caught up with prospect, Alicia “The Empress” Napoleon (1-0) of Lindenhurst, Long Island in the week before her second pro fight, taking place at Resorts World in Queens, New York on May 30th. Having persevered through a string of prospective opponents that fell out in the runup to the fight, Napoleon is now scheduled to face Hungary’s Melinda Lazar, also 1-0.

“I feel like I am going to knock her out.”

“Originally I was supposed to fight a handful of girls,” she told “We had altogether 4 girls pull out. So I am on my fifth opponent. The last scheduled opponent was Kali Reis, a world title holder. She’s 7-4.” Napoleon continued, “I am 1-0 as a pro, but I have a very prestigious amateur career. I have 27 fights. I have national rankings across the board, and I am definitely a seasoned fighter. We were scheduled to fight her. She agreed to the fight, and then she pulled out a week before.”

What do you know about your new opponent?

All I know is that she’s from Hungary. She’s 1 and 0 like myself. I don’t know if she has any amateur background. I know she’s a middleweight fighter, because originally we were contracted at light middleweight which is like 155, so now the contract is up to 160 weight class. She’s a little older than my last opponent, but I am just grateful that she stepped up to the plate and took the opportunity. Because I sold so many tickets, I trained so hard for the fight, that I would’ve been heartbroken if it had fallen through. So I am really grateful for her.

How’s the fight going to end?

I feel like I am going to knock her out. But whether it’s a knockout or goes all 4 rounds–it was originally supposed to be a 6 round fight, but since this girl is also 1-0, it’s now a 4 round fight. I’ve been training for a six round fight, so I feel really strong, I feel healthy. I want to say knockout.

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What’s your style?

I started out a brawler and just going straight in and pound for pound. But now working with Danny Nicolas, completely transformed my entire style and I am both now a boxer and a brawler. So I can fight and I can dance on my feet and throw combinations really nicely.

What’s next?

I hope after this fight, we get on another card the next month, the following month and so on. Because it’s a short lived sport. You have to be in and out. This is not something you’re going to do the rest of your life–take punches the rest of your life. It’s a short lived career. And as a woman, my goal is to win a world title and eventually settle down and have a family and still be involved in the sport somehow.