By Xavier Porter – www.brooklynfights.com

November 4, 2017

Brooklyn, NY (North Philadelphia, PA):

“I’m proud and happy from where I come from and everything I’ve been through. It’s rough and rugged. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” – Ray Robinson

"The New" Ray Robinson

“The New” Ray Robinson

The fall season of boxing is over, and the winter season is upon us. There are several fights taking place during the month of November and December that will not only change the landscape of the sport, but also reshape the sport’s history.

Before we discuss any upcoming bouts, there’s a fighter, from North Philadelphia, who shares the same name of a fighter that’s loved and considered as “the best boxer to ever put on a pair of boxing gloves.” Although he is not the great and “Pound-4-Pound King Sugar Ray Robinson” he is Ray Robinson, a tough, skilled, hungry welterweight fighter from the city of Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. The “New Ray Robinson” is eager and ready to face any top ten or top five opponent in his division. Simply put, Robinson wants them all.

Coming up in the hard streets of Philadelphia, Robinson has faced his fair share of adversity. Through it all, he has continued to thrive into becoming one of the best fighters from his city.

photo courtesy of Darryl J. Cobb Photography

photo courtesy of Darryl J. Cobb Photography

“I want to fight the best in my division,” Robinson said, “If they claim to be the best I want to fight them. I’m here to rumble.”

“I grew up rough. My mother had seven children and we moved into a shelter because my father was abusive. I’ve had many setbacks. When I was young my father threw me down the stairs and I broke both of my legs. I jumped over that hurdle and made my way back.”

“Another time, while driving to my fight, I was involved in a car accident. I ended up having to have a bone from my hip taken to be placed in my neck. I could’ve sat back and gotten money from that situation.”



“Where I come from, you can get easy money doing anything, any which way that you want. But no, this is God’s plan and here I am. God allowed me to survive my neck surgery. God made sure that I can continue to box. I’ve already went through and experienced the pain. That’s why no one in boxing scares me.”

With a record of (24-2, 12 KOs), Robinson is currently ranked number (9) in the WBO; number (11) in the WBC; and number (12) in the IBF. With each fight and each win, he is steadily climbing the ranks towards facing the top fighters in his division. At this present time, the top fighters/champions in his division are:

Keith “One Time Thurman” (WBC, WBA WORLD CHAMPION – 28-0, 22 KOs, 1 NC); Errol Spence, Jr. (IBF WORLD CHAMPION – 22-0, 19 KOs) and Jeff Horn (WBO WORLD CHAMPION – 17-0, 1 D, 11 KOs).

"The New" Ray Robinson with Keith "One-Time" Thurman

“The New” Ray Robinson with Keith “One-Time” Thurman

Robinson has his sights set on landing a fight with Thurman and with any of the top champions in his division.

He also expressed his thoughts on facing several other fights in his division, namely former WBC Welterweight Champion Danny “Swift” Garcia (33-1, 19 KOs).



“I’m ranked across the board and personally I want to fight Danny Garcia. We have history. We sparred many times and I came off winning the sparring matches a lot. That’s real shit and I’m just being honest. If people are saying that he’s one of the best fighters from Philadelphia, then he needs to prove I to me. If you want to claim that you’re the best from Philadelphia, then you must prove it. It’s just that simple.

“If I can get that fight, then I’ll be happy. I went up to both him and his father at the Sugar House Casino (Philadelphia fighting venue) and he shrugged me off. His father was ok with us fighting but then he acted like he didn’t know that we were both in the same weight class. At that time, Garcia was the champion and I was ranked number four.”

“Listen, I’m not asking for no favors or no handouts. I’d understand if I wasn’t a ranked fighter, but I am. We’re both from the same city so why not make the fight happen. It would be a good fight for Philadelphia. It would bring a lot of attention to Philadelphia boxing and it would be good for the sport. I feel like he has a good following and I have a good following so why can’t we make the fight happen.”

