Jamaine Ortiz: The Fist of the North Star

By Xavier Porter – www.brooklynfights.com

February 22, 2018

Brooklyn, NY (Worcester, MA) – Highly skilled, intelligent, and talented Lightweight Jamaine Ortiz has the makings of becoming a future star in boxing. The young man from Worcester, Massachusetts, has been perfecting skills since the age of seven.

Jamaine Ortiz - Lightweight Prospect

Jamaine Ortiz – Lightweight Prospect

Now twenty-one, and with a record of 7-0 (4 KOs), he is once again ready to showcase his talent, live, February 23rd, on renowned promoter Jimmy Burchfield Sr. red-hot CES Boxing card to start the boxing year in New England. Fans from across the globe can catch all the action beginning at 8 p.m. ET live from Twin River Casino in Rhode Island on any device wherever Facebook is available.

In speaking with Ortiz, he shared his early start into boxing and how it has helped to shape his plans to accomplish personal goals in life.

Lightweight prospect Jamaine Ortiz

Lightweight prospect Jamaine Ortiz

“I used to fight a lot in school. My father used to put gloves on me and make me fight kids from around my neighborhood. After that, I started going to go to the Boys and Girls gym in my city. Once I got good at I decided to stick with.”

“I did pretty well in my amateur career. My record was 100-14. I basically won every tournament in the New England area. I won the Golden Gloves and the Regionals. I also fought in the Junior Olympic trials where I placed in the semifinals. Since turning professional in 2016 I haven’t looked back since.”

Training out of his hometown gym with head trainers Carlos Garcia and Rocky Gonzalez, Ortiz is truly wise beyond his years. Most young men in boxing are solely focused on boxing. However, Ortiz is not your average twenty-one year old fighter. Yes, he trains six day a week, but he also works a fulltime job, attends college, and cares for his two-year old daughter.

Ortiz continues to work hard to provide a better future for himself and his family.

Lightweight Prospect Jamaine Ortiz

Lightweight Prospect Jamaine Ortiz

“I’m a fighter by heart and a carpenter by trade. I am with my Local 336. My union believes in me and support my boxing career. Being with the union affords me the opportunity to leave for training camp and return back to a job after my fight.”

“I try my best to balance everything out. When I was young, people used to tell me that I needed to focus on one aspect in life. For me, I don’t get stressed or overwhelmed. I enjoy working and I enjoy going to school. I enjoy fighting. Boxing is a business that I know that I will do well in. I’m building my future.”

Standing at 5’7 and currently fighting within the lightweight division (135lb), Ortiz possesses the fundamentals of an extremely highly skilled boxer. He thinks on his feet and he’s able to switch stances at the blink of an eye, similar to one of his favorite fighters, the great Roy Jones Jr.

Jamaine Ortiz - photo courtesy of Will Paul/CES Boxing

Jamaine Ortiz – photo courtesy of Will Paul/CES Boxing

“I enjoy mixing styles when I fight. I love to imitate Roy Jones Jr. style of boxing. I’m ambidextrous. I can do it all. I can switch from southpaw to orthodox. It helps to keep my opponent guessing.”

“I have a lot of experience, but I know that every opponent I face will be different. I haven’t shown all my skills and capabilities in the ring yet. I’m still learning. In boxing you can never stop learning. You need to always work on something, whether if it’s defense or offense.”

Ortiz, a student of boxing, fully understands the importance of being prepared for any style of opponent that he faces.

My job is to train and to fight,” Ortiz said, “I never go into a fight looking for a knockout.”

“Any fight is possible to make. People move up and down in weight. From 122-140, anybody I’ve seen in my amateur career can be a potential opponent for me in the future.”

“When I fight, my focus is to work on technique, get rounds in, and test myself. I follow the game plan and usually, it leads to a stoppage. I believe it’s more important to listen to the instructions that my corner gives to me during the fight rather than to go into a fight trying to score a knockout.”

With his scheduled bout looming in a few hours, Ortiz anticipates putting on a great performance for his friends, family, and fans.

Jamaine Ortiz - Lightweight Prospect

Jamaine Ortiz – Lightweight Prospect

“I can’t wait. I’m excited. With every performance, I’m looking to better than I did during the last time. I’m progressing and looking to work on things and apply what I’ve learned.”

“I appreciate all the support that I receive from my fans and I cherish the relationships that I have with my family. I’m so thankful to have my mother, my aunts, and my brothers supporting me. I’m very grateful to have them in my life. I want everyone to know that when I get to the top I will be there for a long time.”

“Becoming world champion is my goal. I want to be a world champion for as long as I can be. I want the fans to remember me. I want to be a legend. Boxing is a business but I want the people to love me and remember what I gave to this sport.”

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Jamaine Ortiz - Lightweight Prospect

Jamaine Ortiz – Lightweight Prospect

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