By Xavier Porter, Brooklyn, NY, 5/15/18–Baltimore, MD has within its city a young, heralded future world champion, who’s on the cusp of achieving greatness in the sport of boxing. His name is Lorenzo Simpson and if you haven’t heard about him by now, then hopefully you’ll Google all information and watch every piece of video on file regarding this young man.

Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson

The self-described “humble young man”, has a smile that can light up the room. Inside the ring, he’s a different person. Inside the ring is where Simpson has taken his talents and skills to a level that has far surpassed his peers within his age group.

Simpson, the twelve-time National Champion and six-time Silver Glove Champion is once again ready to showcase his skills and maintain his ranking as the number one amateur fighter in the country. Up next for this young man is the Continental Championships, taking place in Colorado (May 19th to May 27th). At this tournament, Simpson will be facing the best fighters in his division from all around the world.

In speaking with Simpson, he expressed how important it is to remain focused and maintain his number one ranking, as there’s a bigger goal in mind that he plans to accomplish.

Lorenzo Simpson with Olympic Silver Medalist and Featherweight Sensation Shakur Stevenson

“I’ve been boxing for over ten years. I’m focused and working hard. I try to get better every day. I don’t let the hype get to me.”

“The last tournament I won (U.S. Nationals) took place in Utah. The air out there was very thin. It was hard for me to breathe. I also caught the flu. I needed a lot of rest but I didn’t quit; I pushed through.”

“Once I finish this tournament I’ll be fighting in the World Championships in August. After that, I’ll be fighting in the amateur Olympic Games in Argentina, in September.”

“My goal is to win a gold medal at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. I want to be the first American-male boxer to win a gold medal since Andre Ward. It would mean a lot to win that medal. If I’m able to accomplish that goal, there’s no telling what I can accomplish when I turn professional.”

Lorenzo Simpson with Mr. TBE, Floyd Mayweather

Simpson, at seventeen-years old, is wise beyond his age. He absorbs all the knowledge and support that he receives from his supportive network, as well as from professionals. He recently had a one-on-one Instagram live chat with the current WBC Heavyweight Champion Deontay Wilder. He is strategic and intelligent, which is helping him to increase his popularity amongst fans of the sport. Simpson is also business-minded and planning for his future now. In fact, he encourages other young fighters to do the same thing.

“I would encourage fighters, around the ages of fifteen and sixteen, to start focusing more on building their brand. Social media has positive effects on a fighter’s career because it can help a fighter gain sponsorships. It can also have a negative impact because people get too involved in it in. You need to have balance. Having balance is having a good team around you.”

“Fighters, especially close to seventeen years old, should have everything established such as their team, their brand, and their trainers. This will keep everything in place so that you (the fighter) can just focus on fighting.”

Lorenzo Simpson with Coach Calvin Ford

In speaking about his own team, Simpson credits his coaches (Calvin Ford and Kenny Ellis) amongst the many people who help him to stay focused on achieving personal greatness.

“My relationship with my coaches is everything to me. Coach Ford has always been a father to me. Coach Ellis is like my uncle. Coach Ford has been by my side since I was seven years old, since I began boxing. My team supports me so much. My team believes in me and that’s what pushes me to work so hard.”

Lorenzo Simpson with Coach Calvin ford at Upton Boxing Recreation Center

“My mother also inspires. She raised me and my three brothers as a single parent in Baltimore. I know how strong she is and the things that she’s been through. It’s my time to give her the life she deserves; to give her what she needs; to show her that she did right by me and my brothers.”

With his future bright and feet firmly planted in the right direction, Simpson is well on his way to showing others a different side of what Baltimore is perceived to be, a side that many do not understand or get to see.

Lorenzo “Truck” Simpson

“It’s tough in Baltimore,” Simpson said, “It’s just like any other city.”

“Even though there’s drugs and violence around me, I choose to do something better with my life. Everyone has their own choice on how to live their life. I choose to fight; I choose to box. I love this sport and the competitiveness that comes with it. I fight for a purpose: for my city and for my family.”

“I look up to world champions such as Floyd Mayweather, Andre Ward, and Gervonta Davis. I look up to my friend Shakur Stevenson. They’ve all came from tough backgrounds, just like me, and accomplished many great things. I am on my way in doing the same thing. Soon enough, all my dreams will come true.”

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