Robinson continued to share his thoughts and feelings towards wanting to fight Garcia:

"THE NEW" RAY ROBINSON - photo courtesy of Matt Heasley Photography

“THE NEW” RAY ROBINSON – photo courtesy of Matt Heasley Photography

“Garcia is signed with Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions. I’m signed with DiBella Entertainment. What’s stopping the fight other than him? We can make the fight happen at Wells Fargo or at the Liacouras Center (Temple University). We can put on a great fight for the fans in Philadelphia.”

“The people of Philadelphia are known for our heart. We’ll fight anyone, anywhere, it doesn’t matter. And this is what upsets me about Danny Garcia. He’s a step-child of Philadelphia because he doesn’t possess that same mentality, that same mindset, to fight anyone whenever, wherever. He doesn’t have that Philadelphia heart. He’s stepping over people and not fighting the ones he should be fighting. He’s not fighting real fighters and I just can’t respect him for that.”

“Danny Garcia knows in his heart that he cannot beat me. It showed when he fought Keith Thurman. A fighter knows during their fight whether they are winning or losing. In that fight, he didn’t show any urgency. He didn’t bite down and go after the win. He never showed that. He didn’t stick his foot in the mud and go after the win. I just don’t respect that from him and I have no respect for him period. It is what it is.”



“If you know that you’re losing and you’re fighting for that type of money, you should put on a show. Don’t just collect a check at the end of the day. That’s not what I’m about. I step into the ring to rumble every time. “

“Danny Garcia and I have talked plenty of times, even on social media. He doesn’t want these problems and I’m just stating facts.”

“Anyone that’s a true Philadelphia fighter and a true fan of Philadelphia boxing would love to see me and Garcia fight. Everyone across the board in Philadelphia would love to see this fight but it’s up to Garcia and his father. Him and his team need to man up and take this fight.”

“Give me my shot. Give me my opportunity. I’m not asking for any favors or handouts. Come get this work. If you don’t, you can keep fighting these half-dead fighters and not get any respect from the people of Philadelphia and the boxing community.”

“When you see me, don’t try to shake my hand and say what’s up. I don’t want that. I want to fight. I’ll show you respect when we rumble and fight.”

From speaking with Robinson, he continued to express fighting Thurman and also fighting UNDISPUTED SUPER LIGHTWEIGHT CHAMPION TERENCE CRAWFORD:

Keith Thurman - current WBA/WBC Welterweight Champion

Keith Thurman – current WBA/WBC Welterweight Champion

“I hear Keith Thurman is looking for a return fight in February. I’m hearing that he doesn’t want to fight any champions for his return fight. Well I’m here to let him know that we can get it on. I feel like I would be the perfect fight for him. If he wants the fight my people are ready to make the fight happen. I’m 100% in, trying to land a fight with all these champions and former champions. Like I said, I want to fight the best.”



“I hear that Terence Crawford is moving up to the weight class. I’m ready to welcome him to the division. I got his back. I’ll help him out. I fought Crawford in the U.S. championships as an amateur. I beat him at the U.S. championships. I won that fight 100%. It was a good fight and you don’t forget a person that beat you. He remembers that loss. He knows who I am.”

Robinson, who has a new promotional contract in place with DiBella Entertainment, is locked in on becoming the next world champion in the welterweight division. Robinson is focused on bringing the world title back to his city.



“I’m a throwback fighter and I’ll fight anyone. I don’t want to be that fighter, that’s good enough to beat these guys, but who sits on the sidelines waiting for his opportunity. I’m ready to fight whoever.”



“People can say this and say that because I’m calling out these top fighters and champions, but the truth is no one wants to fight me. I feel like a lot of these fighters haven’t been tested yet. I’m a tall southpaw; I’m awkward and I have power in both hands. I’m a hard fighter to deal with.”

“If people feel like if Garcia can beat me then relay the message to him to fight me. That goes the same for both Thurman and Crawford and other fighter in my division. I’m ready to fight both of them but I want Garcia first. It would be great for our city.”

“The fans can talk and say whatever they want to say but the fans can’t fight for these fighters once they step inside the ring with me.”

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