By Xavier Porter | April 22, 2019

The world of sports is a mystical, mythical place. In recent years, information related to athletes, their lives, and training was usually delivered through written form, whether boxing articles, newspaper outlets, etc.

Nowadays when covering sports media, all you need is a cellphone or some form of video camera, to distribute the footage via YouTube and social media. At times, there’s never a concern whether content that’s being distributed is true or not. It’s simply about who can get it out fastest.

That way of thinking has tarnished the phrase: work ethic.

I too at times have fallen prey and forgotten about the lost art of transcribing “quotes”, spoken in the most poetic tones of voice, regarding the most important matters related to an athlete’s life.

In speaking with future boxing inductee hall of famer, two-division world champion Paul Malignaggi, I was reminded of something that is very well true: sports fans do not care.

Our discussion took place during the undercard of the recent WBO Welterweight Champion fight between still-champion Terence Crawford and Amir Khan.

In speaking with Malignaggi, I asked him several questions, as it relates to his own fighting career and the recent matter of heavyweight title contender “Big Baby” Jarell Miller testing positive for three banned substances ahead of his now cancelled unified heavyweight championship bout against United Kingdom’s Anthony Joshua.

Malignaggi will be taking part in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 6 on June 22.

Malignaggi, a strong, longtime advocate in the sport of boxing regarding fighters being tested on a consistent basis for banned substances, spoke volumes when he shared his thoughts on the subject matter:

“It’s a shame. I know Jarrell. I like Jarrell. It’s a shame for both Miller and Joshua because it would have been a good fight and would have given a lot of sparks to New York City.”

“Miller, being an old-school talker, and Joshua, being the big star could have come to together and put on a huge fight.”

“This is why boxing needs to be changed and cleaned up and hopefully this is another step towards that.”

When asked how can the problem usage of banned substances amongst boxers and other athletes be fixed, Malignaggi said:

“We need more drug testing; we need more restrictions; we need more random tests and we need them more often. The problem is who’s going to pay them?”

“I don’t think fans really care about this. If the fans don’t really care then the promoters are not going to have that pressure put on them. The fans only want to see winners. If you even make them think that they’re favorite fighter is doping (using banned substances) then they’ll get mad at you.”

Malignaggi continued,

“Fans and promoters don’t want those fighters to get caught so they rather have lest testing than possible.”

“The fans have a lot of say. If they ban together, the numbers will be strong, and they can change a lot of things in the sport of boxing. Not just in boxing, but in all sports where athletes are using banned substances.”

To hear and watch the full interview, click the link below.

Malignaggi and his opponent Artem Lobov, will be subject to VADA drug testing for Bare Knuckle FC 6. Both fighters will be tested a minimum of four times before their fight and once after, according to promoter David Feldman.

Their main-event bout takes place on June 22 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

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