By Xavier Porter

(Brooklyn – December 23, 2019)

In boxing, the current state of the heavyweight division has many fighters, some whom possess tremendous power and boxing skills that have taken their respective careers to the championship level.

However, there’s one boxer on the rise, that’s ready to stake his claim as the next heavyweight world champion.

That man is none other than James “The Beast” Wilson.

In this day and age of heavyweight boxing, most fighters, if not all, are extremely tall, fighting at heights 6’6, 6’7, and beyond.

Standing at (6’0) and weighing in anywhere between 245lbs to 250lbs, Wilson would appear to be the prototypical size fighter for the division, during 80’s and 90’s.

What separates Wilson from the current fighters in his division is his tenacity and overall will to be a dominant force for years to come.

“I’m a mystery,” Wilson said.

“There’s no heavyweight in boxing that fights like me or has what I have.”

“Fighters that are built like me, more so who fought in the 80’s and 90’s, were dogs. It was a different style of fighting.”

“I have that dog in me! A lot of heavyweights don’t have that mindset; they don’t have that drive in them.”


“The current state of fighters in the heavyweight division is crazy because everyone looks like basketball players.”

“However, I don’t feel or believe that they possess that KILL-SWITCH.”

“I’m not taking anything away from the current fighters at the top of the division right now, but they do not have what I possess.”

“I enjoy throwing punches. Let’s BANG IT OUT! I’m not coming to fight for twelve rounds.”

“I’m coming through to BANG-BANG AND GET THE JOB DONE!”

As a former college football standout star, Wilson is a phenomenal, professional and skilled athlete trained in four-combat sports (Kickboxing, Karate, Muay Thai, and Boxing).

In speaking with Wilson, he discusses what took place with his football career, after graduating from college and being selected by the Chicago Bears, at which time the team wanted to change his position from running back to defense lineman.

That in itself seemed to have awakened “The Beast” to becoming a mixed-martial arts fighter and leading him into the ring, or should I say, the world of the “Sweet Science.”

James “The Beast” Wilson

“I began taking part in mixed-martial arts after I decided to stop playing football,” Wilson said.

“I searched and found a Dojo, where I began studying Kempo Karate. I then branched off to Kickboxing, Muay Thai, and mixed-martials arts (MMA).”

“I fought in Bellator, K-1, and Glory. I fought professionally in the best levels of every sport. I then looked at the state of which heavyweight boxing was in and decided to take my fighting skills into the boxing world.”

“Boxing is a beautiful sport. It’s all technical. It’s like playing chess. At the end of the day, it’s all about knowing how to use your hands.”

Growing up in the tough and hard streets of South Central, LA, Wilson had to fight for everything that he has today.

From being surrounded by gangs, to becoming homeless, and being incarcerated, Wilson utilized these experiences to transcend his life to bigger and better opportunities, both inside and outside the ring.

During this interview, Wilson shared his trials and tribulations of being homeless and the many struggles that he endured, from having to live in several foster homes, to where he has taking his life (for the better).

Wilson also expressed how he needed to change his mind set and focus to better his life, and for those that he cares about the most, namely his family and friends.

“For one, I wouldn’t change anything of what I experienced in my life,” Wilson said.

“Life is the best teacher. It’s what helped shaped my life. Growing up in that environment helped me to become the man that I am today.”

“Coming from where I come from, it’s survival of the fittest. At that time, I was mainly focused on how I going to eat at night. I wasn’t thinking about becoming a combat sports athlete.”

“Those experiences definitely helped me shape my career path and life for the better.”

Currently, Wilson travels city to city, soaking up knowledge, learning, and developing his boxing skills towards becoming the next heavyweight world champion.

While doing so, he has released a twenty-six-minute documentary regarding his career and rise in the ranks in professional boxing.

The documentary, (Boxing Kings – The Tale of James Wilson), which can be seen on YouTube (link below), continues to draw several eyes of what “The Beast” is on the cusp of accomplishing.

