots but its boxing, things happen. I think all boxing champions get knocked down, all the greats – Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, and they’re still the greatest to this day. I’m building up to this legacy, I’m building up to their legacy, maybe even surpass them. We’re here for the long run.”

“I still look pretty I hope. We have to talk with our team on if we take another step up, or if we take it down a notch and take another step up after that.”

Super Welterweight – 10 Rounds

Israil Madrimov, Khiua, UZB (2-0, 2 KOs) vs Norberto Gonzalez, Monterrey, MEX (24-12, 12 KOs)

Madrimov began the fight with bad intentions with relentless pressure against Gonzalez who did his best to slip and dip in and out of range of the power of his opponent.

It did not take long for Madrimov to find his mark in placing power punches from both the southpaw and orthodox angle.

Madrimov went on to stop his opponent, by TKO stoppage, at 0:49 seconds of round six.

Madrimov who won a WBA Inter-Continental title in his professional debut, is ranked number six within the World Boxing Association and expressed after the fight that he’s ready for a shot a world title.

Israil Madrimov:

“My opponent is very durable, a tough guy, and we know that he goes the distance with everyone. I wanted to prove that I can stop the guy that nobody can. I worked slowly but I knew what I was going to do later rounds.”

“I was ready for the title shot. I was asking for it in my professional debut. I’ve been working on it. I asked after my first fight, my second fight, my third fight, I’m going to keep asking, and my promoter knows what to do. As soon as my promoter gives me the chances, I’m ready for the fight.”

Junior Middleweight Bout – 10 Rounds

USBA Jr. Title

Charles Conwell, Cleveland, OH (9-0, 7 KOs) vs Courtney Pennington, Brooklyn, NY (12-3-3, 5 KOs)

Cornwell, the undefeated 2016 United States Olympian, controlled the fight from the beginning to the end as he delivered constant pressure with power shots during this ten round for the vacant USBA Junior Middleweight Title.

Cornwell utilized his amateur pedigree to outlast and out punch the cagey veteran Pennington.

In the tenth round, there were glimpse of where Pennington seemed to be revived from the onslaught of punches that he received throughout the fight.

Unfortunately for him, Cornwell made sure to put a stop to Pennington’s “semi-uprising” by closing the bout with a series of power punches to the body and head of Pennington. 97-97, 2x, 97-93

In the end, Cornwell improved his record to (10-0, 7 KOs) with a unanimous decision win (97-97, 2x, and 97-93) securing regional a title that will surely get him closer to his ultimate goal of becoming a world champion.

Super Middleweight – 4 Rounds

Nikita Ababiy vs Juan Francisco Barajas

Ababiy wasted no time dispatching in dominating his opponent as he landed a powerful left hook to the body of the previous undefeated Barajas who was unable to continue.

Ababiy took his time and landed the thudding punch that could be heard from as far as row six in the press row.

To his credit, Barajas tried to get up off the canvas but the punch was so powerful that the after effects caused Barajas to drop back down to his knees.

Ababiy was awarded the knockout at 0:41 seconds of the first round to improve to (5-0, 5 KOs).

Nikita Ababiy:

“It was unexpected. I was training hard of this fight and I meant to throw the hard body shot, but I didn’t know that was going to be the outcome. I did not expect that. All my fights, I go for the body shot because that’s my favorite shot. I knew he wasn’t going to get up.”

“Every punch I landed was devastating, but as you saw from the performance, it was a body shot. A lot of my knockouts come from my body shot. I was trying to go all the rounds and show people how good I can last, how long I last in the ring.”

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