Paul Martin GabatanAfter years of anticipation, the mega-fight of the century is upon us. Today, reports on a unique perspective from inside the Philippines via an interview conducted with fight fan, aspiring boxer and fitness trainer, Paul Martin Gabatan. The interview took place in Cebu.

“Pacquiao has given so much influence to us, most especially to the poor people. He has shown us that poverty is indeed not a hindrance to success.”


Where will you watch the May-Pac fight, and with whom?

Pacquiao fights are always something to look forward to and usually it’s spent with friends over a few bottles of beer, but this time, this fight is extra special and I want to share it with extra special people as well–family and my girlfriend. It’ll be one of the most exciting fights I won’t miss.

What’s your prediction on when and how the fight ends?

If Mayweather gets too easy and puts his guard down on the first five rounds then the fight will end early. But, looking on his fighting style with his previous opponents, I think it’ll go the distance. Either way, Pacquiao will still win.

Pacman has the speed and strength which no other boxers have in this generation. You can’t beat speed with strength alone. Pacman has that aggressiveness in the ring yet never loses his control over speed and power. Without a doubt it’s a win for Pacquiao! Filipino or not – undeniably he is the best boxer this generation has ever seen.

How important is it to you for Pacquiao to win?

Filipino pride – that alone can answer the question. A win for Manny is a win for our country.

For me, it won’t really matter if Pacman will win or lose in this fight. I will still be very proud of our champion regardless of the result. The most important thing is all about the courage he shows to face his opponents that truly demonstrates the true Filipino spirit.

This is the fight he has been longing for to reclaim victory and mark his true legacy to the world. I can only imagine when you crave for something for so long and that moment finally comes. If Mayweather happens to be a food, Pacman will devour him in the ring!

What does this fight mean for the people of the Philippines?

Manny didn’t get the title “Fighter of the Decade,” three time “Fighter of the Year,” “Pinoy Pride,” and many other acknowledgements for nothing. Almost everyone around the globe witnessed how Pacman climbed up the ladder in the boxing world. He fought and put down every good fighter in the ring. Every Filipino around the world would love to see the champion win again and prove to the world that we are great in almost everything. This fight will definitely make a mark in the history for us.

In hard times like these, Manny’s win will really bring up the spirits of our fellow countrymen. His win will be a breath of fresh air and will help inspire the Filipinos we are the masters of our fate.

How much of a role has Pacquiao played in influencing boxers to get involved in the sport in this country?

Manny I think is the reason behind the sudden rise in the popularity of boxing not only in the Philippines but also around the world.

Pacquiao has given so much influence to us, most especially to the poor people. He has shown us that poverty is indeed not a hindrance to success. Manny started from scratch, from no one to someone. Everyone in this county looks up to him. Respect is all I have for the man. His determination in fulfilling his dreams has inspired a lot of people in our country. Considering that Pacman is not only a boxer but also a politician, singer, basketball player/coach, who knows he could be a chef someday.

Any hot new Philippine prospects in the pipeline who could be the next Pacquiao?

Once, I heard the name Reynaldo Bautista aka Boom-Boom, but the name suddenly fades off the limelight for some reason. There will never be a next Pacquiao. It’s like saying who will be the next Michael Jackson? But there will always be someone new that will suddenly show up, and it will be something new. I guess the real question should be: will the next champion beat Pacquiao’s record?

Well said.