Due to his size and resemblance, Wilson has often been compared to one of the greatest heavyweight boxers in the history of the sport.

One man in particular has paid attention to what Wilson brings inside the ring and that man is none other than former UNDISPUTED HEAVYWEIGHT WORLD CHAMPION IRON MIKE TYSON.

Wilson, who acknowledges the comparison, and has complete love and respect for Tyson, wants the world to know that he’s not Tyson.

“A lot of people have described the comparison between me and Mike Tyson. It’s good and it’s bad because for one: there will never be another Mike Tyson and there will never be another James Wilson.”

“At the end of the day I’m me, I’m James “The Beast” Wilson; I have my own style, my own personality; but as heavyweight fighters, we’re both considered and looked at as being small for our division.”

Height! Size! Explosive Power!

These are several attributes that both men share but what each man also shares the willingness and desire to learn and grow.

James “The Beast” Wilson

Wilson shared and described what it was like learning the tools of the trade from his all-time favorite fighter:

“Because of our respective styles, we have to beat up the body against our opponents and cut off the head. Both of our styles match. We’re both athletic and love to punch on angles, but at the end of the day I am me.”

“Tyson is so well-rounded. Before every fight, I watch tapes of his fights. When I’m inside my dressing room, preparing to step inside the cage or ring, I get inspired and motivated to enter the ring.”  

“Mike Tyson is a legend. For him to watch tape of me fighting and to see his reaction and being enthused, and showing me different techniques on how to land punches on my opponents, it doesn’t get any better than that.”

Currently signed to Golden Boy Boxing, the home of four-division world champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Wilson (7-0-1, 6 KO’s) has fought abroad, with his first three boxing matches taking place in New Zealand, his next three fights taking place in Mexico, and his last fight taking place in California, where he was given a draw.

Wilson admits that he took the fight days ahead before the fight card took place.

With that fight behind him, Wilson but he expressed that he wants to fight on a consistent basis and have his career directed towards bigger and better fights.

“I’m not one of these young fighters,” Wilson said.

“My goal is to stay active and fight as often as possible towards a world championship.”

“I’m looking to get back into the ring this coming March (2020).”

A natural-born leader, Wilson was given the nickname “The Beast” due to exhibiting complete focus to dominant all aspects of life, whether inside or outside of the ring.

Outside of the ring, Wilson continues to work hard in helping to uplift the inner-city communities around the country.

Wilson continues to build positive and long-lasting relationships, with different city officials, to address the many issues that take place in our country’s inner-cities.

“I’m very humble and I know what I can do to help change lives for the better,” Wilson said.

“I travel from city to city, state to state, to bring awareness to bullying. I am a strong believer and supporter in the anti-bullying cause. I grew up in the foster care system. It is my duty to address the same issues and difficulties that I experienced in my younger days.”

“I want to show and teach the youth that I too was in the same circumstances that they may be in right now. I need to explain to them that they too can rise above to a new and better way of living.”

In closing, some of Wilson’s many accolades and career highlights consist of the following:

  • Golden Boy Promotions 2018
  • WBC Muay Thai World Championship 2017
  • BELLATOR MMA – February 2014
  • Glory Kickboxing 2013
  • K1 Kickboxing 2012
  • Running Back, Poland – Warsaw Eagles 2011
  • Amateur Southern California MMA Heavyweight Champ 2011
  • Chicago Bears Free Agent 2011
  • Averett University Offensive Player of the Year 2010
  • USA South All Conference Running Back 2010
  • Averett University Football Team Captain 2010
  • Concord University Strong Man Award 2008
  • Concord University Offensive Running Back Rookie of the Year 2005
  • Los Angeles Times Player of the Year 2004
  • Two-time All-City Running Back 2003, 2004
  • Three-time All City Track Field for 100M 400M 2003, 2004
  • Two-time All-Conference Running Back 2003-2004
  • Two-time All-Conference Defensive End 2003-2004
  • Three-time Scholar Athlete 2002≠2004

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