By Nat Wilkins, Brooklyn, NY, 6/1/18—Fighting out of Springfield, Massachusetts, MMA prospect, Pat Casey, returns to the cage June 9th for his third pro fight. The action is set to take place at Foxwoods casino in Connecticut on a card by Nevada-based promoter, WFC. Casey (3-0-0), aka “The Gorilla Ninja” will be looking to put the hurt on Chicago fighter, Darrius “Beast Mode” Flowers (3-2-1) when the cage door closes.

Casey’s third pro fight, scheduled as a 175 pound catchweight, will mark the third weight he’s fought at as a pro, with the upcoming bout being the first not requiring a significant cut. It’s a big jump from from his debut at 155 and second fight at 160 pounds, both of which he won convincingly via UD despite pronounced effects of cutting.

On the 9th, fans may get to see a side of Casey that hasn’t yet fully emerged in his pro career – peak performance in optimal conditions. But it may not be a walk in the park as Flowers, who has fought in the pros between 170 pounds and 180 pounds, won’t be killing himself to make weight either.

During a sunny early summer afternoon with Casey at Team Link Ludlow, we got to see some of Gorilla Ninja’s more naturalistic training methods. Aptly dubbed “grass drills” by Casey’s coach, retired deputy sheriff and law enforcement special ops trainer, Hector Arvelo, the outdoor exercises comprise a full-tilt mix of strength, agility and cardio training, designed to stress the mind and body in preparation for cage warfare.

The outcome of the fight on the 9th will help set the course for Casey’s thus-far promising trajectory in pro MMA. With his first three pro outings all for solid promotions — the first for Bellator, second for CES MMA and this fight for WFC — it seems that only an unexpected defeat could stand in the way of Casey’s climb to elite ranks in MMA, given enough time and experience. The Gorilla Ninja has all the right ingredients—raw athletic talent, technical skill, animal instinct coupled with durability, relentless drive and a consistent self-promotion game.

In his second fight which happened April 6th, Casey was clearly dominant, winning each of three rounds on his way to victory over Ryan Castro. Casey didn’t appear to take any significant damage in the bout, but had to be steadied by his team afterwards, a condition he attributes to the aggressive weight cut required to make 160 pounds.

Casey told BrooklynFights he’s “looking to fight every other month,” which should help him build a strong cadence with fans and promoters. His plan is simple— “keep fighting, keep winning,” and “make it up to the big stage.” As Casey noted, “At the end of the day, you can’t argue with winning.”