By Xavier Porter

(July 13, 2020 – Brooklyn, NY)

In today’s boxing, there are many great fighters, some who possess skills, others who possess talent. However, in the possible years to come, there’s a skilled, talented athlete who possesses so much more.

That person is Jamir “Official Big Future” Robertson.

With the continued growth, knowledge, and wisdom blessed upon him from his parents, young Jamir has the world at his feet.

At 5’10, and growing, the two-sport athlete is highly skilled beyond his years in both boxing and football.

Jamir “Official Big Future” Robertson vs Lamar Jackson

The question that lies is which sport will he venture in to becoming the global phenomenon of which he feels he can become.

“I believe that I can be that person for our people in boxing, for the world. I want to change lives for the better. I want to be able to travel to other countries and be an inspiration for their people. That time will come but for now, I enjoy taking part in both sports (boxing and football).”

Jamir, previously nicknamed “Lil Future”, who’s now known to the world as “Official Big Future”, presents with elite skills, talent, star power, and mental toughness that both young and older people marvel at.


Jamir’s boxing ability has also been recognized and supported by the greats of the sport, including none other his Philadelphia brethren, 2019 International Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee Bernard Hopkins; two-division world champion Andre Ward; and current unified heavyweight world champion Anthony Joshua.

Jamir “Official Big Future” Roberston, with now retired, the great two-division world champion Andre Ward, Sway, and the legend J. Prince

Robertson, who’s won many of accolades and trophies, is also a 2014 Philly Golden Gloves Champ and 2015 Junior Olympics Silver Medalist.

Jamir “Official Big Future” Robertson, training with the great Floyd Mayweather Sr.

He has traveled and fought in many tournaments, training and being educated on the sport of the sweet science, with the best, including the great Floyd Mayweather Sr., while likening his fighting style to current two-division world champion Gervonta Davis, unified welterweight world champion Errol Spence Jr, the above mentioned Andre Ward and four-division world champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

In speaking with Jamir’s father, Mark, he shared:

Jamir “Official Big Future” Robertson, with his Father, Mark aka “The Mad Scientist of Boxing” working on throwing hands, hitting the mitts, and perfecting the craft of the sweet science

“Right now in boxing, there’s no African-American that is carrying the sport like how Floyd Mayweather did. The only fighter that’s doing that, respectfully and rightfully saying is Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.”

“Canelo is the face of boxing. For black fighters, we don’t have that right now. We have good fighters such as Gervonta Davis, Errol Spence, and Terence Crawford, but we don’t have that fighter that’s carrying the sport for our culture.”

Jamir Robertson aka “Lil Future, listening to his father Mark, while transitioning to “Official Big Future”

“My son can be that person, if he chooses to do that. He has the mold and skills of all these fighters. He can do it all. He just has to want it more than everyone else.”

In speaking with Jamir, he agreed with his father, stating that his father is “his best friend, inside and outside of the boxing ring.”

“I love my father. I don’t think I would ever fight if he wasn’t there, by my side. Right now, I enjoy football. I know I can box and pick up the gloves, but right now, I’m having fun with football.”

“I do believe I can be that person for our people in boxing, for the world. I want to change lives for the better. I want to be able to travel to other countries and be an inspiration for their people. That time will come but now, I enjoy both sports.”

Jamir “Official Big Future” Robertson and his father Mark aka “The Mad Scientist of Boxing” on Sway and the Morning Show

The elder Robertson recognizes and sees the future in boxing for his son and quite frankly, he’s not the only one. There are tons of sponsors, possibly promoters, agents, etc. who are clamoring at the opportunity to sign young Jamir.

Me personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if these same opportunities weren’t already being offered from football programs, colleges, etc.

Jamir, who’s on the cusp of turning sixteen years old, comes from a loving, two-parent household. With all the societal issues taking place around him, he maintains with an understanding that his life is precious and that he follows his rightful path in life.”

“I know a lot of people, but I don’t hang out with a lot of people. I have friends, real friends, and we’re all involved in the same things. We’re all in involved in sports and we all pretty much enjoy the same things.”

“I understand and see what’s taking place around me. I see it every day but I try to be smart and not put myself in those situations. I understand that COVID-19 is serious and to be aware of being around a large group of people, may bring more harm than good to me.”

In closing, Mark, his wife, and family, support their son’s current desire and focus to take part in both sports of football and boxing, while recognizing and understanding the talent he possesses.

The continued support that is offered from all is appreciated and respected. At the end of the day, it will be Jamir’s decision to take his talents and skills to a higher level.

To where he will take them, that remains to be seen; but for now, let us all watch and support this young on his “FUTURE” journey towards greatness.

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